Language and Linguistics

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Basic Welsh : A Grammar and Workbook
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Booknews, Inc. , 11/01/96: King is a leading author of Welsh grammars and learning material. Here he offers a self-study and self-testing text for beginning students. He explains 40 elementary points of grammar, demonstrates their application, and provides exercises with answers. His Intermediate Welsh is available for the next step.

King, Gareth
Colloquial Welsh : A Complete Language Course
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Intermediate Welsh : A Grammar and Workbook
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An Introduction to Old Irish
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Intended as a primer to Old Irish, this book presents the text of Scèla Mucce Meic Dathu (The Story of Mac Datho's Pig) and a number of poems. All this is encased in an extensive grammatical, historical, and cultural commentary

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Mallory, JP
In Search of the Indo-Europeans : Language, Archaeology, and Myth
Thames & Hudson 1991 Pages:
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A READER: Mallory's work uncovers and states clearly all that is currently known about the Indo-European languages that include English. Using every manner of research from Archaeology to Religion, Mallory sets out to explain the common links and evolution of the Germanic (including English), Celtic, Latin, Slavonic, Illyrian, Albanian, Greek, Armenian, Tocharian, Anatolian, Illyrian, Iranian, Dardic, and Indo-Aryan branches of this vast family of languages. The importance of this work concerns more than half of mankind. Mallory pieces together the still not fully understood puzzle of the early origins of our mysterious Indo-European forebears and has reached the pinacle of his field thus far.

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Scotland and the Lowland Tongue : Studies in the Language and Literature of Lowland Scotland
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Welsh - English English - Welsh Dictionary
Hippocrene 1993 Pages:
Price: $19.96
ISBN: 0781801362
Booknews, Inc. , 09/01/93: Emphasizes the scientific and technical terms that have developed recently as part of the modern resurgence of the Welsh language. Includes pronunciation mutation and guides, and, in both parts of the dictionary, separate lists of proverbs, place and personal names, animals, and plants. A North American version of the 1992 second edition

Mladen, Davidovic
Irish/English English/Irish Dictionary and Phrasebook
Hippocrene 1991 Pages:
Price: $6.36
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Booknews, Inc. , 06/01/92: A traveler's dictionary, phrasebook, and pronunciation guide for passing the time of day with the few remaining speakers of Irish Gaelic.

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Irish a Complete Course for Beginners
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Renfrew, Colin
Archaeology and Language : The Puzzle of Indo-European Origins
CUP 1990 Pages:
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 0521386756
A Reader from the Netherlands: Since the mid-nineteenth century it has been recognised that most languages can be grouped together with others based on their common roots. One of these groups is that of the indo-european languages (which include the germanic, romance, celtic, slavic, baltic, greek and indo-iranian languages). At one time the area in which these related languages were spoken stretched from the Atlantic to the Far East and from Scandinavia to the Indian sub-continent. Most archaeologists and linguists have suggested: a) that the origin of the indo-european languages lies within the relatively recent past, most probably within the steppes of southern Russia; and b) that the subsequent expansion of the language group was the effect of waves of invading groups stemming from that area. In this challenging and fascinating book, Professor Renfrew suggests that the time-depth of the spread and development of these languages coincided with the spread of agriculture from its middle eastern (e.g. in this case anatolian) origins. He also presents models for the spread of these languages which are intuitively satifying in that they do not require great hordes of people wandering around europe for no particular reason. If you are interested in the origins of the indo-european languages (including english, of course) this is a great place to start.

Renfrew, Collin
Archaeology and Language : The Puzzle of Indo-European Origins
CUP 1990 Pages:
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 0521386756

Robertson, Boyd and Taylor, Iain
Gaelic/a Complete Course for Beginners
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Russell, Paul
An Introduction to the Celtic Languages
Longman Group 1996 Pages:
Price: $137.50
ISBN: 0582100828
Speakers of the modern Celtic languages, Irish, Scottish, Gaelic, Manx, Welsh and Breton, are today only to be found on the western seaboards of the British Isles and France. However, they are inheritors of languages which some two thousand years ago were spoken throughout Europe and even in Asia Minor. The first half of the book considers the historical background of the language group as a whole. There follows a discussion of the two main sub-groups of Celtic, Goidelic (comprising Irish, Scottish, Gaelic and Manx) and Brittonic (Welsh, Cornish and Breton) together with a detailed survey of one representative from each group, Irish and Welsh. The second half considers a range of linguistic features which are often regarded as characteristic of Celtic: spelling systems, mutations, verbal nouns and word order. Ideal for undergraduate linguistic and sociolinguistic students who want an authoritative guide, as well as students taking various courses available in Celtic language and literature

Rys Jones, TJ
Welsh ( Teach Yourself )
Ntc Pupl Grp 1992 Pages:
Price: $11.96
ISBN: 0844238414

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Scoor-Oot : A Dictionary of Scots Words and Phrases in Current Use
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A Comprehensive Welsh Grammar
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Williams, JL (ed)
Geiriadur Termau : Dictionary of Terms
Univ of Wales Pr 1984 Pages:
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Winn, Shan
Heaven, Heroes, and Happiness : The Indo-European Roots of Western Ideology
Univ Press of America 1995 Pages:
Price: $46.50
ISBN: 0819198609
A READER: The author makes a wondeful effort of compiling knowledge and research from many fields - archaelogy, anthropology, linguistics, mythology - to name a few. An excellent introduction to Indo-European culture and language both for the formal Indo-Europeanist, and for someone new to this area of study. The style is clear, and many good examples are given to explain the various themes. I highly recommend this book to anyone, even those who are not formal linguists or Indo-Europeanists.