Druid and Celtic Fiction

Anderson, Paul L.
For Freedom and For Gaul
Biblo and Tannen Pages: 293
ISBN: 0-8196-0102-0

Ashley, Michael (ed)
The Camelot Chronicles : Heroic Adventures from the Time of King Arthur
Carroll & Graf 1994 Pages:
Price: $12.95
ISBN: 0786700858
After the runaway success of The Pendragon Chronicles, Mike Ashley brings together further stories of heroism and virtue from the age of the Knights of the Round Table, written by some of fantasy's bestselling authors, as well as famous names from literature. The mediaeval Arthurian world of chivalry and knight errantry is brought once more to life by this absorbing collection of stories. Including Jane Yolen's "The Quiet Monk", Elizabeth Stuart Phelp's "The True Story of Guenever", P.C. Wodehouse's "Sir Agravaine", Hilaire Belloc's short novel, The Romance of Tristan and Iseult, and John T. Aquino's "The Sad Wizard". There are brand new stories specially written for the collection by Keith Taylor, Phyllis Ann Kart, Don Wilcox, Darrell Schweitzer, and Peter Tremayne, as well as classic tales of gallantry and heroism from a great and bygone era.

Ashley, Michael (ed)

The Chronicles of the Holy Grail
Carroll & Graf 1996 Pages:
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0786703636
A READERS COMMENTS: Good collection of new and rare reprint material. This collection contains twenty-two stories, thirteen original to this volume, and the others covering publications from 1849-1988. The book is set out to foollow the Grail's chronology from its arrival in Britain, through the appearance to Arthur's knights and their subsequent quest adventures, to its final revelation to Lancelot. Appended are stories, as oposed to the earlier legends, taking place after the grail vanishes, and even possible present day reappearances. The range of authors and different periods of writing provide a wealth of variations on the theme. Influences from the Welsh legends, Roman references and various prior tellings add richness to the overall efect. Despite the underlying grail theme, there's not the boredom of too much sameness between stories, thanks to the various authorial voices and so much available source material. Recommended for the new fiction, plus reprints of rare pieces, "The Chronicles of the Holy Grail" should delight both fantasy readers and Arthurian scholars.

Ashley, Michael (ed)
The Chronicles of the Round Table
Carroll & Graf 1997 Pages: 448
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0786704640
From Kirkus Reviews , 09/15/97: This addition to Ashley's Chronicles series of Arthurian tales comprises 19 new stories, 4 reprints, 190251, and an afterword in which Marion Zimmer Bradley and Parke Godwin discuss their own and other Arthurian works. Otherwise, the knights themselves (often the more obscure ones) take center stage in stories mostly based on traditional sources, including: Gereint and the hedge of mist, Sagremor's African origins, Tor's fight with Abbo (Abelleus), Lionel the irrepressible, Bedivere and Vortiporix, Blamor vs. Tristan, Brandiles vs. Gawain, Yder vs. Abbadan the troll, the Brown Knight Without Pity, Villiers the Valiant, Fergus of Galloway, and Pelleas and Nimue. Worth a browse for Arthur's faithful legions.

Ashley, Michael (ed)
The Pendragon Chronicles : Heroic Fantasy from the Time of King Arthur
1990 Pages:
ISBN: 0872263355
Sixteen stories based on the Arthurian tradition, by such authors as John Steinbeck, Jane Yolen, Andre Norton, and others. Also included are a helpful guide to Arthurian names and characters and a bibliography of "100 Years of Arthurian Fiction."

Attanasio, AA
The Dragon and the Unicorn
Harper 1997 Pages: 560
Price: $5.20
ISBN: 0061057797
The demon Lailoken, as old as time, is tricked by Fire-lords and trapped in a human body. He becomes Merlinus, a wandering wise man expert in magic, destined to work for good among humans, opposed by the Furor (Woden). An encounter with the unicorn--a spirit similarly earthbound--brings him to Ygrane, queen of the Celts, and she sets him a task to find her king, a man seen in vision and fated to be her love-match. Merlinus-Lailoken seeks and finds him: Theodosius, a stable worker. But Ygrane has commanded the demon-wizard to bring her a king, so Merlinus sets to work making one

Attanasio, AA
The Eagle and the Sword
Harper 1997 Pages: 304
Price: $11.20
ISBN: 0061092983
Merlinus has fostered the future king of Britain with Kyner, a Celtic chieftain, protected by obscurity from the jealous hatred of the sorceress Morgeu. As Arthor [sic] grows to manhood, though, he becomes a twisted creature, loving violence and hating himself. What kind of king will he be? A chance journey leading to woodland encounters shapes his character and settles his destiny.

Attanasio, AA
The Wolf and the Crown
Harper 1998 Pages: 368
Price: $11.20
ISBN: 0061053708
Attanasio's eagerly-awaited third installment of his Arthurian saga is a tale rich in myth and magic wherein young King Arthur must defend his kingdom from the Saxon warriors who threaten to devour all of Britain.

Berger, Thomas
Arthur Rex : A Legendary Novel
1990 Pages:
ISBN: 0316091464

Boudreaux, Aleta
Song of the White Swan
Laughing Owl Pub, 12/97
ISBN: 0965970167
Review by David Carl O’Neal - PaciŞc Coast Press “Ancient gods reigned among the people’s hearts in Brittany, but the dawning of the 16th century and the growth of the Church of Rome threatened the old ways. This classical quest reveals an unlikely heroine, Antoinette Charboneau, and blends deceit with the search for love and truth into a mythical adventure.
Antoinette’s spiritual gifts and closeness to the throne of Brittany give her attainment of faith, plus power and inşuence in European Courts, but suddenly the threats are immediate, personal and deadly. Seeking to aid Brittany and her Queen, she is swept into an unexpected journey that challenges her friendships, family ties and personal faith. Filled with romance, magic, rivalry and exploration, this novel builds toward a precarious future.The Song of the White Swan is a well-crafted story, Şlled with magic, history and adventure. It is a compelling read.

Bradley, Marion Zimmer
Lady of Avalon
Viking Press 1997 Pages: 386
Price: US$24.95
ISBN: 0670857831
An evocative prequel to The Mists of Avalon recalls the origins and history of Avalon and the prophecy of the birth of the great King Arthur, as seen through the successive lives of three powerful priestesses--Caillean, Teleri, and Viviane, the Lady of the Lak

Bradley, Marion Zimmer
The Firebrand: Epic Retelling of the Fall of Troy
Penguin 1987 Pages:
ISBN: 0-14017-720-5
(Similar in approach to MZB's works on the Arturian saga.)

Bradley, Marion Zimmer
The Forest House
New American Library Trade 1995 Pages:
Price: US15.95
ISBN: 0451454243
The author of The Mists of Avalon returns with another epic of a woman's mythic role at a turning point in England's legendary history

Bradley, Marion Zimmer
The Mists of Avalon
Del Rey 1987 Pages:
Price: US$14
ISBN: 0345350499
From 500 Great Books by Women; review by Gloria Bauermeister : "There is no such thing as a true tale. Truth has many faces and the truth is like to the old road to Avalon; it depends on your own will and your own thoughts, whither the road will take you." The Mists of Avalon is a story of another time and place. It's the legendary saga of King Arthur and his companions at Camelot, their battles, love, and devotion, told this time from the perspective of the women involved. Viviane is "The Lady of the Lake," the magical priestess of the Isle of Avalon, a special mist-shrouded place which becomes more difficult to reach as people turn away from its nature- and Goddess-oriented religion. Viviane's quest is to find a king who will be loyal to Avalon as well as to Christianity. This king will be Arthur. Gwenhwyfar, Arthur's Queen, is an overly pious, fearful woman who successfully sways her husband into betraying his allegiance to Avalon. Set against her is Morgaine of the Fairies, Arthur's sister, love, and enemy - and the most powerfully believable person in the book - who manipulates the characters like threads in a tapestry to achieve her tragic and heroic goals. The Mists of Avalon becomes a legend seen through new eyes, with details, majestic language, and haunting foreshadowing that hold the reader through its more than 800 pages

Bromwich, Rachel
Culhwch and Olwen : An Edition and Study of the Oldest Arthurian Tale
1993 Pages:
ISBN: 070831127X
The Merriam-Webster Encylopedia of Literature , 04/01/95: Culhwch also spelled Kulhwch, Welsh Culhwch ac Olwen. Welsh prose romance (c. 1100), one of the earliest known that treats Arthurian subject matter. It is a lighthearted tale that skillfully incorporates themes from mythology, folk literature, and history. The earliest form of the story survives in an early 14th-century manuscript called The White Book of Rhydderch, and the first translation of the story into modern English was made by Lady Charlotte Guest from The Red Book of Hergest (c. 1375-1425) and was included in her translation of Mabinogion. The story uses the folk formula of a stepmother's attempt to thwart her stepson. Culhwch, after refusing to marry the daughter of his stepmother, is told by her that he shall never wed until he wins Olwen, the daughter of the malevolent giant Yspadadden Penkawr. Because of a prophecy that if she marries he will die, Olwen's father first tries to kill Culhwch but then agrees to the marriage if Culhwch performs several perilous feats and brings him the 13 treasures he desires. Culhwch is aided in several of his adventures by his cousin Arthur and some of Arthur's men, including Kei (Sir Kay) and Gwalchmei (Sir Gawain). Culhwch returns to Yspadadden with only part of his goal accomplished, kills him, and marries Olwen.

Bromwich, Rachel
Medieval Celtic literature : a select bibliography
ISBN: 0802021700

Carmichael, Alexander
CARMINA GADELICA: Charms of the Gaels : Hymns and Incantations Collected In The Highlands and Islands of Scotland In The Last Century
Lindisfarne 1992 Pages: 512
Price: $15.96
ISBN: 0940262509

Clarke, Lindsay
Essential Celtic Mythology : Stories That Change the World
Thorsons Pub April 1997 Pages: 240
Price: 9.60
ISBN: 1855384779
Nine stories offer armchair adventures of love, war, and honor and highlight values central to ancient Celtic culturevalues that continue to shape and inspire the Western mind. These tales bring to life a world of miraculous events and acts of passion, peopled with fair maidens, brave warriors, giants, and ogresa world governed by the virtues of fairness, generosity, wisdom, and loyalty. A fresh, contemporary retelling of classic stories of Celtic mythology.

De Waal, Esther (ed)
The Celtic Vision
St Bedes Pubns July 1990 Pages: 263
Price: 10.36
ISBN: 0932506836
Table of Poems from Poem Finder® : The Aiding by Unknown Angel Guardian by Unknown The Baptism By The Knee-woman by Unknown

Deane, Seamus
A Short History of Irish Literature
Unov of Notre Dame Pr 1994 Pages:
Price: $17.50
ISBN: 0268017514
1. The Gaelic background 2. The formation of the Anglo-Irish literary tradition, 1690-1800 3. The Celtic revival, 1780-1880 4. Nineteenth-century fiction 5. The drama: Farquhar to Shaw 6. Irish modernism: poetry and drama 7. Irish modernism: fiction 8. Contemporary literature, 1940-80 Select bibliography Chronology of important dates from 1550-1980

Dillon, Myles
Early Irish Literature
Intl Spec Book Svc 1994 Pages: 192
Price: $15.00
ISBN: 1851821775
An introduction with summaries of many texts from Old Irish literature

Dillon, Myles
The Cycles of the Kings
Intl Spec Book Svc 1994 Pages:
Price: $15.00
ISBN: 1851821783
Detailed summaries including a considerable amount of translation of most of the texts of these cycles

Dozoid, D and Williams, S (eds)
Isaac Asimov's Camelot
Ace 1998 Pages: 256
Price: $4.79
ISBN: 0441005276
A collection of short stories about Camelot and King Arthur, these tales havepreviously appeared in the award-winning "Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine".Contributors include Roger Zelazny, Jane Yolen, Tanith Lee, Michael Stanwick, Esther M. Friesner, Ian McDowell, Megan Lindholm, and many more.

Eickhoff, Randy Lee
The Raid: a dramatic retelling of Ireland's Epic tale
Forge 1997 Pages: 283
Price: US$23
ISBN: 0-312-86238-5

Greene, David (ed)
Golden Treasury of Irish Poetry :600-1200
Irish Books & Media 1990 Pages:
ISBN: 0863221130

Gregory, Isabella (Lady)
Gods and Fighting Men : The Story of the Tuatha De Danaan Abd the Fianna of Ireland
Dufour 1976 Pages:
Price: $11.96
ISBN: 0901072370

Guler, KC
Into the Path of Gods
Bardsong 1998 Pages: 413
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 0966037103
A rich and sweeping novel of intrigue and passion, honor and betrayal, Into the Path of Gods is the first installment of the spectacular Macsen's Treasure series. Set in the turbulent twenty-five year period leading to Arthur of Britain's reign, it is the story of Marcus ap Iorwerth, Welsh spy and master of disguise, who seeks to avert the age-old bane of warfare by sabotaging mercenary invaders and creating ways to unite feuding British political rivals. In the course of his work, he discovers his true love, Claerwen, an ethereal woman with the gift of visions who comes to share his dream of a united Celtic Britain, free of barbarians. Together they become ensnared in a dangerous conspiracy involving the priceless sacred symbols of Britain's high kings, known collectively as Macsen's Treasure. Using wits, tenacious courage and just plain audacity, they help clear the path for the rightful high king to take the crown of Britain, and in the process, discover the truth of Macsen's Treasure.

Jones, Mary
Naiad 1991 Pages: 237
Price: $7.96
ISBN: 0941483967

Koch, John
The Celtic Heroic Age : Literary Sources for Ancient Celtic Europe and Early Ireland and Wales
Celtic Studies Pubns Inc 1994 Pages:
Price: $24.00
ISBN: 0964244608

Lawhead, Stephen
Arthur ( Pendragon Cycle, No 3)
Avon 1997 Pages: 448
Price: $5.59
ISBN: 380708906
King Arthur narrowly prevails through a period of intense warfare and treachery to bring peace to the Summer Kingdom. But soon he faces his greatest threat--a deadly trap set by the sorceress Margain with his beloved Queen Gwenhwyvar as the bait!.

Lawhead, Stephen
Merlin (The Pendragon Cycle , No 2)
Avon 1997 Pages: 464
Price: $5.59
ISBN: 038070613X
Through a series of grave trials, Merlin the bard and holy man is readied for his life work--to bring about the Kingdom of Summer and prepare the way for Britain's great ruler.

Lawhead, Stephen
Pendragon ( Pendragon Cycle, No 4)
Avon 1995 Pages: 448
Price: $5.59
ISBN: 0380717573
In this fourth volume of the epic fantasy adventure series, King Arthur faces his greatest challenge--battling against the twin evils of invading hordes and the foul plague that threatens to destroy his people and land. The young king must prove his greatness once and for all. If he fails, it will be the devastation of his dreams. Previously published.

Lawhead, Stephen
Taliesin (The Pendragon Cycle , No 1)
Avon 1997 Pages: 496
Price: $5.59
ISBN: 038070613X
When Celtic chieftains struggle for survival in the twilight of ROme's power, one heroic figure towers over all--a man of grandeur and grace, meekness and majesty, beauty and truth--Prince Taliesin. Taliesin is the winner of several awards, including the Campus Life Book of the Year, Silver Angel, and ECPA Gold Medallion.

Lacey, JL, Ashe G., Mancoff, Debra
The Arthurian Handbook
Garland 1997 Pages: 400
Price: $25.95
ISBN: 0815320817

Llywelyn, Morgan
Bard: The Odyssey of the Irish
Tor Books 1984 Pages: 465
Price: US$6.99
ISBN: 0812585151
Bard is the sweeping historical tale of the coming of the Irish to Ireland, and of the men and women who made the Emerald Isle their own.

Llywelyn, Morgan
Brian Boru: Emporer of the Irish
Ivy Books 1990 Pages: 214
Price: US$4.99
ISBN: 0812544617
Just a boy when he witnesses the horrors of invasion on his small clan in the west of Ireland--an attack that leaves his mother and two of his brothers dead--Brian Boru swears to one day put an end to his country's sufferings by stopping the clan wars, uniting the people of Ireland, and halting forever the threat of the Norsemen

Llywelyn, Morgan
Ivy Books 1991 Pages: 465
Price: US$5.99
ISBN: 0804108447
The author of the international bestsellers Lion of Ireland and Red Branch delivers a rich, magical epic of Druid destiny during the Gallic Wars. Ainvar, "The Traveler," possesses amazing mystical powers that will help to unify the free Gauls to fight the invading Romans. "Vividly portrays the Druid rituals."--Publishers Weekly. HC: Morrow

Llywelyn, Morgan
Finn Mac Cool
Tor Books 1990 Pages:
Price: US$6.99
ISBN: 0812524012
Somewhere in the shadowy borderland between myth and history is the territory of Finn Mac Cool. The mightiest of the Irish heroes, he was a man of many faces: warrior, poet, lover, creator and destroyer. He had it all and lost it but, in the end, gained immortality.

Llywelyn, Morgan
Lion Of Ireland
Tor Books 1996 Pages:
Price: US$6.99
ISBN: 0812553993
Brian Boru was stronger, braver, and wiser than all other men--the greatest king Ireland has ever known. Out of the mists of the country's most violent age, he emerged to lead his people to the peak of their golden era. Set against the barbaric splendors of the tenth century, this is a story rich in truth and legend--in which friends become deadly enemies.

Llywelyn, Morgan
Red Branch
Ivy Books 1990 Pages:
Price: US$5.95
ISBN: 080410591X
Cuchulain was a fatherless boy, yearning to join the warrior elite--the Red Branch. He was protected from above by the bloodthirsty raven god of war and destined to become the Champion of Champions. But he faced the ultimate foe in the murderous Lady Maeve and was pushed to the ultimate sacrifice--his best friend! HC: Morrow.

Llywelyn, Morgan
The Elementals
Tor Books 1994 Pages:
Price: US$6.99
ISBN: 0812518152
This environmental fantasy reveals the majesty of the Earth and the power of the elementals: water, fire, earth, and air.

Loomis, Roger Sherman
Celtic Myth and Athurian Romance
Academy Chicago Pub Sept 1994 Pages:
Price: 13.56
ISBN: 0094733503

Mac Cana, Proinsias
The mabinogi
ISBN: 0708306551

Mackillop, James
Fionn Mac Cumhail : Celtic Myth in English Literature
Syracuse Univ Pr 1986 Pages:
Price: 44.95
ISBN: 0815623445

MacLean, Sorley
From Wood to Ridge : Collected Poems in Gaelic and English
Carcanet 1989 Pages:
Price: $62.00
ISBN: 0856358444

Markale, Jean
King of the Celts : Arthurian Legends and Celtic Tradition
Inner Trad. 1993 Pages: 312
Price: $11.96
ISBN: 0892814527
From Booklist , 03/01/94: Markale opens with an argumentative introduction about historians' general reluctance to deal with myths and oral traditions. She moves directly into a discussion of how Arthurian lore in the medieval world was comcreated by ardent and undiscriminating propagandists of the courtly nobility who misappropriated Celtic legends and in the process betrayed and ridiculed them. Her survey of Arthurian legendry in Celtic history purports that through such Celtic notions of kingship, especially the king's obligation to the people, his role was clarified as more than one of personal gain or divine right. For serious students of Arthurian legends and history.

Matthews, John
A Celtic Reader : Selections from Celtic Legend, Scholarship and Story
Thorsons 1992 Pages: 320
Price: $14.40
ISBN: 1-85538-228-8
Tales of adventure, magic, mystery, and wonder from pre-Christian Ireland and Arthurian Britain--features excerpts from The Mabinogion, Taliesin's poetry, and selections from Iolo Morgannwg, Thomas Samuel Jones, Ross Nichols, "A. E.," and many more.

Matthews, John
The Song of Taliesin : Stories and Poems from the Books of Broceliande
Aquarian/Thorsons Pages:
ISBN: 1-8553-8114-1

Matthews, John (ed)
Classic Celtic Fairy Tales
Blandford 1997 Pages: 192
Price: $17.47
ISBN: 0713726180

McKenzie, Nancy
Tor 1996 Pages:
Price: $11.16
ISBN: 0312862334
Sharan Newman has created a portrait of what Guinevere might have been like--not a cardboard character who has been both deified and vilified over the centuries, but someone who was as bound by prophecy as Arthur and whose will ultimately was not all her own

McKenzie, Nancy
Guinevere Evermore
Tor 1998 Pages: 288
Price: $11.16
ISBN: 0312866410
The spellbinding climax to the tale of Guinevere--which began with "Guinevere" and continued in "The Chessboard Queen"--blends magic and history to create an unforgettable tale of passion and tragedy.

McKenzie, Nancy
The Chessboard Queen
Tor 1997 Pages:
Price: $11.16
ISBN: 0312863918
Continuing the story begun in GUINEVERE, the beautiful young wife and queen of King Arthur. Happiness for the pair is short-lived when Guinevere discovers, alarmingly, her deep and passionate love for another--adored Knight of the Round Table Lancelot. Here is a beautiful rendering of the world's most timeless romance, a tale of earthly passion and spiritual love like none before or since

McKenzie, Nancy
The Child Queen : The Tale of Guinevere and King Arthur
Del Ray 1994 Pages:
Price: $3.99
ISBN: 0345382447
The Del Rey Discovery of the year is a dazzling new novel of the Arthurian legend--in the bestselling tradition of The Mists of Avalon. Prophesied by a wise woman is the story of the great lady's betrayal. Here, an imaginative new voice reveals Guinevere's intelligence and complexities.

McKenzie, Nancy
The High Queen : The Tale of Guinevere and King Arthur Continues
Del Ray 1995 Pages:
Price: $4.79
ISBN: 0345382447
The eagerly awaited sequel to the widely acclaimed The Queen Child. The barren Queen Guinevere can bear her beloved King Arthur no heir. Her only recourse is Mordred--the natural son of Arthur through a cursed union with his own sister. Bringing him to Camelot is cause for joy--and deep despair.

Moorman, Charles
The Celtic Literature of Defeat : AnExtraordinary Assortment of Irregularities
Mellen 1993 Pages:
Price: $79.95
ISBN: 0773493328

Murdoch, Brian
Cornish Literature
Boydell & Brewer 1993 Pages:
Price: $53.00
ISBN: 0859913643
Conventions of Reference Ch. 1. Writing in Cornish: Fragments and Losses Ch. 2. "An Antient Manuscript..." The Poem of the Passion Ch. 3. Seeing and Believing: the Ordinalia Ch. 4. The Need to Repent: The Creacion of the World Ch. 5. Church, State and Salvation: The Play of Saint Meriasek Ch. 6. Nebbaz gerriau... Survivals and Revivals

O'Rourke-Murphy, Maureen & Mackillop, James
Irish Literature : A Reader (Irish Studies)
Syracuse Univ Pr Aug 1997 Pages: 453
Price: $24.95
ISBN: 0815624050
Redfield, James and Adrienne, Carol
The Celestine Prophecy : An Adventure
Warner Books, 1997, 246 pp
Price: $9.60
ISBN: 0446671002
Synopsis: This modern fable is written in the enthralling tradition of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior and The Road Less Traveled. The discovery of an ancient manuscript in a Peruvian rainforest makes a powerful prediction about the fate of humankind, as the world moves into a new era of increased awareness and spirituality.

RJ Stewart & Robin Williamson
Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids
Blanford 1996 Pages:
Price: $19.57
ISBN: 071372563X

Saunders, Lewis (trans by Meic Stephens)
Seren Books 1998 Pages: 120
Price: $14.36
ISBN: 1854111957
An English translation of this controversial novel.

Skelton, Robin
Celtic Contraries
Syracuse Univ Pr 1990 Pages:
Price: $34.95
ISBN: 0815624794

Skelton, Robin
Celtic Contraries (Irish Studies)
Syracuse U Pr 1990 Pages:
Price: $34.95
ISBN: 0815624794

Stewart. Mary
The Crystal Cave
Ballantine Books 1970 Pages: 527
Price: US$12.95
ISBN: 0449911616
Arthurian Saga book 1

Stewart. Mary
The Hollow Hills
Ballantine Books 1973 Pages: 498
Price: US$12.95
ISBN: 044991173X
Arthurian Saga book 2

Stewart. Mary
The Last Enchantment
Ballantine Books 1979 Pages: 538
Price: US$12.95
ISBN: 0449911764
Arthurian Saga book 3

Stewart. Mary
The Prince and the Pilgrim
Wm Morrow 1996 Pages: 292
Price: US$23
ISBN: 0688145388
More enchanting excitement from the author of The Merlin Trilogy. In a far corner of King Arthur's Britain, the King of Cornwall murders his brother, Prince Baudouin, in a fit of jealousy. Baudoin's widow flees for her life with her infant son, Alexander, who, when grown to manhood, sets out for Camelot in a quest for justice. But the young prince's path first leads to the dark tower of the sorceress Morgan le Fay

Stewart. Mary
The Wicked Day
Ballantine Books 1983 Pages: 452
Price: US$12.95
ISBN: 0449911853
Arthurian Saga book 4

Tennyson, Alfred
Idylls of the King
Penguin 1989 Pages:
Price: $7.96
ISBN: 0140422536
The longest and most ambitious work of his career, Idylls is a reflection of Tennyson's lifelong interest in Arthurian themes. His personification of Arthur, the highest ideal of manhood and leadership, is achieved through a delicacy of phrase and metrical effect that are unmatched.

Thomas, Neil (ed)
Celtic and Germanic Themes in European Literature
Mellen 1994 Pages:
Price: $69.96
ISBN: 0773494200

Walton, Evangeline
Prince of Annwn: The 1st branch of the Mabinogion
Collier 1979 Pages: 179
Price: US$8.95
ISBN: 0-02-026471-2

Walton, Evangeline
The Children of Llyr: The 2nd branch of the Mabinogion
Collier 1971 Pages: 221
Price: US$9
ISBN: 0-02-026474-7

Walton, Evangeline
The Island of the Mighty: The 4th branch of the Mabinogion
Collier 1936 Pages: 368
Price: US$10
ISBN: 0-02-026472-0

Walton, Evangeline
The Song of Rhiannon: The 3rd branch of the Mabinogion
Collier 1972 Pages: 208
Price: US$9
ISBN: 0-02-026473-9

Weston, Jesse
From Ritual to Romance
Dover 1997 Pages:
Price: $5.56
ISBN: 0486296806
Weston's book, which sought to get behind the Christian elements of the Grail legend to the more original stratum, was sufficiently groundbreaking to provide the inspiration for T.S. Eliot's "The Wasteland." Her research goes beyond even folklore to find some basic archetypal constructs which she feels explains why this complex of legends continues to have such an impact on readers.

White, TH
The Book of Merlyn : The Unpublished Conclusion to the Once and Future King
Ace Books 1977 Pages: 193
Price: US$5.99
ISBN: 0441070159

White, TH
The Once and Future King
Ace Books 1965 Pages: 639
Price: US$6.99
ISBN: 0441627404
Quartet of novels by T.H. White, published in a single volume in 1958. The quartet comprises The Sword in the Stone (1938), The Queen of Air and Darkness--first published as The Witch in the Wood (1939)--The Ill-Made Knight (1940), and The Candle in the Wind (published in the composite volume, 1958). The series is a retelling of the Arthurian legend, from Arthur's birth to the end of his reign, and is based largely on Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte Darthur. After White's death, a conclusion to The Once and Future King was found among his papers; it was published in 1977 as The Book of Merlyn.