The Arthurian Tradition

Ashe, Geoffrey
King Arthur, the Dream of a Golden Age
Thanes & Hudson 1990 Pages: 96
Price: $12.76
ISBN: 0500810354
For medieval Europe his legend was the greatest single theme of creative writing. King Arthur is perpetually fascinating yet strangely elusive, and Geoffrey Ashe brings the larger-than-life hero and paragon into sharp focus. 120 illustrations. Size D. 120 illustrations.
Ashe, Geoffrey
The Discovery of King Arthur
Henry Holt 1987 Pages: 224
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0805001158
Geoffrey Ashe presents his latest views in the quest for the historical King Arthur. His conclusion is that Arthur is identical with the "high-king of the Britons" called Riothamus who led a British army into Gaul in the late 460s...
Barber, Richard
Arthurian Legends : An Illustrated Anthology
Boydell & Brewer 1992 Pages: 224
Price: $31.50
ISBN: 0851151108
Barber, Richard
King Arthur : Hero and Legend
Boydell & Brewer 1991 Pages:
Price: $15.20
ISBN: 0851152546
Bromwich, Rachel
Culhwch and Olwen : An Edition and Study of the Oldest Arthurian Tale
1993 Pages:
ISBN: 070831127X
The Merriam-Webster Encylopedia of Literature , 04/01/95: Culhwch also spelled Kulhwch, Welsh Culhwch ac Olwen. Welsh prose romance (c. 1100), one of the earliest known that treats Arthurian subject matter. It is a lighthearted tale that skillfully incorporates themes from mythology, folk literature, and history. The earliest form of the story survives in an early 14th-century manuscript called The White Book of Rhydderch, and the first translation of the story into modern English was made by Lady Charlotte Guest from The Red Book of Hergest (c. 1375-1425) and was included in her translation of Mabinogion. The story uses the folk formula of a stepmother's attempt to thwart her stepson. Culhwch, after refusing to marry the daughter of his stepmother, is told by her that he shall never wed until he wins Olwen, the daughter of the malevolent giant Yspadadden Penkawr. Because of a prophecy that if she marries he will die, Olwen's father first tries to kill Culhwch but then agrees to the marriage if Culhwch performs several perilous feats and brings him the 13 treasures he desires. Culhwch is aided in several of his adventures by his cousin Arthur and some of Arthur's men, including Kei (Sir Kay) and Gwalchmei (Sir Gawain). Culhwch returns to Yspadadden with only part of his goal accomplished, kills him, and marries Olwen.
Bromwich, Rachel (ed)
The Arthur of the Welsh : The Arthurian Legend in Medieval Welsh Literature
U of Wales Pr 1991 Pages:
ISBN: 0708311075
Bulfinch, Thomas
The Age of Chivalry : The Illustrated Bulfinch's Mythology
Macmillan 1997 Pages: 224
Price: $15.96
ISBN: 002861478X
Chretien De Troyes, William W. Kibler(Translator)
Arthurian Romances
Penguin Classics 1991 Pages: 521
Price: $9.56
ISBN: 0140445218
Coghlan, Ronan
The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Arthurian Legends
Element 1995 Pages:
Price: $19.96
ISBN: 1852306475
Coghlan, an acknowledged authority on the Celtic tradition, has drawn together all the different strands of Arthurian myth from such various sources as Geoffrey of Monmouth, Malory, Chretian de Troyes, and the English Gawain cycles. He examines every character appearing in the myths in this comprehensive book on the Arthurian tales. Full-page illustrations and period maps.
Dozoid, D and Williams, S (eds)
Isaac Asimov's Camelot
Ace 1998 Pages: 256
Price: $4.79
ISBN: 0441005276
A collection of short stories about Camelot and King Arthur, these tales havepreviously appeared in the award-winning "Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine".Contributors include Roger Zelazny, Jane Yolen, Tanith Lee, Michael Stanwick, Esther M. Friesner, Ian McDowell, Megan Lindholm, and many more.
Goodrich, NL
King Arthur
HarperCollins 1988 Pages: 416
Price: $13.60
ISBN: 0060971827
Author Norma Goodrich has combed the fields of literature, history, anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, and linguistics to present the first historical proof that Arthur was once the King.
Green, RL
King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
Puffin 1995 Pages:
Price: $3.99
ISBN: 0140366709
From the birth of the King to the Last Battle at Camlann, the immortal legend of Arthur is packed with thrilling clashes between the forces of good and the legions of darkness. Though some of these stories have existed for hundreds of years, Terrence Hardiman's presentation shows that they still enthrall us today. 2 cassettes.
Guler, KC
Into the Path of Gods
Bardsong 1998 Pages: 413
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 0966037103
A rich and sweeping novel of intrigue and passion, honor and betrayal, Into the Path of Gods is the first installment of the spectacular Macsen's Treasure series. Set in the turbulent twenty-five year period leading to Arthur of Britain's reign, it is the story of Marcus ap Iorwerth, Welsh spy and master of disguise, who seeks to avert the age-old bane of warfare by sabotaging mercenary invaders and creating ways to unite feuding British political rivals. In the course of his work, he discovers his true love, Claerwen, an ethereal woman with the gift of visions who comes to share his dream of a united Celtic Britain, free of barbarians. Together they become ensnared in a dangerous conspiracy involving the priceless sacred symbols of Britain's high kings, known collectively as Macsen's Treasure. Using wits, tenacious courage and just plain audacity, they help clear the path for the rightful high king to take the crown of Britain, and in the process, discover the truth of Macsen's Treasure.
Jones, Mary
Naiad 1991 Pages: 237
Price: $7.96
ISBN: 0941483967
Lawhead, Stephen
Arthur ( Pendragon Cycle, No 3)
Avon 1997 Pages: 448
Price: $5.59
ISBN: 380708906
King Arthur narrowly prevails through a period of intense warfare and treachery to bring peace to the Summer Kingdom. But soon he faces his greatest threat--a deadly trap set by the sorceress Margain with his beloved Queen Gwenhwyvar as the bait!.
Lawhead, Stephen
Merlin (The Pendragon Cycle , No 2)
Avon 1997 Pages: 464
Price: $5.59
ISBN: 038070613X
Through a series of grave trials, Merlin the bard and holy man is readied for his life work--to bring about the Kingdom of Summer and prepare the way for Britain's great ruler.
Lawhead, Stephen
Pendragon ( Pendragon Cycle, No 4)
Avon 1995 Pages: 448
Price: $5.59
ISBN: 0380717573
In this fourth volume of the epic fantasy adventure series, King Arthur faces his greatest challenge--battling against the twin evils of invading hordes and the foul plague that threatens to destroy his people and land. The young king must prove his greatness once and for all. If he fails, it will be the devastation of his dreams. Previously published.
Lawhead, Stephen
Taliesin (The Pendragon Cycle , No 1)
Avon 1997 Pages: 496
Price: $5.59
ISBN: 038070613X
When Celtic chieftains struggle for survival in the twilight of ROme's power, one heroic figure towers over all--a man of grandeur and grace, meekness and majesty, beauty and truth--Prince Taliesin. Taliesin is the winner of several awards, including the Campus Life Book of the Year, Silver Angel, and ECPA Gold Medallion.
Lacey, JL, Ashe G., Mancoff, Debra
The Arthurian Handbook
Garland 1997 Pages: 400
Price: $25.95
ISBN: 0815320817

Norris J. Lacy (Editor), Sandra Ness Ihle (Editor), Raymond H. Thompson (Editor)
The New Arthurian Encyclopedia (Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, Vol. 931)

Garland 1996
Price: $26.36
ISBN: 0815323034
Loomis, Roger
Grail : From Celtic Myth to Christian Symbol
Princeton U 1991 Pages: 287
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ISBN: 0691020752
Loomis, Roger Sherman
Celtic Myth and Athurian Romance
Academy Chicago Pub Sept 1994 Pages:
Price: 13.56
ISBN: 0094733503
Masefield, John
Arthurian Poets
Boydell & Brewer 1994 Pages: 398
Price: $21.60
ISBN: 0851153631
Table of Contents Introduction Bibliographical Note The Ballad of Sir Bors The Begetting of Arthur The Birth of Arthur The Taking of Morgause The Begetting of Modred Badon Hill The Sailing of Hell Race Arthur and his Ring Midsummer Night The Fight on the Wall The Breaking of the Links Gwenivach Tells Arthur in the Ruins The Fight at Camlan The Fight on the Beach or The Passing Gwenivere Tells The Death of Lancelot Dust to Dust On the Coming of Arthur The Old Tale of the Begetting The Old Tale of the Breaking of the Links South and East The Love Gift Tristan's Singing Simkin, Tomkin and Jack Tristan and Isolt My Library: Volume One Caer Ocvran Tristan and Isolt: A Play in Verse The Aftermath Brother Lot Arthur's Youth Before the Darkness Came The Coming of the Pirates All Hallow Night The Hunt is Up Modred the Messenger Gareth's Wake When Good King Arthur. An Unpublished Play The Old Tale of the Breaking of the Links. Draft Midsummer Night. Selections from the Dialogue Drafts The Sailing of Hell Race. Outline and Drafts The Aftermath. Drafts and Outline Notes 1 Notes 2 Prospectus Sketch Chronology Unpublished Lecture Notes Sources and Acknowledgements
McCarthy, Terence
An Introduction to Malory : Reading the Morte D' arthur
Brewer 1991 Pages: 176
Price: $21.60
ISBN: 0859913252
McKenzie, Nancy
Tor 1996 Pages:
Price: $11.16
ISBN: 0312862334
Sharan Newman has created a portrait of what Guinevere might have been like--not a cardboard character who has been both deified and vilified over the centuries, but someone who was as bound by prophecy as Arthur and whose will ultimately was not all her own
McKenzie, Nancy
Guinevere Evermore
Tor 1998 Pages: 288
Price: $11.16
ISBN: 0312866410
The spellbinding climax to the tale of Guinevere--which began with "Guinevere" and continued in "The Chessboard Queen"--blends magic and history to create an unforgettable tale of passion and tragedy.
McKenzie, Nancy
The Chessboard Queen
Tor 1997 Pages:
Price: $11.16
ISBN: 0312863918
Continuing the story begun in GUINEVERE, the beautiful young wife and queen of King Arthur. Happiness for the pair is short-lived when Guinevere discovers, alarmingly, her deep and passionate love for another--adored Knight of the Round Table Lancelot. Here is a beautiful rendering of the world's most timeless romance, a tale of earthly passion and spiritual love like none before or since
McKenzie, Nancy
The Child Queen : The Tale of Guinevere and King Arthur
Del Ray 1994 Pages:
Price: $3.99
ISBN: 0345382447
The Del Rey Discovery of the year is a dazzling new novel of the Arthurian legend--in the bestselling tradition of The Mists of Avalon. Prophesied by a wise woman is the story of the great lady's betrayal. Here, an imaginative new voice reveals Guinevere's intelligence and complexities.
McKenzie, Nancy
The High Queen : The Tale of Guinevere and King Arthur Continues
Del Ray 1995 Pages:
Price: $4.79
ISBN: 0345382447
The eagerly awaited sequel to the widely acclaimed The Queen Child. The barren Queen Guinevere can bear her beloved King Arthur no heir. Her only recourse is Mordred--the natural son of Arthur through a cursed union with his own sister. Bringing him to Camelot is cause for joy--and deep despair.
Shichtman, MD and Carley, JP
Culture and the King : The Social Implications of the Arthurian Legend
SUNY 1994 Pages:
Price: $21.95
ISBN: 0791418642
Explores how various social groups have altered the Arthurian myth since the Middle Ages to empower it in such a way that they can then draw power from it. The 17 essays discuss such aspects as Levi-Strauss on communications, the knight as reader, Henry V, discovering graves, Spenser, the English Revolution, Tennyson, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and the comic book Camelot 3000.
Spivack, Charlotte, Staples, RL
The Company of Camelot : Arthurian Characters in Romance and Fantasy
Greenwood 1994 Pages: 161
Price: $45.00
ISBN: 0313279810
This book deals with the eight major figures in the Arthurian legends and how they have been individually represented in literature from its beginnings up to the present day. The characters discussed are: Arthur the king, his queen Guenevere, his wizard Merlin, his half-sister Morgan le Fay, his faithful seneschal Sir Kay, his warrior nephew Gawain, his knight and rival Lancelot, and his incestuous son and nemesis Mordred. These characters are first identified in terms of their medieval origins, then explored in their varied depictions in modern fantasy fiction. The pattern that emerges is largely one of polarization of personality. The first study of Arthurian materials to focus specifically on the characterization of individuals, this book also achieves an original perspective on the evolution of individual characters from mythic prototypes.
Tennyson, Alfred
Idylls of the King
Penguin 1989 Pages:
Price: $7.96
ISBN: 0140422536
The longest and most ambitious work of his career, Idylls is a reflection of Tennyson's lifelong interest in Arthurian themes. His personification of Arthur, the highest ideal of manhood and leadership, is achieved through a delicacy of phrase and metrical effect that are unmatched.