Children's Books

Green, RL
King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
Puffin 1995 Pages:
Price: $3.99
ISBN: 0140366709
From the birth of the King to the Last Battle at Camlann, the immortal legend of Arthur is packed with thrilling clashes between the forces of good and the legions of darkness. Though some of these stories have existed for hundreds of years, Terrence Hardiman's presentation shows that they still enthrall us today. 2 cassettes.

Mac Uistin, Liam
Celtic Magic Tales
Amer Book Co August 1994 Pages: 96
Price: 7.16
ISBN: 0862783410

Martell, Hazel MAry
The Celts (See Through History)
Viking Childrens Books Jan 1996 Pages:
Price: 11.89
ISBN: 0670865583
From Horn Book : A broad overview of Celtic history is presented in a series of double-page spreads touching on Celtic government, celebrations, commerce, legends, religion, and rituals. The book is illustrated with detailed color artwork, photographs of artifacts (including nude statuary), and four plastic overlays revealing interior views of a home, a church, a tomb, and a roch-- a protective stone tower. A time line is included.

O'Shea, Pat
The Hounds of the Morrigan
Holiday House, 1986, 469 pp
ISBN: 0823405958
A reader from San Diego, California , June 13, 1998 Lovely Language!!! The one thing I treasure most about this book is the authoršs poetic, delightful use of language. The many endearing characters who help the children on their journeys, and the children themselves, are all made more vivid for the reader by the way they talk. At some points in the story, the text is not printed but whimsically illustrated - an additional bit of poetry. You Need to Read This Book if you love language!

Elisabeth Sheppard- Jones
Stories of Wales : 41 Tales from the Celtic heritage

John Jones, 1984, 182pp
ISBN: 1871083354
Revel in 41 faery tales from the Celtic heritage with delightful illustrations by Paul Hogarth that add warmth to the colorful stories of Gwarwyn-a-Throt, Robin Ddu, Nefyn the Mermaid and more.

Young, Ella
Celtic Wonder-Tales
Dover Jan 1996 Pages:
Price: 4.76
ISBN: 048628896X