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The story of the Celtic people begins with their expansion throughout Europe in the 4th century B.C. Because they left no written record, their culture has been reconstructed entirely from archaeological finds and accounts left by Roman historians. Includes 257 illustrations, 225 in full color.
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Although there is no written record of their prehistoric culture, the Celtic people left behind much archaeological and anthropological evidence of a way of life that was highly evolved. Here a Celtic scholar takes us beyond Stonehenge in a new edition of a classic work about one of history's most intriguing and influential cultures. 3 maps.
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1. The Background, Geographical and Historical 2. Stone Age Beginnings: Hunter-Fishers and First Farmers 3. The Boyne Culture: Passage Grave Builders in Ireland and Britain 4. Late Neolithic: Single Burials, New Technology and First Central European Contacts 5. Beaker Peoples and the Beginnings of a New Society 6. Food Vessel People: Consolidation of the Single Grave Culture 7. Urn People: Further Arrivals and New Developments 8. Industrial Changes Late Second-Early First Millennia 9. Final Bronze Age Society 10. Later Prehistoric Events: The Iron Age and the Celts 11. Retrospect
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In this beautifully illustrated book, the Laings present all aspects of Celtic art and society, a multifaceted and emotive subject. What emerges from this book is a picture of society in a continual state of flux, reflecting the effects of Roman and Viking invasions and their influence on the indigenous population.
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Ch. 1. The beginnings of Irish history Ch. 2. Kingdoms, peoples and politics, AD400-800 Ch. 3. Kings and kingship Ch. 4. Land, settlement and economy Ch. 5. Law, family and community Ch. 6. The consolidation of the church Ch. 7. The first Christian schools Ch. 8. The Golden Age Ch. 9. The Viking Age Ch. 10. Ireland 1014-1200
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Philosophy and Religion Editor's Recommended Book, 01/16/97: For a people that at one time dominated much of Europe, very little is known of the Celts and their religion, yet many flimsy theories and fanciful relationships have grown up over the years based on the scant evidence available. In a scholarly and systematic study, Anne Ross draws on all of the available evidence -- archaeological sites in Europe and the British Isles, ancient Greek and Roman writers and early British vernacular literature -- to separate the grain of what we know from the chaff of accreted misinformation and loose interpretation.
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