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Celtic Ireland : Ad 431-1170 (What Life Was Life)
Time Life April 1998 Pages:
ISBN: 0783554559
Celts : Europe's People of Iron (Lost Civilizations)
Time Life Sept 1994 Pages: 168
Price: 13.97
ISBN: 0809490293
Abbott, Franklin (ed)
Boyhood, Growing Up Male : A Multicultural Anthology
Univ of Wisconsin 1998 Pages: 290
Price: $12.76
ISBN: 0299157547
From Booklist , 11/01/93: It was inevitable that a volume of prose and poetry about growing up male would emerge from the men's movement. Most men's movement books are filled with psychoanalysis and case studies, but here each man is asked to reminisce thoughtfully on his formative years. For the most part, the entries come from dysfunctional-family situations (the one fascinating exception is Terry Kupers' "Schoolyard Fights," in which he muses on how he's big enough to be the playground bully, but chooses to act as pacifist instead). Entries come from all over the globe (of particular interest are the pieces by Nigerian Obi Zikora and Filipino John Silva) and explore all sorts of subjects (dads with guns, growing up gay, living with elderly people, and experiencing war as a child). The lighter touch of the verse helps counter some of the angst-ridden prose pieces. Finally, Abbott rightly suggests that the book be used in men's therapy groups as a jumping-off point for verbalizing feelings about boyhood.
Ableman, Michael
From the Good Earth : A Celebration of Growing Food Around the World
Harry N Abrams 1993 Pages:
ISBN: 0810925176
a BEAUTIFUL book, hardcover
Aburrow, Yvonne
The Sacred Grove
ISBN: 1-898307-12-1
Ackerman, Diane
Vintage 1991 Pages: 331
Price: $10.40
ISBN: 0679735666
Aedeen, Dr. Cremin
The Celts
Rizzoli Publications May 1998 Pages:
ISBN: 0847821056
History: World/Military; History - General History; History; Ancient - General; Civilization
Aitken, AJ
A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue : From the Twelfth Century to the End of the Seventeenth ( Dictionary of Older Scotish Tongue, Parts 37-41)
Aberdeen Univ Pr 1990 Pages:
Price: $67.00
ISBN: 0080306802
Aitken, AJ
A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue : From the Twelfth Century to the End of the Seventeenth: Founded on the Collections of Sir William A. crai
Aberdeen Univ Pr 1989 Pages:
Price: $56.00
ISBN: 0080306780
Allen, J. Romilly
Celtic Art in Pagan and Christian Times
Bracken Books (1993 reprint) 1904 Pages: 315
ISBN: 1-85891-075-7
Anderson, JJ
Sir Gawain & the Green Knight
ISBN: 0-460-87510-8
Anderson, Paul L.
For Freedom and For Gaul
Biblo and Tannen Pages: 293
ISBN: 0-8196-0102-0
Anderson, Rosemarie
Celtic Oracles : A New System for Spiritual Growth and Divination
Harmony Books March 1998 Pages: 240
Price: 13.27
ISBN: 0609600826
Designed by psychologist Rosemarie Anderson, "Celtic Oracles" shows readers how to focus their thoughts and clarify their emotions, while teaching the history and mythology of the Celts--a tradition stretching back thousands of years. 64 line drawings
Anderson, WM & Hicks, Clive
Green Man : The Archetype of Our Oneness With the Earth
Harpercollins 1991 Pages: 176
Price: $14.40
ISBN: 0062500759
Anne Ross
The Pagan Celts
Batsford Pages:
ISBN: 0 7134 5527 6
This illuminating book describes everyday Celtic life.
Arnold, Bettina & Gibson, DB (eds)
Celtic Chiefdom, Celtic State : The Evolution of Complex Social Systems in Prehistoric Europe
CUP 1995 Pages:
Price: $52.95
ISBN: 0521464692
Fourteen articles on various aspects of Celtic social organization, both prehistoric and historic
Arthur Bulleid
The Lake Villages of Somerset
Glastonbury Antiquarian Society Pages:
Is the classic text on the Glastonbury Lake villages containing details on their way of life and posessions.
Ashe, Geoffrey
King Arthur, the Dream of a Golden Age
Thanes & Hudson 1990 Pages: 96
Price: $12.76
ISBN: 0500810354
For medieval Europe his legend was the greatest single theme of creative writing. King Arthur is perpetually fascinating yet strangely elusive, and Geoffrey Ashe brings the larger-than-life hero and paragon into sharp focus. 120 illustrations. Size D. 120 illustrations.
Ashe, Geoffrey
King Arthurs Avalon - The Story of Glastonbury Collins
Academy Chicago 1994 Pages: 238
Price: $11.16
ISBN: 0897332873
Midwest Book Review : Most scholars now regard the legendary Arthur's reality as probable and accept "Arthurian Britain" as a meaningful historical term. Solid facts have emerged through the recent work of archaeologists. The Quest For Arthur's Britain examines the historical foundations of the Arthurian tradition, and then, in five archaeological chapters, presents the results of excavations to date at Cadbury (reputed site of Camelot), Tintagel, Glastonbury, and less-known places. An outline of Arthurian Britain takes shape, and several fascinating questions emerge. Were the Dark Ages in Britain a transitory, unimportant period? Or did the Celtic resistance against the Anglo-Saxons (a resistance identified with Arthur) have a profound effect on the development of the British Isles? The Quest For Arthur's Britain is a serious and informative work of scholarship that reads as smoothly as the finest fiction.
Ashe, Geoffrey
Quest for Arthurs Britain, The
Granada Pages:
ISBN: 0897332873
Most scholars now regard the legendary Arthur's reality as probable and accept "Arthurian Britain" as a meaningful historical term. Solid facts have emerged through the recent work of archaeologists. The Quest For Arthur's Britain examines the historical foundations of the Arthurian tradition, and then, in five archaeological chapters, presents the results of excavations to date at Cadbury (reputed site of Camelot), Tintagel, Glastonbury, and less-known places. An outline of Arthurian Britain takes shape, and several fascinating questions emerge. Were the Dark Ages in Britain a transitory, unimportant period? Or did the Celtic resistance against the Anglo-Saxons (a resistance identified with Arthur) have a profound effect on the development of the British Isles? The Quest For Arthur's Britain is a serious and informative work of scholarship that reads as smoothly as the finest fiction.
Ashe, Geoffrey
The Discovery of King Arthur
Henry Holt 1987 Pages: 224
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0805001158
Geoffrey Ashe presents his latest views in the quest for the historical King Arthur. His conclusion is that Arthur is identical with the "high-king of the Britons" called Riothamus who led a British army into Gaul in the late 460s...
Ashley, Michael (ed)
The Camelot Chronicles : Heroic Adventures from the Time of King Arthur
Carroll & Graf 1994 Pages:
Price: $12.95
ISBN: 0786700858
After the runaway success of The Pendragon Chronicles, Mike Ashley brings together further stories of heroism and virtue from the age of the Knights of the Round Table, written by some of fantasy's bestselling authors, as well as famous names from literature. The mediaeval Arthurian world of chivalry and knight errantry is brought once more to life by this absorbing collection of stories. Including Jane Yolen's "The Quiet Monk", Elizabeth Stuart Phelp's "The True Story of Guenever", P.C. Wodehouse's "Sir Agravaine", Hilaire Belloc's short novel, The Romance of Tristan and Iseult, and John T. Aquino's "The Sad Wizard". There are brand new stories specially written for the collection by Keith Taylor, Phyllis Ann Kart, Don Wilcox, Darrell Schweitzer, and Peter Tremayne, as well as classic tales of gallantry and heroism from a great and bygone era.
Ashley, Michael (ed)
The Chronicles of the Holy Grail
Carroll & Graf 1996 Pages:
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0786703636
A READERS COMMENTS: Good collection of new and rare reprint material. This collection contains twenty-two stories, thirteen original to this volume, and the others covering publications from 1849-1988. The book is set out to foollow the Grail's chronology from its arrival in Britain, through the appearance to Arthur's knights and their subsequent quest adventures, to its final revelation to Lancelot. Appended are stories, as oposed to the earlier legends, taking place after the grail vanishes, and even possible present day reappearances. The range of authors and different periods of writing provide a wealth of variations on the theme. Influences from the Welsh legends, Roman references and various prior tellings add richness to the overall efect. Despite the underlying grail theme, there's not the boredom of too much sameness between stories, thanks to the various authorial voices and so much available source material. Recommended for the new fiction, plus reprints of rare pieces, "The Chronicles of the Holy Grail" should delight both fantasy readers and Arthurian scholars.
Ashley, Michael (ed)
The Chronicles of the Round Table
Carroll & Graf 1997 Pages: 448
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0786704640
From Kirkus Reviews , 09/15/97: This addition to Ashley's Chronicles series of Arthurian tales comprises 19 new stories, 4 reprints, 190251, and an afterword in which Marion Zimmer Bradley and Parke Godwin discuss their own and other Arthurian works. Otherwise, the knights themselves (often the more obscure ones) take center stage in stories mostly based on traditional sources, including: Gereint and the hedge of mist, Sagremor's African origins, Tor's fight with Abbo (Abelleus), Lionel the irrepressible, Bedivere and Vortiporix, Blamor vs. Tristan, Brandiles vs. Gawain, Yder vs. Abbadan the troll, the Brown Knight Without Pity, Villiers the Valiant, Fergus of Galloway, and Pelleas and Nimue. Worth a browse for Arthur's faithful legions.
Ashley, Michael (ed)
The Pendragon Chronicles : Heroic Fantasy from the Time of King Arthur
1990 Pages:
ISBN: 0872263355
Sixteen stories based on the Arthurian tradition, by such authors as John Steinbeck, Jane Yolen, Andre Norton, and others. Also included are a helpful guide to Arthurian names and characters and a bibliography of "100 Years of Arthurian Fiction."
Assagioli, Roberto, M.D.
Principles of Psychosynthesis
Aquarian 1965 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85538-288-1
(Available through Findhorn Press, Scotland)
Assagioli, Roberto, M.D.
The Act of Will: Self-Actualisation Through Psychosynthesis
Aquarian 1973 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85538-321-7
(Available through Findhorn Press, Scotland)
Attanasio, AA
The Dragon and the Unicorn
Harper 1997 Pages: 560
Price: $5.20
ISBN: 0061057797
The demon Lailoken, as old as time, is tricked by Fire-lords and trapped in a human body. He becomes Merlinus, a wandering wise man expert in magic, destined to work for good among humans, opposed by the Furor (Woden). An encounter with the unicorn--a spirit similarly earthbound--brings him to Ygrane, queen of the Celts, and she sets him a task to find her king, a man seen in vision and fated to be her love-match. Merlinus-Lailoken seeks and finds him: Theodosius, a stable worker. But Ygrane has commanded the demon-wizard to bring her a king, so Merlinus sets to work making one
Attanasio, AA
The Eagle and the Sword
Harper 1997 Pages: 304
Price: $11.20
ISBN: 0061092983
Merlinus has fostered the future king of Britain with Kyner, a Celtic chieftain, protected by obscurity from the jealous hatred of the sorceress Morgeu. As Arthor [sic] grows to manhood, though, he becomes a twisted creature, loving violence and hating himself. What kind of king will he be? A chance journey leading to woodland encounters shapes his character and settles his destiny.
Attanasio, AA
The Wolf and the Crown
Harper 1998 Pages: 368
Price: $11.20
ISBN: 0061053708
Attanasio's eagerly-awaited third installment of his Arthurian saga is a tale rich in myth and magic wherein young King Arthur must defend his kingdom from the Saxon warriors who threaten to devour all of Britain.
Audouze, Françoise and Büchsenschütz, Olicier
Towns, Villages and Countryside of Celtic Europe
Indiana Univ Press 1992 Pages: 256
Price: US$50
ISBN: 0-253-31082-2
In setting out the landmarks in the history of settlement in Celtic Europe, this book shows that the two millennia before the Roman conquest was a time of great technological, social and economic progress. It was a period that saw the development of timber architecture, the growth of rural crafts, the establishment of stratified societies and the evolution of true urban centres. This is in contrast to the commonly accepted picture inherited from the Roman authors who often portrayed the Celts as barbarians. Francoise Audouze and Olivier Buchsenschutz, themselves archaeologists, use primary archaeological information to explain the complex processes involved in the transformation of Europe's rural landscapes. They bring together specific examples and illustrations from many different countries and present the various debates on how the accumulated wealth of archaeological evidence is currently being interpreted. The result is an overview of the whole of Celtic Europe at a period of rapid advancement that produced a remarkable level of cultural unity in a vast region extending from the Danube to the Atlantic coasts. This book provides a useful synthesis of many aspects of later European prehistory and makes an important contribution to the study of the settlement structures and social organization of the Celts
Bailey, LH
Macmillan Pages:
ISBN: 0686575628
Ball, MJ and Fife, James (eds)
The Celtic Languages ( Routledge Language Family Descriptions)
Routledge 1993 Pages:
Price: $125.00
ISBN: 0415010357
Barber, Richard
Arthurian Legends : An Illustrated Anthology
Boydell & Brewer 1992 Pages: 224
Price: $31.50
ISBN: 0851151108
Barber, Richard
King Arthur : Hero and Legend
Boydell & Brewer 1991 Pages:
Price: $15.20
ISBN: 0851152546
Barry Cunliffe
Danebury - Anatomy of an Iron Age Hillfort
Batsford Pages:
ISBN: 0-7134-0999-l
Bartholomew, Mel
Rodale Press 1981 Pages: 347
Price: $13.56
ISBN: 0878573410
Square Foot Gardening presents a new way to garden in less space with less work. The book has been overwhelmingly accepted by gardeners across America. Bartholomew also hosts the popular PBS series of the same name. 37 photos. 63 illustrations and charts. Companion to National PBS Television series
Bender, Steve and Rushing, Felder
University of North Carolina Press 1993 Pages: 236
Price: $15.16
ISBN: 0807844187
Passalongs are plants that have survived in gardens for decades by being handed from one person to another. In this lively book, the authors describe 117 such plants, giving particulars on hardiness and size and include mail-order sources, tips on plant swaps, and more. 82 color photos.
Berger, Thomas
Arthur Rex : A Legendary Novel
1990 Pages:
ISBN: 0316091464
Blamires, Steve
Glamoury : Magic of the Celtic Green World
Llewellyn 1995 Pages: 352
Price: $13.56
ISBN: 1-56718-069-8
Midwest Book Review : Glamoury is a holistic magic system promoted to break down barriers between humans and the natural world. Based on the ancient Celtic spiritual tradition, this offers techniques which blend Celtic history and research with exercises designed to expand psychic abilities.
Blamires, Steve
Irish Celtic Magic Tradition, The Aquarian/Thorsons
ISBN: 1-85538-149-4
Bloom, William
Devas, Fairies & Angels: A Modern Approach
Gothic Image 1993 Pages:
ISBN: 0-90636-205-9
(Available through Findhorn Press, Scotland)
Bloomfield MD, Harold H.
Healing Anxiety With Herbs
Harpercollins 1998 Pages: 288
Price: $13.80
ISBN: 0931580366
The bestselling author of Hypericum & Depression has compiled here the latest dosage information on kava kava, valerian root, ginkgo, ginseng, licorice root, milk thistle, and many other natural remedies for anxiety, nervousness, and insomnia. It's more than a listing of suggested herbs, though, and includes a natural self-healing program of mental and physical exercises meant to reduce stress and ease anxiety, tension, and anger and their requisite physical manifestations: rapid heartbeat, sweating, hyperventilation, dizziness, panic attacks, cigarette cravings, and more. Bloomfield encourages readers to try breathing exercises, visualization, mediation, music therapy, and anger therapy, and includes an extensive list of Internet resources, mental health associations, and self-help groups
Bloomfield MD, Harold H.
Hypericum ( St. John's Wort ) DEPRESSION
Prelude Press 1997 Pages: 200
Price: $6.36
ISBN: 0931580366
Midwest Book Review : Medical studies demonstrate that often a natural herb "Hypericum perforatum" is as effective in treating depression as prescription antidepressants. Hypericum is inexpensive (about 30 a day), available without a prescription, and free of the side effects often associated with antidepressant medications. Hypericum is derived from St. John's Wort (wort means "plant") and has been used for thousands of years as a medicine. In Hypericum & Depression, two noted psychiatrists report on research that could change the way depression is treated in America explaining what depression is, how to know if one is depressed, the medical effects of hypericum on depression, and where to find research-grade hypericum (noting that not all hypericum supplements are alike). Hypericum & Depression is enhanced with summaries of selected medical studies on the effect of hypericum upon a state of depression. Hypericum & Depression is "must" reading for anyone with an interest in alternative medicine and/or who suffers from chronic depression.
Bly, Robt
Iron John : A Book About Men
Vintage 1992 Pages: 268
Price: $9.60
ISBN: 067973119
Here, using the Grimm Fairy tale "Iron John" as a vehicle, Bly explores the myths and cultural underpinnings of a distinctly vigorous male mode of feeling, a combination of fierceness and tenderness long since sacrificed to the demands of the industrial revolution
Bonwick, James
Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions
Dorset 1986 Pages: 328
ISBN: 0-88029-070-6
Bord, Janet and Colin
Atlas of Magical Britian
Chartwell Books 1990 Pages: 192
ISBN: 155521-945-4
The publisher is out of stock. If you would like to purchase this title, we recommend that you occasionally check this page to see if it's been reprinted
Borsley, Robert and Roberts, Ian (eds)
The Syntax of the Celtic Languages : A Comparative Perspective
CUP 1996 Pages: 368
Price: $59.95
ISBN: 0521481600
Bottlieb, Bill (ed)
Bantam 1997 Pages: 800
Price: $5.59
ISBN: 055357690
Featuring more than 1,800 self-help remedies, this indispensable guide puts the healing power of alternative medicine at readers' fingertips. Organized into two sections, Part I provides a complete overview of alternative approaches, including acupressure, aromatherapy and herbal therapy, while Part II contains an A-Z listing of common symptoms cross-referenced with the appropriate therapy. All remedies are doctor-tested, underscoring natural healing's effectiveness.
Bourke, Cormac (ed)
From the Isles of the North : Early Medieval Art in Ireland and Britain
1995 Pages:
Price: $80.00
ISBN: 033711207X
Bown, Deni
Encyclopedia of Herbs and Their Uses
DK 1995 Pages:
Price: $27.97
ISBN: 0789401843
This most authoritative work on the subject of herbs contains more than 1,500 color photos of herbs found both in the wild and in cultivation, accompanied by a description of each herb and tips on growing and harvesting. Bown also includes practical advice on planning and cultivating an herb garden and the various uses of herbs in cooking and medicine.
Bradley, Marion Zimmer
Lady of Avalon
Viking Press 1997 Pages: 386
Price: US$24.95
ISBN: 0670857831
An evocative prequel to The Mists of Avalon recalls the origins and history of Avalon and the prophecy of the birth of the great King Arthur, as seen through the successive lives of three powerful priestesses--Caillean, Teleri, and Viviane, the Lady of the Lak
Bradley, Marion Zimmer
The Firebrand: Epic Retelling of the Fall of Troy
Penguin 1987 Pages:
ISBN: 0-14017-720-5
(Similar in approach to MZB's works on the Arturian saga.)
Bradley, Marion Zimmer
The Forest House
New American Library Trade 1995 Pages:
Price: US15.95
ISBN: 0451454243
The author of The Mists of Avalon returns with another epic of a woman's mythic role at a turning point in England's legendary history
Bradley, Marion Zimmer
The Mists of Avalon
Del Rey 1987 Pages:
Price: US$14
ISBN: 0345350499
From 500 Great Books by Women; review by Gloria Bauermeister : "There is no such thing as a true tale. Truth has many faces and the truth is like to the old road to Avalon; it depends on your own will and your own thoughts, whither the road will take you." The Mists of Avalon is a story of another time and place. It's the legendary saga of King Arthur and his companions at Camelot, their battles, love, and devotion, told this time from the perspective of the women involved. Viviane is "The Lady of the Lake," the magical priestess of the Isle of Avalon, a special mist-shrouded place which becomes more difficult to reach as people turn away from its nature- and Goddess-oriented religion. Viviane's quest is to find a king who will be loyal to Avalon as well as to Christianity. This king will be Arthur. Gwenhwyfar, Arthur's Queen, is an overly pious, fearful woman who successfully sways her husband into betraying his allegiance to Avalon. Set against her is Morgaine of the Fairies, Arthur's sister, love, and enemy - and the most powerfully believable person in the book - who manipulates the characters like threads in a tapestry to achieve her tragic and heroic goals. The Mists of Avalon becomes a legend seen through new eyes, with details, majestic language, and haunting foreshadowing that hold the reader through its more than 800 pages
Branigan, Keith
The Catuvellauni
Alan Sutton, 1985, 225 pages, 1985 Pages: 225
ISBN: 0-86299-255-9
Brenneman, Walter & Mary
Crossing the Circle at the Holy Wells ofIreland
Univ Pr of Virginia 1995 Pages: 141
Price: $19.57
ISBN: 0813915481
Even before the time of the Celts, Ireland was believed to be a land of power that "welled up" from the earth in the form of bubbling springs and healing waters. The myths and rituals surrounding these holy wells have been modified through the centuries as pre-Celtic and Celtic rituals blended with Christian traditions to form the combination of rites performed at these sites today. Drawing on fifteen years of fieldwork and archival research, conversations with local informants, and scrutiny of dozens of maps ancient and modern, the Brennemans have written the first study of these wells that offers an in-depth interpretation of their symbolism and their mythological and ritual origins. More than two dozen photographs and a map of the wells cited in the text portray the authors' journey throughout Ireland to recover the archaic patterns that link past and present, pagan and Christian. Some of the wells photographed in the early years of their research have become inactive, and some Celtic practices have disappeared, leaving these photographs, in some instances, the only remaining record. Enhancing the photographs and research are numerous tales about trees at the wells that when cut will not burn, stones associated with the wells that when removed always return, and trout living in the wells that when caught cannot be cooked. Drawing largely on the work of historian of religions Mircea Eliade in interpreting these phenomena, the Brennemans have developed an original concept, the "loric," that is used to identify a particular form of power tied to and arising from a specific locality. They then contrast the loric with the "sacred," a universalizing and world-creating power. Complementing this theoretical treatment are insights into the influence of St. Patrick and the Christian symbolism at the wells.
Briggs, Daphne
The Celts : Conquerors of Ancient Europe (Discoveries)
Harry N Abrams Sept 1993 Pages: 175
Price: 10.36
ISBN: 0810928523
The story of the Celtic people begins with their expansion throughout Europe in the 4th century B.C. Because they left no written record, their culture has been reconstructed entirely from archaeological finds and accounts left by Roman historians. Includes 257 illustrations, 225 in full color.
Bromwich, Rachel
Culhwch and Olwen : An Edition and Study of the Oldest Arthurian Tale
1993 Pages:
ISBN: 070831127X
The Merriam-Webster Encylopedia of Literature , 04/01/95: Culhwch also spelled Kulhwch, Welsh Culhwch ac Olwen. Welsh prose romance (c. 1100), one of the earliest known that treats Arthurian subject matter. It is a lighthearted tale that skillfully incorporates themes from mythology, folk literature, and history. The earliest form of the story survives in an early 14th-century manuscript called The White Book of Rhydderch, and the first translation of the story into modern English was made by Lady Charlotte Guest from The Red Book of Hergest (c. 1375-1425) and was included in her translation of Mabinogion. The story uses the folk formula of a stepmother's attempt to thwart her stepson. Culhwch, after refusing to marry the daughter of his stepmother, is told by her that he shall never wed until he wins Olwen, the daughter of the malevolent giant Yspadadden Penkawr. Because of a prophecy that if she marries he will die, Olwen's father first tries to kill Culhwch but then agrees to the marriage if Culhwch performs several perilous feats and brings him the 13 treasures he desires. Culhwch is aided in several of his adventures by his cousin Arthur and some of Arthur's men, including Kei (Sir Kay) and Gwalchmei (Sir Gawain). Culhwch returns to Yspadadden with only part of his goal accomplished, kills him, and marries Olwen.
Bromwich, Rachel
Medieval Celtic literature : a select bibliography
ISBN: 0802021700
Bromwich, Rachel (ed)
The Arthur of the Welsh : The Arthurian Legend in Medieval Welsh Literature
U of Wales Pr 1991 Pages:
ISBN: 0708311075
Brothwell, Don
The Bog Man and the Archaeology of People
Harvard Univ Pr October 1987 Pages:
Price: 19.57
ISBN: 071372563X
Buckland, Raymond
SCOTTISH WITCHCRAFT - The History and Magick of the Picts
Llewellyn 1991 Pages: 256
Price: $7.96
ISBN: 0-87542-057-5
Bulfinch, Thomas
Age of Chivalry, The
Meridian Pages:
ISBN: 0-452-01153-1
Bulfinch, Thomas
The Age of Chivalry : The Illustrated Bulfinch's Mythology
Macmillan 1997 Pages: 224
Price: $15.96
ISBN: 002861478X
Carmichael, Alexander
CARMINA GADELICA: Charms of the Gaels : Hymns and Incantations Collected In The Highlands and Islands of Scotland In The Last Century
Lindisfarne 1992 Pages: 512
Price: $15.96
ISBN: 0940262509
Carper, Jean
The Food Pharmacy : Dramatic New Evidence That Food Is Your Best Medicine
Bantam Books 1991 Pages:
Price: $15.95
ISBN: 0553345249
Carper offers dramatic new evidence to support the concept of food as medicine. Features a pharmacopeia of more than 50 foods and their therapeutic uses, nutritional benefits, and adverse affects.
Carr-Gom, Philip and Stephanie
The Druid Animal Oracle
Fireside 1994 Pages: 177
Price: US$24.95
ISBN: 0-671-50300-6
Carr-Gomm, Philip (ed)
The Druid Renaissance
Thorsons, 1996, 303 pages, US$16 1996 Pages: 303
Price: US$16
ISBN: 1-85538-480-9
Carr-Gomm, Philip (ed)
The Druid Way
Element, 1993, 164 pages, US$16 1993 Pages: 164
Price: US$16
ISBN: 1-85230-365-4
Carr-Gomm, Philip (ed)
The Elements of the Druid Tradition
Element 1991 Pages: Modern Druidry
Price: US$8.95
ISBN: 85230-202-X
Carson, Rachel
OUP 1951 Pages:
ISBN: 0-19-506186-1
Cavindish, Richard (ed)
Mythology: An Illustrated Encyclopedia
Barnes & Noble 1993 Pages: 303
Price: US$14.98
ISBN: 1-56619-389-3
Celtic Fairy Tales
Jacobs, John (ed)
Dover Pubns February 1968 Pages:
Price: 5.56
ISBN: 0486218260
Chadwick, Nora
The Celts
Penguin Books, 1971, 301 pages, US$11 1971 Pages: 301
Price: US$11
ISBN: 0-14-013607-X
Although there is no written record of their prehistoric culture, the Celtic people left behind much archaeological and anthropological evidence of a way of life that was highly evolved. Here a Celtic scholar takes us beyond Stonehenge in a new edition of a classic work about one of history's most intriguing and influential cultures. 3 maps.
Chadwick, Nora
The Druids
Paul & Co 1998 Pages:
Price: $19.95
ISBN: 0708314163
Chadwick, Nora and Cunliffe, Barry
The Celts
Penguin 1998 Pages: 328
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0140250743
Although there is no written record of their prehistoric culture, the Celtic people left behind much archaeological and anthropological evidence of a way of life that was highly evolved. Here a Celtic scholar takes us beyond Stonehenge in a new edition of a classic work about one of history's most intriguing and influential cultures. 3 maps.
Chandoha, Walter
Willow Creek Press 1997 Pages: 144
Price: $13.65
ISBN: 1572230835
The Literary Gardener is a loving celebration of the seasons that marries the haunting magic of the written work with wistful vignettes of flowers and fruits, vegetables and grasses, capturing the delicate quality in nature that has inspired poets and writers for hundreds of years. 90 photos.
Chevallier, Andrew
DK 1196 Pages:
ISBN: 0-7984-0672
Chretien De Troyes, William W. Kibler(Translator)
Arthurian Romances
Penguin Classics 1991 Pages: 521
Price: $9.56
ISBN: 0140445218
Christiane Eluere
The Celts: First Masters of Europe
Thames and Hudson Pages:
ISBN: 0-500-300348
Clarke, Dan
A Guide to Britain's Pagan Hertiage
Robert Hale 1995 Pages: 224
Price: £10
ISBN: 0-7090-5405-X
This title is out of print.
Clarke, David & Roberts, Andy
Twilight of the Celtic Gods; An Exploration Of Britain's Hidden Pagan Traditions
Blanford 1996 Pages:
Price: $19.57
ISBN: 0713725222
Clarke, Lindsay
Essential Celtic Mythology : Stories That Change the World
Thorsons Pub April 1997 Pages: 240
Price: 9.60
ISBN: 1855384779
Nine stories offer armchair adventures of love, war, and honor and highlight values central to ancient Celtic culturevalues that continue to shape and inspire the Western mind. These tales bring to life a world of miraculous events and acts of passion, peopled with fair maidens, brave warriors, giants, and ogresa world governed by the virtues of fairness, generosity, wisdom, and loyalty. A fresh, contemporary retelling of classic stories of Celtic mythology.
Clebsch, Betsy
A BOOK OF SALVIAS: Sages for Every Garden
Timber Press, Inc 1997 Pages: 250
Price: $10.97
ISBN: 0881923699
From Booklist , 05/01/97: Salvias constitute the largest genus in the mint family, valued for their medicinal and culinary qualities. More than 900 species of Salvia exist, with more than half occurring in North and South America. Clebsch concentrates on 100 species, providing the scientific name and native habitat of each, including elevation ranges and temperature tolerance, as well as historical background. The author describes the leaves and flowers of each species, its blooming cycle, and its light, watering, fertilizing, and pruning requirements. Clebsch also suggests companion plants and offers data on propagation. The book includes a list of where to see and buy salvias, a flowering guide by seasons, and cold and shade tolerance guides. There are 96 color photographs and 40 line drawings.
Coghlan, Ronan
The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Arthurian Legends
Element 1995 Pages:
Price: $19.96
ISBN: 1852306475
Coghlan, an acknowledged authority on the Celtic tradition, has drawn together all the different strands of Arthurian myth from such various sources as Geoffrey of Monmouth, Malory, Chretian de Troyes, and the English Gawain cycles. He examines every character appearing in the myths in this comprehensive book on the Arthurian tales. Full-page illustrations and period maps.
Conwan, Tom
Fire in the Head
Harper 1993 Pages: 240
Price: $12.80
ISBN: 0-06-250174-7
A READER: This is a thought-provoking book which stands apart from all others dealing with Celtic shamanism. Cowan offers detailed analyses on many different aspects of the Celtic brand of mysticism; he clears up the "clowdiness" that is often present when dealing with this complex system of symbology and myth. A wealth of subjects are covered, from the traces of shamanistic practice we find in the lives of Celtic heroes to the deeper significance of the Arthuran legends. The most interesting part of the book for me was the section on the Sacred Wound, a vital but mysterious part of shamanic initiation. This witty, energetic exploration of the Celtic mystical experience is definitely a must have for all interested in this genre.
Conway, D.J.
Animal Magick: The Art of Recognising & Working with Familiars
Llewellyn 1995 Pages:
ISBN: 1-56718-168-6
Totems & familiars
Conway, D.J.
Celtic Magic
Llewellyn Pages:
ISBN: 0-87542-136-9
Conway, D.J.
Flying Without a Broom
Llewellyn 1995 Pages:
ISBN: 1-56718-164-3
Astral projection
Conway, D.J.
Lord of Light & Shadow: The Many Faces of the God
Llewellyn 1997 Pages:
ISBN: 1-56718-177-5
Conway, DJ
By Oak, Ash & Thorn; Modern Celtic Shamanism
Llewellyn Pages:
ISBN: 1-56718-166-X
This is a good book on shamanism, with focus on Celtic
Coombes, Allen J
DICTIONARY OF PLANT NAMES - Botanical Names and their Common Name Equivalents
Timber Press 1986 Pages: 210
Price: $7.66
ISBN: 0881922943
Wonderfully useful and surprisingly complete, this little book includes common name cross-references, pronunciation, and geographical distribution, as well as fascinating details about each plant name's origin, all for a bargain price.
Cotterell, Arthur
Celtic Mythology : The Myths and Legends of the Celtic World (The Mythology Library)
Smithmark Publishing March 1997 Pages:
Price: 12.98
ISBN: 0765195216
Crampton, Norm
COMPLETE TRASH - The best way to get rid of practically everything around the house (open to suggestions)
M Evans & Co 1988 Pages:
ISBN: 0-87131-572-6
Crowley, Vivianne
Phoenix from the Flame
Aquarian/Thorsons Pages:
ISBN: 1-85538-161-3
Crowley, Vivianne
Principles of Paganism ( Thorson's Principles of...series)
Thorsons 1996 Pages:
ISBN: 0-85538-507-4
Western paganism
Crowley, Vivianne
Wicca: The Old Religion in the New Millennium
Thorsons 1996 Pages:
ISBN: 1-72253-271-7
Modern Wicca
Cunliffe, Barry
The Ancient Celts
OUP 1997 Pages: 324
Price: US$45
ISBN: 0-19-815010-5
Fierce warriors and skilled craftsmen, the Celts were famous throughout the ancient Mediterranean world, feared by both Greeks and Romans. Written by one of the world's leading authorities on European history, The Ancient Celts is a stunningly illustrated account of one of the leading civilizations of ancient Europe. 200 photos, 24 in color.
Cunliffe, Barry
The Celtic World
St. Martin's Press 1993 Pages: 224
ISBN: 0-312-09700-X
Numerous illustrations, photographs, and maps mark a large-format exploration of the history of the Celts, a civilization that once ranged from central Europe to northern Scotland, that studies the multifaceted character of a misunderstood people.
Cunliffe, Barry
The Oxford Illustrated Prehistory of Europe
Oxford Univ Press 1994 Pages: 532
ISBN: 0-19-814385-0
Cunliffe, Barry
The Regni
Duckworth 153 Pages: 1973
Price: £7
ISBN: 0-7156-0669-7
Cunningham, Scott
Llewellyn 1975 Pages:
ISBN: 0-87542-122-9
Curtin, Jeremiah
Myths & Folk Tales of Ireland
ISBN: 0-486-22430-9
Dames, Michael
Mythic Ireland
Thames & Hudson 1996 Pages:
Price: $13.56
ISBN: 0500278725
Dames, Michael
The Avebury Cycle
Thames & Hudson 1996 Pages:
Price: $13.56
ISBN: 0500278865
Dareau, Margaret (ed)
A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue : From the Twelfth Century to the End of the Seventeenth: S(C)Hake to S(C)Hot (Part 44)
OUP 1995 Pages:
Price: $75
ISBN: 0198613032
Dareau, Margaret et al (ed)
Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue from the Twelfth Century to the End of the Seventeenth : Sanct to s (Chake)
OUP 1994 Pages:
Price: $65.00
ISBN: 0198613024
Davidson, H.R. Ellis
Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe: early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions
Syracuse Univ Press, 1988, 268 pages, US$16.95 1988 Pages: 268
ISBN: 0-8156-2441-7
Davidson, Hilda Ellis
Roles of the Northern Goddess
Routledge 1998 Pages: 224
Price: $18.39
ISBN: 0415136113
Davidson, Hilda Ellis
The Lost Beliefs of Northern Europe
Routledge 1993 Pages:
Price: $22.99
ISBN: 0415049377
Davidson, Hilda Ellis
The Lost Beliefs of Northern Europe
Routledge 1993 Pages:
Price: $22.99
ISBN: 0415049377
Davidson, HR Ellis
Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe : Early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions
Syracuse Univ Pr 1989 Pages:
Price: $13.56
ISBN: 0815624417
Davies, Janet
The Welsh Language
Univ of Wales Pr 1994 Pages:
Price: $16.00
ISBN: 0708312039
Davis, Courtney
Celtic Illumination : The Irish School
Thames and Hudson May 1998 Pages:
ISBN: 0500280398
Art; Art & Art Instruction; History - European
De Waal, Esther (ed)
The Celtic Vision
St Bedes Pubns July 1990 Pages: 263
Price: 10.36
ISBN: 0932506836
Table of Poems from Poem Finder® : The Aiding by Unknown Angel Guardian by Unknown The Baptism By The Knee-woman by Unknown
Deane, Seamus
A Short History of Irish Literature
Unov of Notre Dame Pr 1994 Pages:
Price: $17.50
ISBN: 0268017514
1. The Gaelic background 2. The formation of the Anglo-Irish literary tradition, 1690-1800 3. The Celtic revival, 1780-1880 4. Nineteenth-century fiction 5. The drama: Farquhar to Shaw 6. Irish modernism: poetry and drama 7. Irish modernism: fiction 8. Contemporary literature, 1940-80 Select bibliography Chronology of important dates from 1550-1980
Delaney, Frank
Legends of the Celts
Sterling, 1989, 240 pages, US$19.95 1989 Pages: 240
Price: US$20
ISBN: 0-8069-8350-7
Detsicas, Alec
The Cantiaci
Alan Sutton 1983 Pages: 219
ISBN: 0-86299-117-X
Dillon, Myles
Early Irish Literature
Intl Spec Book Svc 1994 Pages: 192
Price: $15.00
ISBN: 1851821775
An introduction with summaries of many texts from Old Irish literature
Dillon, Myles
The Cycles of the Kings
Intl Spec Book Svc 1994 Pages:
Price: $15.00
ISBN: 1851821783
Detailed summaries including a considerable amount of translation of most of the texts of these cycles
Dixon-Kennedy, Mike
Celtic Myth & Legend : An A-Z of People and Places
Blandford Pr May 1996 Pages: 309
Price: 19.57 0713725710
Donovan, Katie, et al.
Ireland's Women : Writings Past and Present
WW Norton 1996 Pages:
Price: $12.00
ISBN: 0393313603
The is the first volume of its kind to present a collection of writings by and about Ireland's women. From Queen Maeve of Connaught to President Mary Robinson, this book presents Irish women as their compatriots--men and women both--have described and interpreted them.
Dozoid, D and Williams, S (eds)
Isaac Asimov's Camelot
Ace 1998 Pages: 256
Price: $4.79
ISBN: 0441005276
A collection of short stories about Camelot and King Arthur, these tales havepreviously appeared in the award-winning "Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine".Contributors include Roger Zelazny, Jane Yolen, Tanith Lee, Michael Stanwick, Esther M. Friesner, Ian McDowell, Megan Lindholm, and many more.
Duncan Norton-Taylor
The Celts
Time-Life Books Pages:
Eickhoff, Randy Lee
The Raid: a dramatic retelling of Ireland's Epic tale
Forge 1997 Pages: 283
Price: US$23
ISBN: 0-312-86238-5
Ellis, Peter Barresford
Celt and Greek: Celts in the Hellenic world
Constable 1997 Pages: 285
ISBN: 0-09-475580-9
Ellis, Peter Barresford
Celt and Roman : The Celts of Italy
St Martins Press March 1998 Pages:
ISBN: 0312214197
Ellis, Peter Barresford
Celt and Saxon: The struggle for Britain AD 410 - 937
Constable 1993 Pages: 288
ISBN: 0-09-473260-4
Ellis, Peter Barresford
Dictionary of Celtic Mythology
OUP, 1992, 232 pages, US$9.95 1992 Pages: 232
Price: US$10
ISBN: 0-19-508961-8
Ellis, Peter Barresford
The Celtic Empire: The 1st millennium of Celtic history 1000 BC - 51 AD
Constable 1990 Pages: 246
Price: US$30
ISBN: 0-89089-457-4
Ellis, Peter Barresford
The Druids
Constable 1994 Pages: 304
ISBN: 0-8028-3798-0
Ellis, Peter Berresford
Celtic Women : Women in Celtic Society and Literature
Wm B Eerdmans Pub Co April 1996 Pages: 288
Price: 17.50
ISBN: 0802838081
Drawing on literary, mythological, legal, and historical sources, Peter Berresford Ellis sets out to explore the reality behind the myriad images we hold today. His Celtic Women provides a balanced and informed perspective on the position of women in Celtic society and asks how much of this ancient culture has filtered down through the ages. Ellis examines the concept of the "Mother Goddess" origin of the Celts as well as the pantheon of women in Celtic mythology - from Etain and Emer, and Macha and Medb, to Rhiannon and Gwenhwyvar (Guinevere). He also discusses a wide range of important historical personalities. Although Boudicca (Boadicea) is often cited as the most powerful historical Celtic female figure - the one who led southern Britain in insurrection against the Romans - Ellis shows that she was by no means unique. The results of Ellis's engaging study show that Celtic society undoubtedly maintained an order in which women were harmoniously balanced in relation to men. Beside the repressive male dominance of classic Mediterranean society, the position of women in Celtic myth, law, and early history seems to have constituted an ideal. Celtic women could govern; took prominent - sometimes the highest - roles in political, religious, and artistic life; could own property; could divorce; and were even expected to fight alongside men in battles. It was not until the Celts' encounter and conflict with the alien values of the Roman and Germanic cultures and the arrival of Western Christianity that the rights of women began to erode.
Evans-Wentz, WY
Fairy - Faith in Celtic Countries
Citadel 1990 Pages: 524
Price: $12.76
ISBN: 0806511605
Ferguson, Gary
St. Martin's Press 1997 Pages:
ISBN: 0-312-15219-1
A journey through America's forests (a significant wake-up call)
Fitch, Eric L.
In Search of Herne the Hunter
Capall Bann 1994 Pages:
ISBN: 1-89830-723-7
Fletcher, Richard
Who's Who in Roman Britian and Anglo-Saxon England
Shepheard-Walwyn 1989 Pages: 245
Price: £9
ISBN: 0-85683-114-X
Frank Delaney
The Celts
Hodder & Sloughton Pages:
ISBN: 0-340-349328
Covers the whole history and mythology of the Celts in a broad sweep.
Frazer, James
The Golden Bough 2 Volumes in 1 : The Roots of Religion and Folklore
Grammercy 1993 Pages: 407
Price: $12.99
ISBN: 0517336332
The only unabridged, illustrated edition of the classic exploration of the world of myth, folklore, and primitive customs is an inspiration to poets, students, and readers in general.
Gantz, Jeffrey
Early Irish Myths and Sagas
Penguin 1982 Pages: 280
Price: $9.56
ISBN: 0140443975
Translations of many early texts
Gantz, Jeffrey (trans)
The Mabinogion
Penguin Books 1976 Pages: 311
Price: US$7
ISBN: 0-14-044322-3
Garland, Sarah
Penguin 1996 Pages:
Price: $15.96
ISBN: 0140251375
Published in cooperation with the NY Botanical Garden Institute of Urban Horticulture (her bibliography alone opened worlds)
Gimbutas, MArija
Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe, 6500-3500 B.C. : Myths, and Cult Images
U Calif Pr 1990 Pages: 304
Price: $15.96
ISBN: 0520046552
A READER: Amazing art and sculptures from neolithic Europe. Worthy of Henry Moore. I would love to know where I could get replicas of the sorrowful god / goddess sculptures. Fascinating discoveries about the origins of the ancient greek religion. A must for anyone interested in European mythology
Gimbutas, Marija & Campbell, Joseph
The Language of the Goddess
Harper 1995 Pages: 416
Price: $18.40
ISBN: 0-06-251243-9
"A dramatic story of paradise lost and rediscovered."--New York Times
Glass-Koentop, Pattalee
Year of Moons, Season of Trees: Mysteries & Rites of Celtic Tree Magic
Llewellyn Pages:
ISBN: 0-87542-269-1
Goes thru the year with the Celtic tree months, a ritual for each lunar month, and good correspondences for Ogham, as well as material on the solar trees and their correspondence to the seasons
Goodrich, NL
King Arthur
HarperCollins 1988 Pages: 416
Price: $13.60
ISBN: 0060971827
Author Norma Goodrich has combed the fields of literature, history, anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, and linguistics to present the first historical proof that Arthur was once the King.
Gosselin, Smith, Hodge
Williams & Wilkins Pages:
ISBN: 0-683-03632-7
the standard reference work for Poison Control centers around the country, at least in the U.S.A
Grant, W and Musison, DA
The Compact Scottish National Dictionary
Aberdeen Unic Pr 1986 Pages:
Price: $262.50
ISBN: 0080345182
Graves, Robert
The Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology
Smithmark 1997 Pages: 500
Price: $24.95
ISBN: 0765193841
A READER: If you are interested in mythology in general, and don't know where to start, look no further. This book details stuff a lot of mythology information from the Greeks, Persians to the Indians. This book relates all the mythologies, bringing about why a particular tale came about, what happened in that tale, and what was its consequence in the tale and to the people in the real world.....A MUST BUY even if you are remotely interested in Mythology
Graves, Robert
The White Goddess : A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth
Noonday 1997 Pages: 512
Price: $12.00
ISBN: 0374504938
Poetry Editor's Recommended Book, 11/15/97: Robert Graves, the late British poet and novelist, was also known for his studies of the mythological and psychological sources of poetry. With The White Goddess: A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth, Graves was able to combine many of his passions into one work. While the book is so poetically written that many of the passages amount to prose poems, it is also frequently plot driven enough to feel like a novel, and it is rich with scholarly insight into the deep wells of poetry. Especially fascinating is the chapter in which Graves explores the ancient and ongoing practice of poets' invoking the muse. Graves details the practice in both the Eastern and Western literary traditions, and shows specific similarities and differences among Greek, British, and Irish tales and myths about the muse. Graves has much to offer students of history and myth, but poetry lovers will also be fascinated with The White Goddess.
Gray, Miranda, Davis, Courtney and Stewart, RJ
Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses
Blanford 1992 Pages: 160
ISBN: 0-7137-2113-8
Green, Marian
A Harvest of Festivals
Longman 1980 Pages:
ISBN: 0-58250-284-5
Turning of the seasons
Green, Marian
A Witch Alone
Thorsons 1995 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85538-112-5
(Still the best book on magic that I've ever read!)
Green, Marian
Everyday Magic
Thorsons 1995 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85538-438-8
Natural magick
Green, Marian
The Elements of Natural Magick (Elements of...series)
Element 1989 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85230-067-1
Natural magick
Green, Marian
The Elements of Ritual Magick (Elements of...series)
Element 1990 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85230-113-9
(Subsequently re-released under the title Practical Techniques of Modern
Green, Marian
The Gentle Arts of Natural Magic:
Thoth 1997 Pages:
ISBN: 1-87045-0264
Natural magick
Green, Marian
The Path Through the Labyrinth
Thoth 1994 Pages:
ISBN: 1-87045-015-9
Western mystery tradition
Green, Miranda
Animals in Celtic Life and Myth
Routledge 1992 Pages: 283
ISBN: 0-415-05030-8
Green, Miranda
Celtic Art: Symbols and Imagery
Sterling 1997 Pages: 176
Price: US17.95
ISBN: 0-8069-0313-9
Green, Miranda
Celtic Goddesses: Warriors, Virgins and Mothers
British Museum Press 1995 Pages: 224
Price: US$30
ISBN: 0-8076-1405-X
Green, Miranda
Celtic Myths
British Museum Press 1993 Pages: 80
Price: US$10
ISBN: 0-292-72754-2
Green, Miranda
Dictionary of Celtic Myth and Legend
Thames & Hudson 1992 Pages: 240
Price: US$35
ISBN: 0-500-01516-3
Green, Miranda
The Gods of the Celts
Alan Sutton, 1986, 257 pages, £10 1986 Pages: 257
Price: £20
ISBN: 0-7509-0340-6
Green, Miranda
The World of the Druids
Thames & Hudson 1997 Pages: 192
Price: US$30
ISBN: 0-500-05083-X
In this authoritative account, Miranda Green unravels the truth about the Druids. Examining the archaeological evidence, Classical commentaries and early Welsh and Irish myths, she shows that the Druids were fully integrated into Celtic societyfulfilling varied and necessary roles, both secular and religious. The Roman writers are seen to reflect the double standards of an invading society: condemning as barbaric the public sacrifice of enemies by the Druids while accepting as civilized their own practice of slaughter for sport in the arena. Yet the Classical sources can be used to help reveal the real Druids. We learn of their multiple roles as judges, teachers, healers, magicians, philosophers, religious leaders and fomenters of rebellion.
Green, Miranda (ed)
The Celtic World
Routledge 1995 Pages: 839
Price: US$29.95
ISBN: 0-415-14627-5
Green, RL
King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
Puffin 1995 Pages:
Price: $3.99
ISBN: 0140366709
From the birth of the King to the Last Battle at Camlann, the immortal legend of Arthur is packed with thrilling clashes between the forces of good and the legions of darkness. Though some of these stories have existed for hundreds of years, Terrence Hardiman's presentation shows that they still enthrall us today. 2 cassettes.
Greene, David (ed)
Golden Treasury of Irish Poetry :600-1200
Irish Books & Media 1990 Pages:
ISBN: 0863221130
Greer, Mary K.
Women of the Golden Dawn: Rebels & Priestesses
Inner Trads 1996 Pages: 490
Price: $19.96
ISBN: 0-89281-607-4
The author, Mary K. Greer at , 04/06/97: A biography of women who changed the world 100 years ago. Four women -- Irish revolutionary Maud Gonne, artist and psychic Moina Bergson Mathers, theatrical producer Annie Horniman, and actress Florence Farr -- formed the heart and soul of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, meeting in the 1890s to practice magic and to work toward spiritual growth. They then used their magic to change the politics, literature and theatre of their time, heralding a "new age" and "a new woman." I was first drawn to the Golden Dawn women through their work with Tarot. Gaining access to rare books, private collections, and original letters and journals, I spent six years in research and writing. My whole life, it seems -- as a college professor and director of women's studies, a Literature and Theatre major, and tarot reader, priestess and astrologer -- was a preparation for this exhilarating task of reclaiming our magical foremothers. With what I learned from their lives I gleaned twelve self-empowering principles that we can effectively use to achieve our own personal goals. Community Endeavor wrote that this book "can be read as an elegant novel, a woman's history and feminist source book, or an introduction to the magical arts." This is exactly what I had hoped to accomplish.
Gregory, Isabella (Lady)
Gods and Fighting Men : The Story of the Tuatha De Danaan Abd the Fianna of Ireland
Dufour 1976 Pages:
Price: $11.96
ISBN: 0901072370
Grenier Simmons, Adelma
Herb Gardening in Five Seasons
Plume 1992 Pages:
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0452266599
A READER: I have loved every minute of every Adelma Simmons book I have ever read. This lovely lady is the owner and operator of Caprilands Herb Farm in Connecticut, which is the subject of this book. She describes how the garden looks, smells, tastes and is cared for in the "five" seasons of a year--winter, spring, summer, fall and Christmas! Yes, at Caprilands Christmas is a major event. The book is packed with tips on gardening, using herbs and herbal folklore, all interspersed with personal anecdotes and humor. Check out all Adelma's books! They are all fascinating!
Grieve, M
Dover Publications 1971 Pages:
The Medicinal, Culinary, Cosmetic and Economic Properties, Cultivation and Folk-Lore of Herbs, Grasses, Fungi, Shrubs & Trees with Their Modern Scientific Names
Gruffudd, Heini
Beginners Welsh
Hippocrene 1998 Pages: 210
Price: $7.96
ISBN: 0781805899
Guler, KC
Into the Path of Gods
Bardsong 1998 Pages: 413
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 0966037103
A rich and sweeping novel of intrigue and passion, honor and betrayal, Into the Path of Gods is the first installment of the spectacular Macsen's Treasure series. Set in the turbulent twenty-five year period leading to Arthur of Britain's reign, it is the story of Marcus ap Iorwerth, Welsh spy and master of disguise, who seeks to avert the age-old bane of warfare by sabotaging mercenary invaders and creating ways to unite feuding British political rivals. In the course of his work, he discovers his true love, Claerwen, an ethereal woman with the gift of visions who comes to share his dream of a united Celtic Britain, free of barbarians. Together they become ensnared in a dangerous conspiracy involving the priceless sacred symbols of Britain's high kings, known collectively as Macsen's Treasure. Using wits, tenacious courage and just plain audacity, they help clear the path for the rightful high king to take the crown of Britain, and in the process, discover the truth of Macsen's Treasure.
Handford, S. A.
Caeser - The Conquest of Gaul
Hansen, Daniel
American Druidism
Peanut Butter Publishing 1995 Pages: 177
Price: US$14.95
ISBN: 0-89716-600-0
Hartley, Dorothy
Pantheon Books 1979 Pages:
ISBN: 0-394-74838-7
How English country folk lived, worked, threshed, thatched, rolled fleece, milled corn, brewed of the reference books used by the Renaissance Faires in the California area
Harvey, Graham, & Hardman, Charlotte
Paganism Today
Thorsons 1995 Pages:
ISBN: 0-72253-233-4
(Includes contributions from the editors, plus V. Crowley, R. Hutton, P.)
Hausman, Patricia & Hurley, Judith Benn
THE HEALING FOODS: The Ultimate Authority onthe Creative Power of Nutrition
Dell 1992 Pages:
Price: $5.59
ISBN: 0440214408
Hawkins, Gerald S.
Stonehenge Decoded
Barnes & Noble 1993 Pages: 210
ISBN: 0-88029-147-8
This title is out of print.
Hayed, Tadhg
Gift of the Gab : The Irish Conversation Guide
Irish Amer Book Co 1998 Pages: 80
Price: $5.56
ISBN: 0862785170
Hazel Mary Martell
The Celts
Hamlyn Pages:
ISBN: 0-600-58414-3
See Through History series
Heaney, Marie
Over Nine Waves
Faber & Faber Pages:
ISBN: 0-571-17518-X
Heinerman, Johb
Parker Publishing Co Pages:
ISBN: 0-13-385840-5
From a medical anthropologist's files--remarkable health-promoting uses for hundreds of common fruits, vegetables and herbs
Heinz, Sabine
Eia Popeia
Edwin Mellen Pr 1995 Pages:
Price: $89.95
ISBN: 0773490361
Hendrick, Randall
Anaphora in Celtic and Universal Grammar ( Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory )
Kluwer Academic Pub 1988 Pages:
Price: $97.50
ISBN: 1556080662
Hendrick, Randall
The Syntax of the Modern Celtic Languages
Academic Pr 1990 Pages:
Price: $59.95
ISBN: 0126061041
Henri Hubert
The History of the Celtic People
Bracken Books 1934 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85170-952-5
Herity, Michael & Eogan, George
Ireland in Prehistory
Routledge 1997 Pages: 302
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 0-415-04889-3
1. The Background, Geographical and Historical 2. Stone Age Beginnings: Hunter-Fishers and First Farmers 3. The Boyne Culture: Passage Grave Builders in Ireland and Britain 4. Late Neolithic: Single Burials, New Technology and First Central European Contacts 5. Beaker Peoples and the Beginnings of a New Society 6. Food Vessel People: Consolidation of the Single Grave Culture 7. Urn People: Further Arrivals and New Developments 8. Industrial Changes Late Second-Early First Millennia 9. Final Bronze Age Society 10. Later Prehistoric Events: The Iron Age and the Celts 11. Retrospect
Higam, Nicholas and Jones, Barry
The Carvetii
Alan Sutton 1985 Pages: 158
Price: £14.95
ISBN: 0-86299-088-2
Hinds, Katherine
The Celts of Northern Europe (Cultures of the Past)
Marshall Cavendish Corp Feb 1996 Pages:
Price: 28.50
ISBN: 0761400923
Hogan, Edmund
Onomasticon Goedelicum : Locorum Et Tribuum Hiberniae Et Scotiae : An Index, With Identifications, to the Gaelic Names of Places and Tribes (Celtic S)
Intl Spec Book Svc 1993 Pages:
Price: $85.00
ISBN: 1851821260
Hollister, C. Warren
The Making of England: 55 BC to 1399
Barnes & Noble (1994 reprint) 1966 Pages: 241
ISBN: 1-56619-414-8
Holt, Geraldene
Simon & Schuster 1989 Pages:
ISBN: 0-671-67966-X
Hopman, Ellen
A Druid's Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year
Inner Trads 1994 Pages: 213
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0892815019
From Booklist , 10/01/94: Hopman provides the religious and historical background of the Druids before proceeding to the herbal information in chapters that progress through the seasons from All Hallows (the beginning of the Druidic year) through the fall equinox. Each of these chapters first sets the seasonal context, then presents a list of the herbs pertinent to that season. Each entry in a list cites the parts of the plant that are used and their herbal, homeopathic, and magical uses. Hopman follows the herbal with a discussion of planetary effects on herbs and the herbs used for major life events. Helpful appendixes guide the non-Druid in pronunciation, list sources of information and plants, and give a short list of references. Hopman's effort will fascinate anyone interested in herbs and their lore as well as that sizable group that finds the Druids and their approach to life intriguing.
Hopman, Ellen Evert
Druids Herbal for Sacred Earth Year
Inner Trads 1994 Pages: 213
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0892815019
From Booklist , 10/01/94: Hopman provides the religious and historical background of the Druids before proceeding to the herbal information in chapters that progress through the seasons from All Hallows (the beginning of the Druidic year) through the fall equinox. Each of these chapters first sets the seasonal context, then presents a list of the herbs pertinent to that season. Each entry in a list cites the parts of the plant that are used and their herbal, homeopathic, and magical uses. Hopman follows the herbal with a discussion of planetary effects on herbs and the herbs used for major life events. Helpful appendixes guide the non-Druid in pronunciation, list sources of information and plants, and give a short list of references. Hopman's effort will fascinate anyone interested in herbs and their lore as well as that sizable group that finds the Druids and their approach to life intriguing.
Hopman, Ellen Evert
Tree Medicine Tree Magic
Phoenix 1992 Pages:
Price: $12.95
ISBN: 0919345557
An in-depth presentation of 19 North American Trees with their herbal, magical and practical uses. The `medicinal' part covers topics such as homeopathy, Bach flower essences, Native American herbal remedies, nutritional uses and more. the `magical' part encompasses the connection of goddesses and gods to the trees, nature spirits, the tree alphabet and tree calendar, planetary rulerships, and Celtic mythology and folklore. The book also covers practical uses of trees for food, natural dyes, baskets and more. Tree Medicine, Tree Magic weaves old and ancient cultures with traditional myths and legends.
Hubert, Henri
The History of the Celtic People
Bracken Books (1992 reprint) 1934 Pages: 628
ISBN: 1-85170-952-5
Hubert, Henri
The History of the Celtic People
Bracken Books (1992 reprint) 1934 Pages: 628
ISBN: 1-85170-952-5
Hutchens, Alma R
Shambhala 1991 Pages: 382
Price: $15.20
ISBN: 0877736391
This encyclopedic volume describes more than 200 medicinal plants found in North America, gives directions for uses and dosages, and offers a comparison of the same plants in other cultures where herbalogy has flourished. Annotated bibilography
Hutton, Ronald
The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles
Blackwell 1991 Pages: 397
ISBN: 0-631-18946-7
Hyde, Douglas & O'Conaire, Breandan
Language, Lore and Lyrics : Essays and Lectures
Irish Academic Pr 1987 Pages:
Price: $35.00
ISBN: 0716523728
I.M. Stead
Celtic Art
British Museum Pages:
ISBN: 0-7141-2031-6
Is an excellent introduction to ancient Celtic Art forms.
I.M. Stead
Iron Age Cemeteries in East Yorkshire
British Museum Press Pages:
ISBN: 1-85074-3517
I.M. Stead
The Arras Culture
Echo Press Pages:
J. Romilly Allen
Celtic Art in Pagan and Christian Times
Bracken Books Pages:
ISBN: 1-85891-075-7
Jackson, Kenneth Hurlstone (trans)
A Celtic Miscellany
Penguin Books 1951 Pages: 343
Price: US$10.95
ISBN: 0-14-044247-2
Jacobs, Joseph
Celtic Fairy Tales
Leopard Pages:
ISBN: 0-7529-0209-1
James Dyer
Hillforts of England and Wales
Shire Pages:
ISBN: 0-7478-0180-0
James, Simon
Exploring the World of the Celts
Thames & Hudson 1993 Pages: 192
Price: $20.97
ISBN: 0-500-05067-8
A lavishly illustrated survey, featuring summaries of myths and legends, diagrams of tombs and forts, and a tourist guide, explores the rise of the Celts, their way of life, their wars and weapons, their religion, and their craftsmanship.
John Coles
Arthur Bulleid and the Glastonbury Lake Village
Armynell Goodall and Stephen Minnitt Pages:
Johnson, Kenneth & Elsbeth , Marguerite
Grail Castle, The
Llewellyn Pages:
ISBN: 1-56718-369-7
Johnson, Robert
Harper Collins Pages:
ISBN: 0-06-096396-4
Jones, Charles
The Edinburgh History of the Scots Language
Edinburgh Univ Pr 1997 Pages:
Price: $255
ISBN: 0748607544
Jones, Mary
Naiad 1991 Pages: 237
Price: $7.96
ISBN: 0941483967
Jones, Prudence and Matthews Caitlin
Voices from the Circle, The Heritageof Western Paganism
ISBN: 0-85030-785-6
It has chapters entitled, " The Pagan World" by Prudence Jones and Caitlin Matthews. " Circles of Earth, Circles of Heaven" by Prudence Jones, "Why Druid's Now?" By Phillip Carr-Gomm, " The Initiation" by Vivianne Crowley, " The Medicine Circle of Turtle Island" by Greg Stafford, " Pictish and Keltic Shamanism" by Kaledon Naddair ( Founder of The College of Druidism) " She of Many Names" by Neilson and Cavanagh, and others by R.J Stewart, Gwen Blythe and John and Caitlin Matthews
Jones, Prudence and Pennick, Nigel
A History of Pagan Europe
Routledge 1995 Pages: 262
ISBN: 0-415-09136-5
Jones, Prudence, & Matthews, Caitlín (Eds.)
Voices from the Circle: The Heritage of Western Paganism
Aquarian 1990 Pages:
ISBN: 0-85030-785-6
(Includes contributions from the editors, plus P. Carr-Gomm, V. Crowley,
Joyce, Timothy
Celtic Christianity : A Sacred Tradition, a Vision of Hope
Orbis Books March 1998 Pages:
ISBN: 1570751765
Joyce, Timothy J
Celtic Christianity : A Sacred Tradition, a Vision of Hope
Orbis Books March 1998 Pages: 192
Price: 11.20
ISBN: 1570751765
Julius Caesar Penguin Classics
The Conquest of Gaul
ISBN: 0-14-044433-5
It may be written from a highly prejudiced view but it is an eye-witness report
Karkov, CE, et al. (Eds)
The Insular Tradition
SUNY Press 1997 Pages: 307
Price: $19.16
ISBN: 0791434567
Khalsa MD, Dharma Singh et al
Warner Books 1997 Pages: 449
Price: $17.50
ISBN: 0446520675
This book contains a four-part program including nutritional, stress-relieving, pharmacological, and mind-body exercise therapies to help people overcome the undesirable effects of normal brain "aging." By controlling cortisol, a hormone that is toxic to the brain and present in excessive levels as we age, Dr. Khalsa's plan can help improve memory and emotional zest.
Kharitidi, Olga
Entering the Circle
Thorsons 1996 Pages:
ISBN: 0-72253-459-0
Siberian shamanism, biography
King, Eleanor Anthony
Dover 1975 Pages:
ISBN: 0-486-23188-7
King, Gareth
Basic Welsh : A Grammar and Workbook
Routledge 1996 Pages:
Price: $16.99
ISBN: 0415120969
Booknews, Inc. , 11/01/96: King is a leading author of Welsh grammars and learning material. Here he offers a self-study and self-testing text for beginning students. He explains 40 elementary points of grammar, demonstrates their application, and provides exercises with answers. His Intermediate Welsh is available for the next step.
King, Gareth
Colloquial Welsh : A Complete Language Course
Routledge 1995 Pages:
Price: $20.99
ISBN: 0415107830
King, Gareth
Intermediate Welsh : A Grammar and Workbook
Routledge 1996 Pages:
Price: $12.99
ISBN: 0415120977
King, Gareth
Modern Welsh : A Comprehensive Grammar
Routledge 1993 Pages:
Price: $27.95
ISBN: 0415092698
King, John
Celtic Druids Year, The
Blandford Pages:
ISBN: 0-7137-2463-3
King, Robert
The Celtic Druids' Year : Seasonal Cycles of the Ancient Celts
Blandford Pr March 1996 Pages: 240
Price: 13.56
ISBN: 0713724633
From Booklist , 12/01/94: This well-packaged new book on the Celts puts substantive academic research into popular terms. King's focus is on the wheel of the Celtic year with its cycle of four celebrations: the fire feast of Lughnasa; the still-celebrated festival of the dead, Sarnhain (Halloween); the feast of the herds at Imbolc; and the wild abandon of Beltane, with its maypoles. Corollary to those festivals are the equinoxes and solstices, observed by the Celts in less ritualized fashion but important to them as markers in the agricultural year. Besides the annual cycle, King describes the religious underpinnings of the festivals, the functions of the druid priests and bards, relationships to other mythologies, and the influence of historical assimilation and migration on what we know of Celtic myth. A good resource, well written and well researched. Copyright© 1994, American Library Association. All rights reserved --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
Kinsella, Thomas (trans)
The Tain: from the Irish epic Táin Bó Cuailnge
OUP 1969 Pages: 282
Price: £8.99
ISBN: 0-19-281090-1
Kirby, DP
The Earliest English Kings
Routledge 1991 Pages: 241
ISBN: 0-415-09086-5
Kloss, Jethro
Lotus Light 1988 Pages: 940
Price: $11.96
ISBN: 0940985098
Fully updated to reflect the nutritional needs of the '80s, this new edition of the classic guide to herbal medicine, natural foods and home remedies underscores the fundamental principle that true healing consists of a return to natural habits of living. A READER: This is an excellent book, simply written in layman terms. It was originally published in 1939 by the Author. It has an easy-to-use, alphabetical format listing herbs, uses, ailments, causes, treatments etc.--has a good index. Includes diets for specific ailments.
Kloss, Jethro
Back to Eden : The Classic Guide to Herbal Medicine Natural Foods and Home Since1939
Lotus Light 1989 Pages:
Price: $7.96
ISBN: 0940985101
Fully updated to reflect the nutritional needs of the '80s, this new edition of the classic guide to herbal medicine, natural foods and home remedies underscores the fundamental principle that true healing consists of a return to natural habits of living.
Knight, Gareth
Occult Exercises & Practices
Sun Chalice 1997 Pages:
ISBN: 0-96508-396-9
High magick
Knight, Sirona
Pocket Guide to Celtic Spirituality (The Crossing Press Pocket Series)
Crossing Press March 1998 Pages:
ISBN: 0895949075
Koch, John
The Celtic Heroic Age : Literary Sources for Ancient Celtic Europe and Early Ireland and Wales
Celtic Studies Pubns Inc 1994 Pages:
Price: $24.00
ISBN: 0964244608
Kraig, Donald Michael
Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts
Llewellyn 1988 Pages:
ISBN: 0-87542-324-8
High magick
Kruta, V., Frey O.H., Raferty, B., and Szabó, M.
The Celts
Thames & Hudson 1993 Pages: 711
Price: US$110
ISBN: 0-500-01524-4
L:awhead, Stephen
Arthur ( Pendragon Cycle, No 3)
Avon 1997 Pages: 448
Price: $5.59
ISBN: 380708906
King Arthur narrowly prevails through a period of intense warfare and treachery to bring peace to the Summer Kingdom. But soon he faces his greatest threat--a deadly trap set by the sorceress Margain with his beloved Queen Gwenhwyvar as the bait!.
L:awhead, Stephen
Merlin (The Pendragon Cycle , No 2)
Avon 1997 Pages: 464
Price: $5.59
ISBN: 038070613X
Through a series of grave trials, Merlin the bard and holy man is readied for his life work--to bring about the Kingdom of Summer and prepare the way for Britain's great ruler.
L:awhead, Stephen
Pendragon ( Pendragon Cycle, No 4)
Avon 1995 Pages: 448
Price: $5.59
ISBN: 0380717573
In this fourth volume of the epic fantasy adventure series, King Arthur faces his greatest challenge--battling against the twin evils of invading hordes and the foul plague that threatens to destroy his people and land. The young king must prove his greatness once and for all. If he fails, it will be the devastation of his dreams. Previously published.
L:awhead, Stephen
Taliesin (The Pendragon Cycle , No 1)
Avon 1997 Pages: 496
Price: $5.59
ISBN: 038070613X
When Celtic chieftains struggle for survival in the twilight of ROme's power, one heroic figure towers over all--a man of grandeur and grace, meekness and majesty, beauty and truth--Prince Taliesin. Taliesin is the winner of several awards, including the Campus Life Book of the Year, Silver Angel, and ECPA Gold Medallion.
L-Aszl-O, Gyula
The Art of the Migration Period
U. of Miami Pr 1973 Pages:
Price: $15.95
ISBN: 0870242229
Lacey, JL, Ashe G., Mancoff, Debra
The Arthurian Handbook
Garland 1997 Pages: 400
Price: $25.95
ISBN: 0815320817
Laing, Lloyd & Jennifer
Celtic Britain and Ireland : Art and Society
St. Martins 1995 Pages: 224
Price: $45.00
ISBN: 0312126131
In this beautifully illustrated book, the Laings present all aspects of Celtic art and society, a multifaceted and emotive subject. What emerges from this book is a picture of society in a continual state of flux, reflecting the effects of Roman and Viking invasions and their influence on the indigenous population.
Lawles, Julia
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils
Element Books 1995 Pages:
ISBN: 1-56619-990-5
This is a great reference as it lists most of the common and some uncommon herbs and gives the chemical breakdown on them.
Lawlor, Robt
Earth Honoring : The New Male Sexuality
Inner Trads 1989 Pages: 194
Price: $11.87
ISBN: 0892812540
Drawing on the mythology of male/female relationships, especially in Earth-honoring tribal cultures, Lawlor shows how we can learn from their traditions to create more balanced relationships in Western society.
Layard, John
A Celtic Quest: Sexuality and Soul in Individuation
Spring Publications 1975 Pages: 254
ISBN: 0-88214-110-4
Le Guerer, Annick
Scent : The Mysterious and Essential Powers of Smell
Kodansha 1994 Pages:
Price: $10.40
ISBN: 156836024X
"All my genius resides in my nostrils," claimed Friedrich Nietzsche. Now comes a splendid new voice to bear him out - Annick Le Guerer. In this enchanting, erudite, and highly readable exploration of all things olfactory, she investigates the uses and properties of scent through the ages in relation to magic, myth, religion, sex, discrimination, philosophy, and medicine. From the perfumed rituals of ancient religions to the saintly "odor of sanctity"; from the aromatic cures of the Middle Ages to the black market for spiceladen mummies; from Proust's tea-dipped madeleine to our contemporary "odorphobia," Le Guerer explains and documents the mysterious and essential powers of smell: to attract or repel; call up deep memory; induce lust, love, hunger, even trance. Recalling by turns Patrick Suskind's Perfume and Diane Ackerman's A Natural History of the Senses, Scent is an enchanting melange of storytelling and scholarship, a sensual journey across boundaries of time and culture that touches on universal myths and intimate desires.
Le Morte D'Arthur
Malory, Sir Thomas
Forset Press 1990 Pages: 624
ISBN: 0-88029-525-2
Leek, Stephen, Leek, Julian, Davis, Gerda
Thomas Nelson 1973 Pages:
ISBN: 0-8407-6304-2
Lehman, R.P.M and W.P. Lehman
An Introduction to Old Irish
Modern Language Association of America 1991 Pages: 201
Price: $19.95
ISBN: 0873522885
Intended as a primer to Old Irish, this book presents the text of Scèla Mucce Meic Dathu (The Story of Mac Datho's Pig) and a number of poems. All this is encased in an extensive grammatical, historical, and cultural commentary
Lewington, Richard & Streeter, David
Dorling Kindersley 1993 Pages:
ISBN: 1564583074
An intricate visual exploration of the Oak and its environment - More than 400 superb illustrations examine the oak tree as a microcosm of the Earth - a miniature universe of life in all its varied forms
Lewis, Edwin
Welsh Dictionary ( Teach Yourself )
Teach Yourself Publ 1993 Pages: 256
Price: $11.96
ISBN: 0844238422
Lieberman PhD, Shari & Bruning, Nancy
Avery Publishing 1997 Pages:
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0895297698
Lieberman, Shari and Nancy Pauline Bruning
The Real Vitamin & Mineral Book
Avery 1997 Pages:
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0895297698
Liebman, Wayne
Tending the Fire : The Ritual Men's Group
Ally 1991 Pages:
Price: $7.00
ISBN: 0915408457
Lincoln, Bruce
Death, War, and Sacrifice : Studies in Ideology and Practice
Univ of Chicago Pr 1991 Pages:
Price: $19.95
ISBN: 0226482006
Linn, Denise
Sacred Space : Clearing and Enhancing the Energy of Your Home
Ballantine Books 1996 Pages: 308
Price: $9.60
ISBN: 034539769X
Combining information from her own Native American heritage with material she has personally collected from native traditions around the world, Linn presents practical, easy-to-use exercises for balancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual energies in the home.
Lloyd and Jennifer Laing
Art of the Celts
Thames and Hudson 1992 Pages: 216
Price: $11.96
ISBN: 0-500-20256-7
Llywelyn, Morgan
Bard: The Odyssey of the Irish
Tor Books 1984 Pages: 465
Price: US$6.99
ISBN: 0812585151
Bard is the sweeping historical tale of the coming of the Irish to Ireland, and of the men and women who made the Emerald Isle their own.
Llywelyn, Morgan
Brian Boru: Emporer of the Irish
Ivy Books 1990 Pages: 214
Price: US$4.99
ISBN: 0812544617
Just a boy when he witnesses the horrors of invasion on his small clan in the west of Ireland--an attack that leaves his mother and two of his brothers dead--Brian Boru swears to one day put an end to his country's sufferings by stopping the clan wars, uniting the people of Ireland, and halting forever the threat of the Norsemen
Llywelyn, Morgan
Ivy Books 1991 Pages: 465
Price: US$5.99
ISBN: 0804108447
The author of the international bestsellers Lion of Ireland and Red Branch delivers a rich, magical epic of Druid destiny during the Gallic Wars. Ainvar, "The Traveler," possesses amazing mystical powers that will help to unify the free Gauls to fight the invading Romans. "Vividly portrays the Druid rituals."--Publishers Weekly. HC: Morrow
Llywelyn, Morgan
Finn Mac Cool
Tor Books 1990 Pages:
Price: US$6.99
ISBN: 0812524012
Somewhere in the shadowy borderland between myth and history is the territory of Finn Mac Cool. The mightiest of the Irish heroes, he was a man of many faces: warrior, poet, lover, creator and destroyer. He had it all and lost it but, in the end, gained immortality.
Llywelyn, Morgan
Lion Of Ireland
Tor Books 1996 Pages:
Price: US$6.99
ISBN: 0812553993
Brian Boru was stronger, braver, and wiser than all other men--the greatest king Ireland has ever known. Out of the mists of the country's most violent age, he emerged to lead his people to the peak of their golden era. Set against the barbaric splendors of the tenth century, this is a story rich in truth and legend--in which friends become deadly enemies.
Llywelyn, Morgan
Red Branch
Ivy Books 1990 Pages:
Price: US$5.95
ISBN: 080410591X
Cuchulain was a fatherless boy, yearning to join the warrior elite--the Red Branch. He was protected from above by the bloodthirsty raven god of war and destined to become the Champion of Champions. But he faced the ultimate foe in the murderous Lady Maeve and was pushed to the ultimate sacrifice--his best friend! HC: Morrow.
Llywelyn, Morgan
The Elementals
Tor Books 1994 Pages:
Price: US$6.99
ISBN: 0812518152
This environmental fantasy reveals the majesty of the Earth and the power of the elementals: water, fire, earth, and air.
Loecher, Barbara et al.
New Choices in Natural Healing for Women
Rodale 1997 Pages: 544
Price: $20.97
ISBN: 0875963870
Written in consultation with Adriane Fugh-Berman, M.D., formerly with the Office of Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes at Health, New Choices in Natural Healing for Women offers advice that women can trust. A reliable how-to reference, this book enables readers to sort out the alternative options and find out how alternative therapies best meet women's special needs. As health-care consumers, women crave a single, reliable source to sort out their natural-healing options. Practical, personal and eminently useful, New Choices in Natural Healing for Women is that source.
Loomis, Roger
Grail : From Celtic Myth to Christian Symbol
Princeton U 1991 Pages: 287
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0691020752
Loomis, Roger Sherman
Celtic Myth and Athurian Romance
Academy Chicago Pub Sept 1994 Pages:
Price: 13.56
ISBN: 0094733503
Lust, John ND DBM
The Herb Book
Bantan Books 1974 Pages:
ISBN: 0-553-26770-1
Lweington, Richard & Streeter, David
The Natural History of the Oak Tree: An Intricate Visual Exploration of the Oak and Its Environment
DK 1993 Pages:
ISBN: 1564583074
This visual exploration of the oak tree and all its interdependent life forms provides comprehensive facts on hundreds of birds, butterflies, fungi, lichen, and mammals. Full-color, masterfully detailed paintings accompany an informative explanation the way an ecosystem functions.
Mac Cana, Proinsias
Celtic Mythology
Barnes & Nobel 1996 Pages: 143
ISBN: 0-7607-0190-3
Mac Cana, Proinsias
The mabinogi
ISBN: 0708306551
Mac Uistin, Liam
Celtic Magic Tales
Amer Book Co August 1994 Pages: 96
Price: 7.16
ISBN: 0862783410
MacAfee, Caroline
A Concise Ulster Dictionary
OUP 1996 Pages:
Price: $30.00
ISBN: 0198631324
MacAulay, Donald (ed)
The Celtic Languages (Cambridge Language Surveys)
Cambridge Univ Press March 1993 Pages: 466
Price: 105.00
ISBN: 0521231272
MacAulay, Donald (ed)
The Celtic Languages ( Cambridge Language Surveys)
CUP 1193 Pages: 466
Price: $105
ISBN: 0521231272
Macbain, Alexander
Etymological Dictionary of Scottish - Gaelic
Hippocrene 1998 Pages: 416
Price: $11.96
ISBN: 0781806321
MacCrossan, Tadhg
Sacred Cauldron, The
Llewellyn Pages:
ISBN: 0-87542-103-2
MacCulloch, J.A.M.
The Religion of the Ancient Celts
Studio Editions (1992 reprint) 1911 Pages: 399
ISBN: 1-85170-946-0
MacDonald, JA and Renton, RW
Scottish Gaelic - English/ English - Scottish Gaelic Dictionary
Hippocrene 1994 Pages:
Price: $7.16
ISBN: 0781803160
Dictionary of Celtic Mythology
Oxford Univ Pr (Trade) March 1998 Pages: 436
Price: 31.50
ISBN: 0198691572
This dictionary is the first place to turn for an authoritative guide to the colorful Celtic world of tragedy, revenge, honor, and heroism. The persons, themes, concepts, places, and creatures of this mythology are explored in 4,000 entries ranging from brief definitions to extended essays. Thorough cross-referencing enables the reader to see the relationship between Celtic mythology, later Irish literature, and other literary and mythological traditions.
Mackillop, James
Fionn Mac Cumhail : Celtic Myth in English Literature
Syracuse Univ Pr 1986 Pages:
Price: 44.95
ISBN: 0815623445
MacLean, Sorley
From Wood to Ridge : Collected Poems in Gaelic and English
Carcanet 1989 Pages:
Price: $62.00
ISBN: 0856358444
MacLeod, Iseabail et al.
The Scots Thesaurus
Aberdeen Univ Pr 1990 Pages:
Price: $37.00
ISBN: 0080365825
MacMullen, Ramsey
Christianity and Paganism in the Fourth to Eighth Centuries
Yale Univ Pr Nov 1997 Pages: 272
Price: 30
ISBN: 0300071485
The book jacket states: "...pagan practices persisted in the Christian church for hundreds of years after Constantine proclaimed Christianity the one official religion of Rome...the two religious systems were both vital during an interactive period that lasted far longer than historians have previously believed... pagan beliefs were not eclipsed or displaced by Christianity but persisted or were transformed...This fascinating book also includes new material on the Christian persecution of pagans over the centuries...the stubbornness of pagan resistance; the difficulty of satisfying the demands and expectations of new converts; and the degree of assimilation of Christianity to paganism."
MacMullen, Ramsey
Paganism and Christianity, 100-425 C.E. : A Sourcebook
Fortress Pr Nov 1992 Pages: 296
Price: 18
ISBN: 0800626478
Maggie Oster, Sal Gilberti
Storey 1998 Pages: 176
Price: $15.96
ISBN: 1580170250
An imaginative compendium of herbal recipes, this cookbook also includes easy directions for growing herbs. Each recipe is accompanied by background on one of the herbs used in the recipe, with history and lore, cooking uses, nutritional value, and more. Each dish is made memorable through the authors' unique use of herbs.
Magida, Phylis
Nelson-Hall 1973 Pages:
ISBN: 0-911012-91-5
Maguire, Gabrielle
Our Own Language : An Irish Initiative
Multilingual Matters 1991 Pages:
Price: $99.00
ISBN: 1853590967
Mallory, JP
In Search of the Indo-Europeans : Language, Archaeology, and Myth
Thames & Hudson 1991 Pages:
Price: $19.95
ISBN: 0500276161
A READER: Mallory's work uncovers and states clearly all that is currently known about the Indo-European languages that include English. Using every manner of research from Archaeology to Religion, Mallory sets out to explain the common links and evolution of the Germanic (including English), Celtic, Latin, Slavonic, Illyrian, Albanian, Greek, Armenian, Tocharian, Anatolian, Illyrian, Iranian, Dardic, and Indo-Aryan branches of this vast family of languages. The importance of this work concerns more than half of mankind. Mallory pieces together the still not fully understood puzzle of the early origins of our mysterious Indo-European forebears and has reached the pinacle of his field thus far.
Markale, Jean
King of the Celts : Arthurian Legends and Celtic Tradition
Inner Trad. 1993 Pages: 312
Price: $11.96
ISBN: 0892814527
From Booklist , 03/01/94: Markale opens with an argumentative introduction about historians' general reluctance to deal with myths and oral traditions. She moves directly into a discussion of how Arthurian lore in the medieval world was comcreated by ardent and undiscriminating propagandists of the courtly nobility who misappropriated Celtic legends and in the process betrayed and ridiculed them. Her survey of Arthurian legendry in Celtic history purports that through such Celtic notions of kingship, especially the king's obligation to the people, his role was clarified as more than one of personal gain or divine right. For serious students of Arthurian legends and history.
Markale, Jean
Merlin - Priest of Nature
Inner Trad. Pages:
ISBN: 0-89281-517-5
Markale, Jean
The Celts: Uncovering the Mythic and Historic Origins of Western Culture
Editions Payot 1976 Pages: 320
Price: US$14.95
ISBN: 0-89281-413-6
Markale, Jean
Women of the Celts
Inner Trad. 1986 Pages: 315
Price: $13.56
ISBN: 0-89281-150-1
A reader from Kansas, USA , 08/29/97, rating=10: One of the best books on Celtic History and gender issues I highly reccomend this book to anyone interested in Celtic History, gender issues, or feminism. The work is factually accurate and detailed (highly unusual for this newly popluar field) AS WELL AS entertaining and readable. For the Celtic enthusiast, I also reccomend Markale's other books..whether you are just beginning your journey to know the Celts or know a great deal on the subject, his books are excellent! ENJOY!!!!!
Martell, Hazel MAry
The Celts (See Through History)
Viking Childrens Books Jan 1996 Pages:
Price: 11.89
ISBN: 0670865583
From Horn Book : A broad overview of Celtic history is presented in a series of double-page spreads touching on Celtic government, celebrations, commerce, legends, religion, and rituals. The book is illustrated with detailed color artwork, photographs of artifacts (including nude statuary), and four plastic overlays revealing interior views of a home, a church, a tomb, and a roch-- a protective stone tower. A time line is included.
Masefield, John
Arthurian Poets
Boydell & Brewer 1994 Pages: 398
Price: $21.60
ISBN: 0851153631
Table of Contents Introduction Bibliographical Note The Ballad of Sir Bors The Begetting of Arthur The Birth of Arthur The Taking of Morgause The Begetting of Modred Badon Hill The Sailing of Hell Race Arthur and his Ring Midsummer Night The Fight on the Wall The Breaking of the Links Gwenivach Tells Arthur in the Ruins The Fight at Camlan The Fight on the Beach or The Passing Gwenivere Tells The Death of Lancelot Dust to Dust On the Coming of Arthur The Old Tale of the Begetting The Old Tale of the Breaking of the Links South and East The Love Gift Tristan's Singing Simkin, Tomkin and Jack Tristan and Isolt My Library: Volume One Caer Ocvran Tristan and Isolt: A Play in Verse The Aftermath Brother Lot Arthur's Youth Before the Darkness Came The Coming of the Pirates All Hallow Night The Hunt is Up Modred the Messenger Gareth's Wake When Good King Arthur. An Unpublished Play The Old Tale of the Breaking of the Links. Draft Midsummer Night. Selections from the Dialogue Drafts The Sailing of Hell Race. Outline and Drafts The Aftermath. Drafts and Outline Notes 1 Notes 2 Prospectus Sketch Chronology Unpublished Lecture Notes Sources and Acknowledgements
Matthews, Caítlín
Arthur & the Sovereignty of Britain
Arkana Pages:
ISBN: 0-14-019197-6
This title is out of print
Matthews, Caítlín
Celtic Book of the Dead: A Guide for Your Voyage to the Celtic Otherworld (Cards/Spread-Cloth)
St Martins P 1992 Pages:
Price: $19.57
ISBN: 0312072414
In the tradition of The Book of Runes and the Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Dead, this divination system contains 42 beautifully illustrated cards and a book that explains the meaning of the cards and how to use them for education and enlightenment. Matthews has made many original contributions to the fields of Celtic and Arthurian research. Boxed and shrink-wrapped.
Matthews, Caítlín
Celtic Devotional
Godsfield Pages:
ISBN: 1-899434-06-2
Matthews, Caítlín
Singing the Soul Back Home: Shamanism in Daily Life
Element 1995 Pages: 246
Price: $11.96
ISBN: 1-85230-616-5
Matthews, Caítlín
The Element of the Celtic Tradition
Element 1989 Pages: 133
Price: US$8.95
ISBN: 1-85230-075-2
Matthews, Caitlín
The Elements of the Goddess (Elements of...series)
Element 1993 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85230-085-X
(One of the very best works I've seen by the author.)
Matthews, John
A Celtic Reader : Selections from Celtic Legend, Scholarship and Story
Thorsons 1992 Pages: 320
Price: $14.40
ISBN: 1-85538-228-8
Tales of adventure, magic, mystery, and wonder from pre-Christian Ireland and Arthurian Britain--features excerpts from The Mabinogion, Taliesin's poetry, and selections from Iolo Morgannwg, Thomas Samuel Jones, Ross Nichols, "A. E.," and many more.
Matthews, John
At The Table of the Grail
ISBN: 0-7100-9938-X
Matthews, John
Celtic Shamans Pack, The
Element Pages:
Matthews, John
Fairy Tale Reader
Matthews, John
Gawain - Knight of the Goddess
Aquarian/Thorsons Pages:
ISBN: 1-85538-172-9
Matthews, John
Healing The Wounded King
Element Pages:
ISBN: 1-85230-955-5
Matthews, John
Robin Hood - Green Lord of the Wildwood
Gothic Image Pages:
ISBN: 0-906362-24-5
Matthews, John
Taliesin: Shamanism & the Bardic Mysteries
Aquarian/Thorsons Pages:
ISBN: 1-85538-109-5
Matthews, John
The Bardic Source Book : Inspirational Legancy and Teachings of the Ancient Celts
Sterling May 1998 Pages:
ISBN: 0713726644
History: World/Military; History - General History; History; Great Britain; Ancient - General; Comparative Religion
Matthews, John
The Celtic Shaman : A Handbook (Earth Quest)
Element Nov 1991 Pages:
Price: 11.96
ISBN: 1852302453 from Colorado, USA , 02/22/98, rating=9: The indispensible guide on Celtic shamanism For those called to or interested in a Celtic path, Harner's "The Way of the Shaman": is useful in a broad sense, but basically useless in the specific, as it ignores almost totally the Indo-European traditions. This books fills that information gap, and does much more as well. More scholarly than some of the other books on the subject, but still very practical, it provides a good mix of information and exploration. The only major problem is in the early exercises; Matthews emphasizes their importance, but the instructions to do them are very vague, making this book a little more difficult for the beginner to enter into; nonetheless. it is still where to begin..
Matthews, John
The Celtic Shaman's Pack : Exploring the Inner Worlds/Book and Cards
Element June 1996 Pages:
Price: 23.96
ISBN: 1852304812
Designed to help the user find answers to deep questions, The Celtic Shaman's Pack is an innovative, visionary tool for the modern shaman and a valuable resource for self-discovery and empowerment. The pack includes an introductory book and a deck of forty original cards, stunningly illustrated with Celtic images that depict the mystical realm of the shaman.
Matthews, John
The Element of the Grail Tradition
Element 1990 Pages: 132
Price: US$8.95
ISBN: 1-85230-077-9
Matthews, John
The Song of Taliesin : Stories and Poems from the Books of Broceliande
Aquarian/Thorsons Pages:
ISBN: 1-8553-8114-1
Matthews, John
Within the Hollow Hills
ISBN: 0-940262-70-3
Matthews, John and Caitlín
British & Irish Mythology
Diamond Pages:
ISBN: 0-261-66651-7
Matthews, John and Caitlín
Ladies of the Lake
Aquarian/Thorsons Pages:
ISBN: 1-855-38045-5
Matthews, John and Caitlín
The Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom
Barnes & Noble 1994 Pages: 456
Price: US$39.95
ISBN: 0-7607-0146-6
Matthews, John and Caitlín
The Western Way: A Practical Guide to the Western Mystery Traditions
Arkana 1994 Pages: 457
Price: US$12.95
ISBN: 0-14-019462-2
Matthews, John (ed)
A Glastonbury Reader: Selections from the Myths, Legends and stories of Ancient Avalon
Aquarian 1991 Pages: 302
Price: £14.99
ISBN: 0-85030-999-9
Matthews, John (ed)
Choirs of the God: Revisioning Masculinity
ISBN: 1-85274-110-4
Matthews, John (ed)
Classic Celtic Fairy Tales
Blandford 1997 Pages: 192
Price: $17.47
ISBN: 0713726180
Matthews, John (ed)
The Celtic Reader
Aquarian Press 1991 Pages: 317
Price: US$18
ISBN: 1-85538-288-8
Matthews, John (ed)
The Druid Source Book
Blandford Press 1996 Pages: 384
Price: US$24.95
ISBN: 0-7137-2572-9
Matthews, John (ed)
The World Atlas of Divination
Eddison Sadd 1992 Pages: 224
Price: US$24.95
ISBN: 0-8212-1950-2
Mazis, Glen
The Trickster, Magician & Grieving Man : Reconnecting Men With Earth
Bear 1994 Pages: 299
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 1879181118
From Booklist , 04/01/94: We've heard a lot recently about archetypes of masculinity--kings, warriors, and the like. Although important to understanding the male psyche, these images can be retrogressive if we exclude such repressed images as those conjured by philosopher Mazis' title. He argues that Desert Storm is a quintessential image of today's "armored" maleness, raging from a disembodied distance and unleashing megatons of angry sexuality. He criticizes today's men's movement for failing to excavate such images of masculinity as the trickster, the magician-cook, and the grieving man. You need not flush the king and his friends down the (iron) john if they are balanced and brought to earth by these less self-serving masculine images. A sharply written, finely reasoned work.
McCarthy, Terence
An Introduction to Malory : Reading the Morte D' arthur
Brewer 1991 Pages: 176
Price: $21.60
ISBN: 0859913252
McClure, JD
Scotland and the Lowland Tongue : Studies in the Language and Literature of Lowland Scotland
Pergamon 1983 Pages:
Price: $31.50
ISBN: 0080284825
McCoy, Edain
Celtic Myth & Magick
Llewellyn Publications 1995 Pages: 430
Price: US$19.95
ISBN: 1-56718-661-0
McCoy, Edain
Making Magick: What it is and How it works
Llewellyn 1997 Pages:
ISBN: 1-56718-670-X
Magick, Witchcraft
McCoy, Edain
Witta : An Irish Pagan Tradition
Llewellyn 1993 Pages: 272
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0875427324
Occult and Metaphysics Editor's Recommended Book, 11/01/96: Rather than focusing purely on Celtic mythology, Witta examines the cultural aspects of Irish paganism and serves as a textbook for the practice of the old religion of Ireland. It's clearly written, well detailed and researched with a fair bibliography plus history, spells, rituals, sabbats and more. The author supplies a list of resources for hard to find herbs, ritual tools and other important implements. A READER: I hope there are no books worse than this one. If you have to buy any book on Irish Paganism, DON'T BUY THIS ONE! Witta did not exist until Edain McCoy wrote this book in 1993.
McKenzie, Nancy
Tor 1996 Pages:
Price: $11.16
ISBN: 0312862334
Sharan Newman has created a portrait of what Guinevere might have been like--not a cardboard character who has been both deified and vilified over the centuries, but someone who was as bound by prophecy as Arthur and whose will ultimately was not all her own
McKenzie, Nancy
Guinevere Evermore
Tor 1998 Pages: 288
Price: $11.16
ISBN: 0312866410
The spellbinding climax to the tale of Guinevere--which began with "Guinevere" and continued in "The Chessboard Queen"--blends magic and history to create an unforgettable tale of passion and tragedy.
McKenzie, Nancy
The Chessboard Queen
Tor 1997 Pages:
Price: $11.16
ISBN: 0312863918
Continuing the story begun in GUINEVERE, the beautiful young wife and queen of King Arthur. Happiness for the pair is short-lived when Guinevere discovers, alarmingly, her deep and passionate love for another--adored Knight of the Round Table Lancelot. Here is a beautiful rendering of the world's most timeless romance, a tale of earthly passion and spiritual love like none before or since
McKenzie, Nancy
The Child Queen : The Tale of Guinevere and King Arthur
Del Ray 1994 Pages:
Price: $3.99
ISBN: 0345382447
The Del Rey Discovery of the year is a dazzling new novel of the Arthurian legend--in the bestselling tradition of The Mists of Avalon. Prophesied by a wise woman is the story of the great lady's betrayal. Here, an imaginative new voice reveals Guinevere's intelligence and complexities.
McKenzie, Nancy
The High Queen : The Tale of Guinevere and King Arthur Continues
Del Ray 1995 Pages:
Price: $4.79
ISBN: 0345382447
The eagerly awaited sequel to the widely acclaimed The Queen Child. The barren Queen Guinevere can bear her beloved King Arthur no heir. Her only recourse is Mordred--the natural son of Arthur through a cursed union with his own sister. Bringing him to Camelot is cause for joy--and deep despair.
Megaw, Ruth and Vincent
Celtic Art : From Its Beginnings to the Book of Kells
Thames and Hudson 1990 Pages:
Price: $23.96
ISBN: 0500275858
The fruit of more than 10 years of research and travel throughout Europe and the British Isles, here is the first single volume to provide a full survey of Celtic arts and crafts from 700 B.C. to A.D. 700. 452 illustrations, 24 in color.
Merrifield, Ralph
Archaeology of Ritual and Magic
New Amsterdam 1989 Pages: 224
Price: $12.76
ISBN: 0941533263
Booknews, Inc. , 06/01/89: The author demonstrates that all through the fundamental changes of religious belief, from primitive animism to scientific rationalism, the same kinds of simple ritual have survived into our own times because they give comfort and a sense of security.
Metzner, Ralph & Gimbutas, Marija
The Well of Remembrance : Rediscovering the Earth Wisdom Myths of Northern Europe
Shambhala 1994 Pages: 334
Price: $12.80
ISBN: 1570620288
The deeply buried shamanic roots of the Western world-view may contain wisdom essential to overcoming world ecological and spiritual crises. This book is about reconnecting with those roots through the rediscovery of the religion that existed in Europe before its suppression by the Roman Empire and Christianity.
Meurig, H, Evans, MA and Mladen, Davidovic
Welsh - English English - Welsh Dictionary
Hippocrene 1993 Pages:
Price: $19.96
ISBN: 0781801362
Booknews, Inc. , 09/01/93: Emphasizes the scientific and technical terms that have developed recently as part of the modern resurgence of the Welsh language. Includes pronunciation mutation and guides, and, in both parts of the dictionary, separate lists of proverbs, place and personal names, animals, and plants. A North American version of the 1992 second edition
Miller, Timothy Ray
How to Want What You Have : Discovering the Magic and Grandeur of Ordinary Existence
Avon 1996 Pages:
Price: $9.60
ISBN: 0380726823
Philosophy and Religion Editor's Recommended Book, 02/01/97: This is not a collection of encouraging essays on simplicity, nor is it perky advice on how to get by with less. Timothy Miller, a clinical psychologist, sets out to uncover in recent scientific studies the roots of the insatiable appetite of humans. After establishing our instinctual need for More, he pursues its destructive consequences and then he outlines a methodology for transcending the cycle. His infinitely pragmatic advice centers on his elaboration of Compassion, Attention, and Gratitude. Here is perennial wisdom transformed into practical science.
Mindell, Arnold
The Shaman's Body : A New Shamanism for Transforming Health, Relationships, and Community
Harper 1993 Pages: 256
Price: $10.40
ISBN: 0062506552
Mindell's is one of the most sober-minded and informed recent books on the subject. He warns us, for instance, that shamanism is not an individualistic search for peak experience but a form of psychic community service. His is an unsentimental, unsensational view of shamanism that emphasizes its challenges rather than its ego-gratifying power. Using the vocabulary of Carlos Castenada's Don Juan books, Mindell discusses shamanism in many aspects of Western life--for instance, in therapy, medicine, and partnering. His strong, mature voice merits wide hearing.
Mitchell, Stewart
Element 1997 Pages: 224
Price: $19.96
ISBN: 1852309903
Touch is a basic necessity for health and well-being that defies barriers of language or age. Massage reduces stress and relieves anxiety, soothes pain and discomfort, and cures insomnia. Filled with full-color illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions, this encyclopedia of treatments and techniques teaches how to harness the healing power of massage.
Mladen, Davidovic
Irish/English English/Irish Dictionary and Phrasebook
Hippocrene 1991 Pages:
Price: $6.36
ISBN: 0870521101
Booknews, Inc. , 06/01/92: A traveler's dictionary, phrasebook, and pronunciation guide for passing the time of day with the few remaining speakers of Irish Gaelic.
Moldenke PhD, Harold N. & Moldenke, Alma L
Dover 1986 Pages:
ISBN: 0-486-25069-5
Monroe, Douglas
The 21 Lessons of Merlin
Llewellyn 1993 Pages: 418
Price: US$12.95
ISBN: 0-87542-496-1
Moore, Robt & Gillette, Doug
King, Warrior, Magician, Lover : Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine
Harper 1991 Pages: 192
Price: $10.40
ISBN: 0062506064
Pioneering the men's movement, Jungian analyst Robert Moore and mythologist Douglas Gillette identify and define the four mature male archetypes--the King, the Warrior, the Magician, and the Lover--as well as the four immature patterns or negative, shadow aspects. "A liberating guide to self-transformation."--Publishers Weekly.
Moore, Robt & Gillette, Doug
The King Within : Accessing the King in Male Psyche
Avon 1993 Pages:
Price: $8.80
ISBN: 0062506064
The first in a four-book series exploring masculine themes, The King Within is a remarkable addition to the new discoveries of the men's movement. Moore and Gillette are the authors of the bestselling King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine.
Moorman, Charles
The Celtic Literature of Defeat : AnExtraordinary Assortment of Irregularities
Mellen 1993 Pages:
Price: $79.95
ISBN: 0773493328
Morner McGregor
Early Celtic Art in Northern Britain
Oxford University Press 1976 Pages:
Morris, Edwin T
FRAGRANCE - The Story of Perfume from Cleopatra to Chanel
Charles Scribner's Sons 1984 Pages:
ISBN: 0684181959
Murdoch, Brian
Cornish Literature
Boydell & Brewer 1993 Pages:
Price: $53.00
ISBN: 0859913643
Conventions of Reference Ch. 1. Writing in Cornish: Fragments and Losses Ch. 2. "An Antient Manuscript..." The Poem of the Passion Ch. 3. Seeing and Believing: the Ordinalia Ch. 4. The Need to Repent: The Creacion of the World Ch. 5. Church, State and Salvation: The Play of Saint Meriasek Ch. 6. Nebbaz gerriau... Survivals and Revivals
Murray, Liz and Colin
The Celtic Tree Oracle
St. Martins 1988 Pages: 120
ISBN: 0-312-02032-5
Naddair, Kaledon
Keltic Folk & Faerie Tales
Rider Pages:
ISBN: 0-7126-1679-9
Neal, Bill
Algonquin Books 1992 Pages:
ISBN: 0-945575-94-7
Newark, Tim & McBride, Angus
Warlords : Ancient-Celtic-Medieval
Arm & Armour Press May 1998 Pages:
ISBN: 1854094440
History - Military / War; History; Medieval; Military - General
Newell, J. Philip
Listening for the Heartbeat of God : A Celtic Spirituality
Paulist Press January 1998 Pages:
ISBN: 0809137593
Nichols, Ross
The Book of Druidry
Aquarian Press 1990 Pages: 319
Price: US$19
ISBN: 1-85538-167-2
O Croinin, Daibhi
Early Medieval Ireland 400-1200
Longman Group 1995 Pages:
Price: $27.50
ISBN: 0582015650
Ch. 1. The beginnings of Irish history Ch. 2. Kingdoms, peoples and politics, AD400-800 Ch. 3. Kings and kingship Ch. 4. Land, settlement and economy Ch. 5. Law, family and community Ch. 6. The consolidation of the church Ch. 7. The first Christian schools Ch. 8. The Golden Age Ch. 9. The Viking Age Ch. 10. Ireland 1014-1200
O Hogain, Daithi
Myth, Legend, and Romance : An Encyclopaedia of Irish Folk Tradition
Prentice Hall Pages:
ISBN: 0132759594
O Se, Diarmuid
Irish a Complete Course for Beginners
Teach Yourself Publ 1994 Pages:
Price: $7.96
ISBN: 0844238007
O'Donohue, John
Anam Cara : A Book of Celtic Wisdom
Harpercollins September 1997 Pages: 256
Price: 18.80
ISBN: 0060182792
Occult and Metaphysics Editor's Recommended Book, 11/01/97: Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom offers an exploration of the secret universe we all carry inside us, the connections we forge with the worlds of our friends and loved ones, and the products of our worlds reflected in the things we create outside of ourselves. Anam Cara, Gaelic for "soul friend," is an ancient journey down a nearly forgotten path of wisdom into what it means to be human. Drawing on this age-old perspective, John O'Donohue helps us to see ourselves as the Celts did: we're more than just flesh, blood, and bone; we comprise individual worlds. The comprehension of the sublimearchitecture of the worlds we are born with will engender a new appreciation for the outside world and the way we contribute to its evolution
O'Rourke-Murphy, Maureen & Mackillop, James
Irish Literature : A Reader (Irish Studies)
Syracuse Univ Pr Aug 1997 Pages: 453
Price: 24.95
ISBN: 0815624050
Oliva, Max
The Masculine Spirit : Resources for Reflective Living
Ave Maria 1997 Pages: 160
Price: $7.16
ISBN: 0877936307
Oliva, Max
The Masculine Spirit : Resources for Reflective Living
Ave Maria 1997 Pages: 160
Price: $7.16
ISBN: 0877936307
Oman, Sir Charles
A History of England before the Norman Conquest
Bracken Books 1924 Pages: 679
ISBN: 1-85891-073-0
Oster, Maggie and Sal Gilbert
The Herbal Palate Cookbook
Storey 1998 Pages: 176
Price: $15.96
ISBN: 1580170250
Midwest Book Review : Cooks, gardeners and anyone who cherishes the magic of herbs will love using this wonderfully imaginative cookbook of healthful, delicious, original recipes using fresh herbs. Maggie Oster and Sal Gilbertie also share their wealth of knowledge about more than 45 culinary herbs and offer simple instructions and tips for growing fresh herbs year-round, indoors and out. The Herbal Palate Cookbook features a wide range of fresh herbs in dishes for every meal of the day. Recipes are included for mouth-watering appetizers, soups, and salads, elegant main dishes, as well as specialty breads, desserts, and drinks. From Eggplant Dip with Marjoram and Balsamic Vinegar to Filet of Beef with Thyme and Madeira Sauce, The Herbal Palate Cookbook is a gourmet's delight and a herb lover's treasure!
Overy, Angela
Fulcrum Publishing 1997 Pages:
Price: $15.96
ISBN: 1555913350
THE AUTHOR: Flowers are just a plant's advertisement for sex. This book makes an amusing comparison between the way people and plants attract attention. It explains why flowers are the color, size and shape they are, why they smell the way they do, and some of the extraordinary sexual adaptations plants have made, more strange than most of us dream of. SEX IN YOUR GARDEN is not only for gardeners. With over 200 full-color images, it is a super gift, fast- paced, easy to read, funny, and a must for bed-time reading.
Owen, Trefor M
A Pocket Guide : The Customs and Traditions of Wales
U of Wales Pr 1991 Pages:
Price: $8.00
ISBN: 0708311180
Owens, Maire
The Acquisition of Irish : A Case Study
Multilingual Matters 1992 Pages:
Price: $99.00
ISBN: 1853591149
P J Reynolds
Butser Iron Age Farm
British Museum Publications Pages:
Pennick, Nigel
The Celtic Saints : An Illustrated and Authoritative Guide to These Extraordinary Men and Women
Sterling 1998 Pages:
Price: $11.96
ISBN: 0806996013
Pennick, Nigel
The Sacred World of the Celts : An Illustrated Guide to Celtic Mythology
Inner Traditions Intl Ltd November 1997 Pages: 144
Price: 19.60
ISBN: 0892816546
A comprehensive and richly illustrated examination of Celtic traditions and their continuity and relevance to the present day. 130 color photos.
Peter Connolly
Greece and Rome at War
Macdonald Pages:
ISBN: 0-7481-0109-8
Contains an excellent section on the Celts.
Piggott, Stuart
The Druids
Thames & Hudson 1975 Pages: 124
Price: US$14.95
ISBN: 0-500-27363-4
Pleiner Radomir & Scott, BG
The Celtic Sword
Clarendon Pr April 1993 Pages: 196
Price: 105
ISBN: 0198134118
Pogacnik, Marko
Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings: Working With the Intelligence of Nature
ISBN: 1899171665
Poinsot, MC (ed)
Omnigraphics 1990 Pages:
Price: $55.00
ISBN: 1558888330
Powell, T.G.E.
The Celts
Thames & Hudson 1980 Pages: 232
Price: US$15.95
ISBN: 0-500-27275-1
Price, Glanville (ed)
The Celtic Connection ( Princess Grace Irish Library, No 6)
Barnes & Noble 1994 Pages:
Price: $80.50
ISBN: 0861402480
Raferty, Barry (ed)
Celtic Art
UNESCO 1991 Pages:
ISBN: 2080135090
Raftery, Barry
Pagan Celtic Ireland : The Enigma of the Irish Iron Age
Thames & Hudson 1994 Pages: 240
Price: $29.97
ISBN: 0500050724
1. Introduction 2. From Bronzesmith to Blacksmith 3. Hillforts 4. King and Tribe 5. The Road to God Knows Where 6. The Invisible People 7. Technology and Art 8. Cult, Ritual and Death 9. Beyond the Empire 10. Celts, Culture and Colonization Appendix: Radiocarbon Dates Used in the Text
Raftery, Barry et al (eds)
Sites and Sights of the Iron Age
David Brown 1996 Pages:
Price: $48.00
ISBN: 1900188007
Oxbow Monographs in Archaeology , No 56; dedicated to Ian Stead
Rector-Page ND, PhD, Linda
COOKING FOR HEALTHY HEALING, Diets & Recipes for Alternative Healing
Healthy Living 1997 Pages: 698
Price: $23.96
ISBN: 1884334563
The food therapy sections of this illustrated health-wise book include cleansing, rebuilding, and maintenance diets and recipe programs. The accompanying recipe and menu suggestions can be used as an initial course, a complete guide, or a jumping off point for individual needs.
Rector-Page ND, PhD, Linda
Healthy Healing : A Guide to Self-Healing for Everyone
Healthy Living 1997 Pages:
Price: $23.16
ISBN: 1884334857
Internationally noted herbal nutritionist and author, Dr. Linda Rector Page, N.D., Ph.D., presents an encyclopedia-style reference with over 350 alternative healing remedies, and addresses alternative health care, over 150 specific ailments with recommendations, women's, men's, children's and even pet health issues, and more! HEALTHY HEALING is an extraordinary reference guide which provides the reader with an intelligent, clear pathway to address preventive health care and natural healing, and is used by doctors, health practitioners, health food retailers and health conscious people. There are also specific foods and diets, guides to detoxification, anti-aging information and extensive cross reference indexing.
Rector-Page ND, PhD, Linda
How to Be Your Own Herbal Pharmacist : Herbal Traditions, Expert Formulations
Healthy Living 1997 Pages: 256
Price: $15.16
ISBN: 1884334776
Rees, Alwyn and Brinley
Celtic Heritage: Ancient tradition in Ireland and Wales
Thames and Hudson 1961 Pages: 428
Price: US$10.95
ISBN: 0-500-27039-2
Renfrew, Colin
Archaeology and Language : The Puzzle of Indo-European Origins
CUP 1990 Pages:
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 0521386756
A Reader from the Netherlands: Since the mid-nineteenth century it has been recognised that most languages can be grouped together with others based on their common roots. One of these groups is that of the indo-european languages (which include the germanic, romance, celtic, slavic, baltic, greek and indo-iranian languages). At one time the area in which these related languages were spoken stretched from the Atlantic to the Far East and from Scandinavia to the Indian sub-continent. Most archaeologists and linguists have suggested: a) that the origin of the indo-european languages lies within the relatively recent past, most probably within the steppes of southern Russia; and b) that the subsequent expansion of the language group was the effect of waves of invading groups stemming from that area. In this challenging and fascinating book, Professor Renfrew suggests that the time-depth of the spread and development of these languages coincided with the spread of agriculture from its middle eastern (e.g. in this case anatolian) origins. He also presents models for the spread of these languages which are intuitively satifying in that they do not require great hordes of people wandering around europe for no particular reason. If you are interested in the origins of the indo-european languages (including english, of course) this is a great place to start.
Renfrew, Collin
Archaeology and Language : The Puzzle of Indo-European Origins
CUP 1990 Pages:
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 0521386756
Rhys, John
Celtic Britain
ISBN: 1-85958-203-6
Richardson, Alan
The Magickal Life of Dion Fortune
Aquarian 1991 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85538-051-X
(Originally published under the title of Priestess, 1987)
Richardson, Alan, & Hughes, Geoff
Ancient Magicks for a New Age
Llewellyn 1989 Pages:
ISBN: 0-87542-671-9
Magickal threads
Riggs, Maribeth
THE HEALING BATH - Holistic Bubbles and Soothing Soak
Penguin 1996 Pages: 54
Price: $10.46
ISBN: 0670859249
Drawing on the principles of aromatherapy and hydrotherapy, nineteen healing baths use natural remedies and essential oils to alleviate pain, congestion, hangovers, stress, fatigue, and problem skin.
RJ Stewart
Celtic Myths, Celtic Legends
Blandford Pages:
ISBN: 0-7137-2621-0
RJ Stewart
Earth Light
Element Pages:
ISBN: 1-85230-243-7
RJ Stewart
Living World of Faery, The
Gothic Image Pages:
ISBN: 0-906362-28-8
RJ Stewart
Power Within The Land, The
Element Pages:
ISBN: 1-85230-331-X
RJ Stewart
The Way of Merlin
Aquarian/Thorsons Pages:
ISBN: 1-85538-113-3
This title is out of print
RJ Stewart & John Mathews
Merlin Through the Ages
Blandford Pages:
ISBN: 0-7137-2466-8
RJ Stewart & Robin Williamson
Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids
Blanford 1996 Pages:
Price: $19.57
ISBN: 071372563X
Roberts, Elizabeth and Amidon, Elias
EARTH PRAYERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD - 365 Prayers, Poems, and Invocations forHonoring the Earth
Harper San Francisco Pages: 451
Price: US$17
ISBN: 0-06-250746-X
A fat little book with a beautiful cover. It also has a calendar of earth prayers in the back with notations as to where which prayers are in the book that are most appropriate. There is also an index of first lines and an extensive acknowledgements section at the back.
Roberts, Timothy R
The Celts in Myth and Legend (Myths of the World)
Metro Books 112 Pages: Apr 1995
Price: 15.98
ISBN: 1567990924
Robertson, Boyd and Taylor, Iain
Gaelic/a Complete Course for Beginners
Teach Yourself Publ 1993 Pages: 324
Price: $11.96
ISBN: 0844237760
Robin Place
The Celts
Macdonald Peoples of the Past series 0-356-05470-5. Pages:
Rolleston, TW
Celtic Myths & Legends
ISBN: 0-486-26507-2
Ross, Anne
Pagan Celtic Britain
Academy Chicago Pr 1996 Pages:
Price: $17.95
ISBN: 0094723303
Philosophy and Religion Editor's Recommended Book, 01/16/97: For a people that at one time dominated much of Europe, very little is known of the Celts and their religion, yet many flimsy theories and fanciful relationships have grown up over the years based on the scant evidence available. In a scholarly and systematic study, Anne Ross draws on all of the available evidence -- archaeological sites in Europe and the British Isles, ancient Greek and Roman writers and early British vernacular literature -- to separate the grain of what we know from the chaff of accreted misinformation and loose interpretation.
Ross, Anne and Robins, Don
The Life and Death of a Druid Prince
Summit Books 1989 Pages: 176
Price: US$19.95
ISBN: 0-671-69536-3
This title is out of print.
Russell, Paul
An Introduction to the Celtic Languages
Longman Group 1996 Pages:
Price: $137.50
ISBN: 0582100828
Speakers of the modern Celtic languages, Irish, Scottish, Gaelic, Manx, Welsh and Breton, are today only to be found on the western seaboards of the British Isles and France. However, they are inheritors of languages which some two thousand years ago were spoken throughout Europe and even in Asia Minor. The first half of the book considers the historical background of the language group as a whole. There follows a discussion of the two main sub-groups of Celtic, Goidelic (comprising Irish, Scottish, Gaelic and Manx) and Brittonic (Welsh, Cornish and Breton) together with a detailed survey of one representative from each group, Irish and Welsh. The second half considers a range of linguistic features which are often regarded as characteristic of Celtic: spelling systems, mutations, verbal nouns and word order. Ideal for undergraduate linguistic and sociolinguistic students who want an authoritative guide, as well as students taking various courses available in Celtic language and literature
Ruth and Vincent Megaw
Early Celtic Art
Shire Pages:
ISBN: 0-85263-679-2
Rutherford, Ward
Celtic Lore: The History of the Druids and Their Timeless Traditions
Thorsons 1993 Pages: 240
Price: $12.00
ISBN: 1-85538-134-6
An exploration of the history of the Druids, their origin among the Indo-European shamans, and the metamorphosis of their culture through the centuries.
Rutherford, Ward
Celtic Mythology
Thorsons 1987 Pages: 160
Price: US$14
ISBN: 0-85030-551-9
Rutherford, Ward
Celtic Mythology : The Nature and Influence of Celtic Myth -- From Druidism to Arthurian Legend
Harpercollins 1995 Pages:
Price: US$15
ISBN: 9995124580
Rutherford, Ward
Druids and Their Heritage
1979 Pages:
ISBN: 0860330672
Rutherford, Ward
Shamanism, the foundations of magic
ISBN: 0850304539
Rutherford, Ward
The Druids : Magicians of the West
1986 Pages:
ISBN: 0809570076
Rys Jones, TJ
Welsh ( Teach Yourself )
Ntc Pupl Grp 1992 Pages:
Price: $11.96
ISBN: 0844238414
Salway, Peter
The Oxford Illustrated History of Roman Britain
Oxford Univ Press 1993 Pages: 563
ISBN: 0-19-822984-4
Saunders, Lewis (trans by Meic Stephens)
Seren Books 1998 Pages: 120
Price: $14.36
ISBN: 1854111957
An English translation of this controversial novel.
Savage, Anne (trans)
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles
CLB Publishing 1995 Pages: 288
Price: US$10.95
ISBN: 1-85833-478-0
Schaef, Anne Wilson
Harper 1990 Pages: 416
Price: $9.60
ISBN: 0062548662
The perennially bestselling Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much is the most popular inspirational book for women ever published. With wisdom, humor, and insight, these meditations--paired with quotations from women of many ages, perspectives and cultures--help women recognize and change their patterns, slow down, and take the time to listen to their own needs.
Senior, Michael
Myths of Britain
Guild Pages:
Sharkey, John
Celtic Mysteries : The Ancient Religion (Art and Imagination)
Thames & Hudson June 1987 Pages:
Price: 12.76
ISBN: 0500810095
A richly illustrated volume that traces the social life and arts of the Celtics from about 500 B.C. through their spread into Britain and Ireland
Sharkey, John
Celtic Mysteries : The Ancient Religion ( Art and Imagination)
Thames & Hudson 1987 Pages:
Price: $12.76
ISBN: 0500810095
A richly illustrated volume that traces the social life and arts of the Celtics from about 500 B.C. through their spread into Britain and Ireland.
Shichtman, MD and Carley, JP
Culture and the King : The Social Implications of the Arthurian Legend
SUNY 1994 Pages:
Price: $21.95
ISBN: 0791418642
Explores how various social groups have altered the Arthurian myth since the Middle Ages to empower it in such a way that they can then draw power from it. The 17 essays discuss such aspects as Levi-Strauss on communications, the knight as reader, Henry V, discovering graves, Spenser, the English Revolution, Tennyson, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and the comic book Camelot 3000.
Silverman, Maida
David R Godine 1990 Pages:
ISBN: 0879237317
A Guide to the Lore, Legend & Usefulness of 34 plants that Grow Wild in Cities, Suburbs & Country Places
Sjoestedt, Marie-Louise
Gods and Heroes of the Celts
Intl Spec Books 1994 Pages:
ISBN: 1851821791
I. The Mythological Period II. The Gods of the Continental Celts III. The Mother-Goddesses of Ireland IV. The Chieftain-Gods of Ireland V. The Feast of the First of November VI. The Hero of the Tribe VII. The Heroes Outside the Tribe
Skelton, Robin
Celtic Contraries
Syracuse Univ Pr 1990 Pages:
Price: $34.95
ISBN: 0815624794
Skelton, Robin
Celtic Contraries (Irish Studies)
Syracuse U Pr 1990 Pages:
Price: $34.95
ISBN: 0815624794
Smith & Hawken
Workman 1996 Pages: 432
Price: $15.96
ISBN: 0761101101
The editors of the Smith & Hawken catalog have put together an excellent introduction to the art, practice, and enjoyment of gardening that will be of use to experienced gardeners and novice tillers alike. Like the catalog from which it springs, the book sometimes manages to be trendy and breathlessly traditional at the same time. But the prose is lively, the illustrations exact, and the photographs pleasing, and the book will look as good on your coffee table as it will propped up next to your hydrangeas. On second thought, better get two: the hardback for the coffee table and the soft cover for the garden
Snyder, Christopher
An Age of Tyrants : Britain and the Britons, A.D. 400-600
Penn State Univ Pr 1998 Pages:
Price: $65.00
ISBN: 0271017422
Spence, Lewis
History & Origins of Druidism
The Newcastle Pages:
ISBN: 0-87877-196-4
Spence, Lewis
Magic Arts in Celtic Britain, The
Newcastle 1996 Pages: 198
Price: $11.96
ISBN: 0-87877-233-2
Ch. I. The Magic Art Among the Celts Ch. II. The Magic Art Among the Celts (continued) Ch. III. The Problem of Druidism Ch. IV. The Problem of Druidism (continued) Ch. V. Celtic Spells and Charms Ch. VI. Magical Books of the Celts Ch. VII. The Celtic Spirit World Ch. VIII. Necromancy, Prophecy and Divination Ch. IX. The Celtic Belief in Reincarnation Ch. X. Celtic Mysticism Ch. XI. Celtic Mysticism (continued) Ch. XII. The Cultus of Arthur Ch. XIII. The Mystery of the Grail Ch. XIV. The Second Sight List of Works Consulted References
Spivack, Charlotte, Staples, RL
The Company of Camelot : Arthurian Characters in Romance and Fantasy
Greenwood 1994 Pages: 161
Price: $45.00
ISBN: 0313279810
This book deals with the eight major figures in the Arthurian legends and how they have been individually represented in literature from its beginnings up to the present day. The characters discussed are: Arthur the king, his queen Guenevere, his wizard Merlin, his half-sister Morgan le Fay, his faithful seneschal Sir Kay, his warrior nephew Gawain, his knight and rival Lancelot, and his incestuous son and nemesis Mordred. These characters are first identified in terms of their medieval origins, then explored in their varied depictions in modern fantasy fiction. The pattern that emerges is largely one of polarization of personality. The first study of Arthurian materials to focus specifically on the characterization of individuals, this book also achieves an original perspective on the evolution of individual characters from mythic prototypes.
Squire, Charles
Celtic Myth & Legend
The Newcastle Pages:
ISBN: 0-87877-030-5
Squire, Charles
Celtic Myths and Legends (Myths of the World)
Grammercy July 1994 Pages: 450
Price: 9.99
ISBN: 0517101572
Stafford, Peter
Ronin Publishing 1982 Pages:
ISBN: 0-914171-51-8
The Pagan Book of Living and Dying : Practical Rituals, Prayers, Blessings, andMeditations on Crossing over
Harper 1997 Pages: 288
Price: $13.60
ISBN: 0062515160
Stead, Ian M
Celtic Art : In Britain Before the Roman Conquest
Harvard U 1997 Pages: 96
Price: $18.95
ISBN: 0674104722
1. Metalworking techniques 2. Art styles 3. Dress and jewellery 4. Hearth and home 5. Weapons and armour 6. Chariots and harness 7. Ritual Further reading
Stead, Ian M et al (eds)
Lindow Man : The Body in the Bog
Cornell U Pr 1986 Pages:
Price: $32.50
ISBN: 0801419980
Stead, IM
The Battersea shield
ISBN: 0714113751
Stevenson, James and MacLeod, Iseabail
Scoor-Oot : A Dictionary of Scots Words and Phrases in Current Use
Athlone 1989 Pages:
Price: $45.00
ISBN: 0485113732
Stewart. Mary
The Crystal Cave
Ballantine Books 1970 Pages: 527
Price: US$12.95
ISBN: 0449911616
Arthurian Saga book 1
Stewart. Mary
The Hollow Hills
Ballantine Books 1973 Pages: 498
Price: US$12.95
ISBN: 044991173X
Arthurian Saga book 2
Stewart. Mary
The Last Enchantment
Ballantine Books 1979 Pages: 538
Price: US$12.95
ISBN: 0449911764
Arthurian Saga book 3
Stewart. Mary
The Prince and the Pilgrim
Wm Morrow 1996 Pages: 292
Price: US$23
ISBN: 0688145388
More enchanting excitement from the author of The Merlin Trilogy. In a far corner of King Arthur's Britain, the King of Cornwall murders his brother, Prince Baudouin, in a fit of jealousy. Baudoin's widow flees for her life with her infant son, Alexander, who, when grown to manhood, sets out for Camelot in a quest for justice. But the young prince's path first leads to the dark tower of the sorceress Morgan le Fay
Stewart. Mary
The Wicked Day
Ballantine Books 1983 Pages: 452
Price: US$12.95
ISBN: 0449911853
Arthurian Saga book 4
Stewart, RJ
Merlin: The Prophetic Vision and The Mystic Life
Arkana 1986 Pages: 465
Price: US$13.95
ISBN: 0-14-019372-3
Stone, Merlin
When God Was a Woman
Harcourt Brace 1978 Pages: 265
Price: $9.60
ISBN: 015696158X
Here, archaeologically documented is the story of the religion of the Goddess. Known by many names, she reigned supreme in the Near and Middle East. How did the change in women's roles come about? By documenting the wholesale rewriting of myth and religious dogmans, Stone details an ancient conspiracy that laid the foundation for one of culture's greatest shams--the legend of Adam and fallen Eve.
T.W. Rollestone
The Illustrated Guide to Celtic Mythology
Studio Editions Pages:
ISBN: 1-85l70-882-0
T.W. Rollestonp
Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race
Senate Pages:
ISBN: 1-85958-006-8
The myths are essential to appreciating the Celtic temperament.
Tacey, DJ
Remaking Men : Jung, Spirituality and Social Change
Routledge 1997 Pages: 240
Price: $22.99
ISBN: 0415142415
A READER: Excellent - well written and very readable examination of popular Jungian-based ideas about masculinity and feminist/post-modern cricitism of the masculine. Also compares and contrasts Jungian and postmodern thought, making a strong case for the need to recognize archetypal and spiritual aspects of human nature and society.
Tennyson, Alfred
Idylls of the King
Penguin 1989 Pages:
Price: $7.96
ISBN: 0140422536
The longest and most ambitious work of his career, Idylls is a reflection of Tennyson's lifelong interest in Arthurian themes. His personification of Arthur, the highest ideal of manhood and leadership, is achieved through a delicacy of phrase and metrical effect that are unmatched.
Thames and Hudson (Editor)
The Celts (Sacred Symbols)
Thames and Hudson Nov 1995 Pages:
Price: 7.00
ISBN: 0500060142
The last significant tribal culture in Europe, the Celts are today associated with a particularly rich body of symbolism and mystery. Rituals, omens, and signs were central to their religious beliefs, and were expressed by a variety of beautiful designs and symbols found in Celtic stonework, metalwork, and manuscripts. Includes 78 illustrations, 40 in color.
Thomas, Neil (ed)
Celtic and Germanic Themes in European Literature
Mellen 1994 Pages:
Price: $69.96
ISBN: 0773494200
Thorne, David
A Comprehensive Welsh Grammar
Blackwell 1993 Pages:
Price: $73.95
ISBN: 0631164073
Thorpe, Lewis (trans)
Geoffrey of Monmouth: The History of the Kings of Britain
Penguin Books 1966 Pages: 373
Price: US$10.95
ISBN: 0-14-044170-0
Thorsson, Edred
The Book of Ogham
Llewellyn 1994 Pages: 214
Price: US$12.95
ISBN: 0-87542-783-9
Tim Newark
Celtic Warriors
Blandford Press Pages:
ISBN: 0-7137-16908
Covers 400 BC to AD 1600. Small book with excellent illustrations.
Tkac, Deborah (ed)
Rodale 1990 Pages: 676
Price: $19.57
ISBN: 0878578730
The authors have combed the country to find reliable, unique, and sometimes never-before-revealed self-care secrets practiced by physicians and health-care professionals. The result is a one-of-a-kind volume of sure cures and treatments for common conditions--from angina to ulcers, from sore feet to forgetfulness.
Todd, Malcolm
The Coritani
Alan Sutton 1991 Pages: 164
Price: US$26.95
ISBN: 0-86299-878-6
Tolkien, JRR
Sir Gawain & The Green Knight
Harper Collins Pages:
ISBN: 0-261-10259-1
Tolstoy, Nikolai
The Quest for Merlin
Back Bay Books 1985 Pages: 322
Price: US$14.95
ISBN: 0-316-85080-2
This title is out of print
Toulson, Shirley
The Celtic Year
Element 1993 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85230-361-1
Seasonal festivals, Celtic Christian perspective
Trew, Christoph Jakob
Harrap 1984 reprint of 18th century herbal Pages:
ISBN: 0 245-54308-2
this book is delightfully strange to me, and it also serves as a press for the gingko leaves I gather up in Eden park every year from their tree near our office.
Tyson, Donald
New Millennium Magick
Llewellyn 1996 Pages:
ISBN: 1-56718-745-5
(Originally published under the title The New Magus, 1988)
Verey, Rosemary
Little, Brown & Co 1991 Pages:
ISBN: 0-316-89982-8
it's a great coffeetable book as well as having some fantastic ideas and "floorplans" for creating gardens for numerous purposes.
W.F. and J.N.G. Ritchie
Celtic Warriors
Shire Pages:
ISBN: 0-852637144
Walton, Evangeline
Prince of Annwn: The 1st branch of the Mabinogion
Collier 1979 Pages: 179
Price: US$8.95
ISBN: 0-02-026471-2
Walton, Evangeline
The Children of Llyr: The 2nd branch of the Mabinogion
Collier 1971 Pages: 221
Price: US$9
ISBN: 0-02-026474-7
Walton, Evangeline
The Island of the Mighty: The 4th branch of the Mabinogion
Collier 1936 Pages: 368
Price: US$10
ISBN: 0-02-026472-0
Walton, Evangeline
The Song of Rhiannon: The 3rd branch of the Mabinogion
Collier 1972 Pages: 208
Price: US$9
ISBN: 0-02-026473-9
Webster, Graham
The Cornovii
Alan Sutton 1991 Pages: 172
Price: US$30
ISBN: 0-86299-877-8
Weiser, Samuel
1996 Pages:
ISBN: 0-87728-869-0
Weston, Jesse
From Ritual to Romance
Dover 1997 Pages:
Price: $5.56
ISBN: 0486296806
Weston's book, which sought to get behind the Christian elements of the Grail legend to the more original stratum, was sufficiently groundbreaking to provide the inspiration for T.S. Eliot's "The Wasteland." Her research goes beyond even folklore to find some basic archetypal constructs which she feels explains why this complex of legends continues to have such an impact on readers.
Whitaker, Kay Cordell
The Reluctant Shaman
HarperCollins 1991 Pages:
ISBN: 0-06250-943-8
Shamanism, biography
White, Susie
NTC Publishing 1993 Pages:
ISBN: 0-8442-3928-3
White, TH
The Book of Merlyn : The Unpublished Conclusion to the Once and Future King
Ace Books 1977 Pages: 193
Price: US$5.99
ISBN: 0441070159
White, TH
The Once and Future King
Ace Books 1965 Pages: 639
Price: US$6.99
ISBN: 0441627404
Quartet of novels by T.H. White, published in a single volume in 1958. The quartet comprises The Sword in the Stone (1938), The Queen of Air and Darkness--first published as The Witch in the Wood (1939)--The Ill-Made Knight (1940), and The Candle in the Wind (published in the composite volume, 1958). The series is a retelling of the Arthurian legend, from Arthur's birth to the end of his reign, and is based largely on Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte Darthur. After White's death, a conclusion to The Once and Future King was found among his papers; it was published in 1977 as The Book of Merlyn.
Whiteman, Robin et al.
Bulfinch 1997 Pages: 200
Price: $20.97
ISBN: 0821223879
Brother Cadfael is the world's best-known 12th century monk, a renowned herbalist and a clever sleuth. This succinct history of herbal remedies and monastic herb gardens such as Cadfael's, features a complete A-to-Z guide to the medical uses for every herb and plant mentioned in Ellis Peters' books.
Wieland, Friedemann
Journey of the Hero, The
Prism Press 1991 Pages:
Price: $10.95
ISBN: 1-85327-048-2
Wieland, Friedemann
The Journey of the Hero : Personal Growth, Deep Ecology, and the Q Uest for the Grail
Prism 1991 Pages:
Price: $10.95
ISBN: 1853270482
Wilcox, Peter and McBride, Angus
Roman Enemies 2: Gallic and British Celts
Stackpole Books 1985 Pages: 48
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0-85045-606-1
Wilde, Wm
Irish Popular Superstitions
Main Street Pr 1995 Pages: 127
Price: $5.56
ISBN: 0806906499
A READER: Excellent Source of Irish Information Ever wonder why, when someone sneazes, you'll hear, "Bless you?" Ever wonder, where the "May Pole" came from? This book can help. Being of Irish blood myself, I was interested in learning of my past. This text helped introduce some of the popular superstitions of my homeland. If you are of Irish blood, or just wanna be, give this book a toss in your shopping cart. You won't be dissappointed.
Williams, JL (ed)
Geiriadur Termau : Dictionary of Terms
Univ of Wales Pr 1984 Pages:
ISBN: 0708305180
Wilson, Barbara Ker
Scottish Folk Tales & Legends
Oxford Pages:
ISBN: 0-19-274141-1
Wilson, Peter Lamborn
Ploughing the Clouds : The Soma Ceremony in Ancient Ireland
City Lights Books May 1998 Pages:
ISBN: 0872863263
Winn, Shan
Heaven, Heroes, and Happiness : The Indo-European Roots of Western Ideology
Univ Press of America 1995 Pages:
Price: $46.50
ISBN: 0819198609
A READER: The author makes a wondeful effort of compiling knowledge and research from many fields - archaelogy, anthropology, linguistics, mythology - to name a few. An excellent introduction to Indo-European culture and language both for the formal Indo-Europeanist, and for someone new to this area of study. The style is clear, and many good examples are given to explain the various themes. I highly recommend this book to anyone, even those who are not formal linguists or Indo-Europeanists.
Woodman, Marion et al.
Dancing in the Flames : The Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness
Shambhala 1996 Pages:
Price: $10.10
ISBN: 1570621993
Earthy and immensely powerful, the Black Goddess has been a key force in world history, manifested in images as diverse as the Indian goddess Kali and the Black Madonnas of medieval Europe. But images of her have been conspicuously missing from the Western world for centuries--until now. Here, the authors explain the psychological significance of the divine feminine in the lives of modern women and men.
Worwood, Valerie Ann
New World Library 1991 Pages: 423
Price: $15.96
ISBN: 0931432820
Essential oils are one of the world's great untapped resources. This complete volume explains how to incorporate these ancient medicines of the earth into everyday life for personal care, physical and mental health, and a safe home environment. It gives more than 500 recipes using essential oils as alternatives to often toxic human-made health, beauty, and cleaning products.
Yeats, WB
Irish Fairy and Folk Tales
Barnes & Noble (1993 reprint) 1892 Pages: 416
Price: US$5.95
ISBN: 1-56619-532-2
This book combines two books of Irish folklore collected by one of the major poets of the 20th Century: Fairy and Folks Tales of the Irish Peasantry and Irish Fairy Tales. In the foreward, Benedict Kiely points out that Yeats was searching "not for the meaning of any mystery but for what he already determined to find: a world of the imagination far away from the spinning- jenny."
Young, Ella
Celtic Wonder Tales
ISBN: 0-486-28896-X
Young, Ella
Celtic Wonder-Tales
Dover Jan 1996 Pages:
Price: 4.76
ISBN: 048628896X
Zaczek, Iain (ed)
Chronicles of the Celts
Sterling Publications Aug 1997 Pages: 160
Price: 19.96
ISBN: 0806999497
Zalewski, CL
Prism 1990 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85327-046-6
Zane, Eva
101 Productions 1974 Pages:
ISBN: 0-912238-50-X