Blamires, Steve
Irish Celtic Magic Tradition, The Aquarian/Thorsons
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Bonwick, James
Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions
Dorset 1986 Pages: 328
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Curtin, Jeremiah
Myths & Folk Tales of Ireland
ISBN: 0-486-22430-9
Deane, Seamus
A Short History of Irish Literature
Unov of Notre Dame Pr 1994 Pages:
Price: $17.50
ISBN: 0268017514
1. The Gaelic background 2. The formation of the Anglo-Irish literary tradition, 1690-1800 3. The Celtic revival, 1780-1880 4. Nineteenth-century fiction 5. The drama: Farquhar to Shaw 6. Irish modernism: poetry and drama 7. Irish modernism: fiction 8. Contemporary literature, 1940-80 Select bibliography Chronology of important dates from 1550-1980
Donovan, Katie, et al.
Ireland's Women : Writings Past and Present
WW Norton 1996 Pages:
Price: $12.00
ISBN: 0393313603
The is the first volume of its kind to present a collection of writings by and about Ireland's women. From Queen Maeve of Connaught to President Mary Robinson, this book presents Irish women as their compatriots--men and women both--have described and interpreted them.
Gantz, Jeffrey
Early Irish Myths and Sagas
Penguin 1982 Pages: 280
Price: $9.56
ISBN: 0140443975
Translations of many early texts
Greene, David (ed)
Golden Treasury of Irish Poetry :600-1200
Irish Books & Media 1990 Pages:
ISBN: 0863221130
O Croinin, Daibhi
Early Medieval Ireland 400-1200
Longman Group 1995 Pages:
Price: $27.50
ISBN: 0582015650
Ch. 1. The beginnings of Irish history Ch. 2. Kingdoms, peoples and politics, AD400-800 Ch. 3. Kings and kingship Ch. 4. Land, settlement and economy Ch. 5. Law, family and community Ch. 6. The consolidation of the church Ch. 7. The first Christian schools Ch. 8. The Golden Age Ch. 9. The Viking Age Ch. 10. Ireland 1014-1200
O'Rourke-Murphy, Maureen & Mackillop, James
Irish Literature : A Reader (Irish Studies)
Syracuse Univ Pr Aug 1997 Pages: 453
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Raftery, Barry
Pagan Celtic Ireland : The Enigma of the Irish Iron Age
Thames & Hudson 1994 Pages: 240
Price: $29.97
ISBN: 0500050724
1. Introduction 2. From Bronzesmith to Blacksmith 3. Hillforts 4. King and Tribe 5. The Road to God Knows Where 6. The Invisible People 7. Technology and Art 8. Cult, Ritual and Death 9. Beyond the Empire 10. Celts, Culture and Colonization Appendix: Radiocarbon Dates Used in the Text
Skelton, Robin
Celtic Contraries
Syracuse Univ Pr 1990 Pages:
Price: $34.95
ISBN: 0815624794
Wilde, Wm
Irish Popular Superstitions
Main Street Pr 1995 Pages: 127
Price: $5.56
ISBN: 0806906499
A READER: Excellent Source of Irish Information Ever wonder why, when someone sneazes, you'll hear, "Bless you?" Ever wonder, where the "May Pole" came from? This book can help. Being of Irish blood myself, I was interested in learning of my past. This text helped introduce some of the popular superstitions of my homeland. If you are of Irish blood, or just wanna be, give this book a toss in your shopping cart. You won't be dissappointed.
Yeats, WB
Irish Fairy and Folk Tales
Barnes & Noble (1993 reprint) 1892 Pages: 416
Price: US$5.95
ISBN: 1-56619-532-2
This book combines two books of Irish folklore collected by one of the major poets of the 20th Century: Fairy and Folks Tales of the Irish Peasantry and Irish Fairy Tales. In the foreward, Benedict Kiely points out that Yeats was searching "not for the meaning of any mystery but for what he already determined to find: a world of the imagination far away from the spinning- jenny."