Celtic Life

Sharkey, John
Celtic Mysteries : The Ancient Religion ( Art and Imagination)
Thames & Hudson 1987 Pages:
Price: $12.76
ISBN: 0500810095
A richly illustrated volume that traces the social life and arts of the Celtics from about 500 B.C. through their spread into Britain and Ireland.

Arnold, Bettina & Gibson, DB (eds)
Celtic Chiefdom, Celtic State : The Evolution of Complex Social Systems in Prehistoric Europe
CUP 1995 Pages:
Price: $52.95
ISBN: 0521464692
Fourteen articles on various aspects of Celtic social organization, both prehistoric and historic

Ellis, Peter Berresford
Celtic Women : Women in Celtic Society and Literature
Wm B Eerdmans Pub Co April 1996 Pages: 288
Price: 17.50
ISBN: 0802838081
Drawing on literary, mythological, legal, and historical sources, Peter Berresford Ellis sets out to explore the reality behind the myriad images we hold today. His Celtic Women provides a balanced and informed perspective on the position of women in Celtic society and asks how much of this ancient culture has filtered down through the ages. Ellis examines the concept of the "Mother Goddess" origin of the Celts as well as the pantheon of women in Celtic mythology - from Etain and Emer, and Macha and Medb, to Rhiannon and Gwenhwyvar (Guinevere). He also discusses a wide range of important historical personalities. Although Boudicca (Boadicea) is often cited as the most powerful historical Celtic female figure - the one who led southern Britain in insurrection against the Romans - Ellis shows that she was by no means unique. The results of Ellis's engaging study show that Celtic society undoubtedly maintained an order in which women were harmoniously balanced in relation to men. Beside the repressive male dominance of classic Mediterranean society, the position of women in Celtic myth, law, and early history seems to have constituted an ideal. Celtic women could govern; took prominent - sometimes the highest - roles in political, religious, and artistic life; could own property; could divorce; and were even expected to fight alongside men in battles. It was not until the Celts' encounter and conflict with the alien values of the Roman and Germanic cultures and the arrival of Western Christianity that the rights of women began to erode.

Markale, Jean
Women of the Celts
Inner Trad. 1986 Pages: 315
Price: $13.56
ISBN: 0-89281-150-1
A reader from Kansas, USA , 08/29/97, rating=10: One of the best books on Celtic History and gender issues I highly reccomend this book to anyone interested in Celtic History, gender issues, or feminism. The work is factually accurate and detailed (highly unusual for this newly popluar field) AS WELL AS entertaining and readable. For the Celtic enthusiast, I also reccomend Markale's other books..whether you are just beginning your journey to know the Celts or know a great deal on the subject, his books are excellent! ENJOY!!!!!

Owen, Trefor M
A Pocket Guide : The Customs and Traditions of Wales
U of Wales Pr 1991 Pages:
Price: $8.00
ISBN: 0708311180

P J Reynolds
Butser Iron Age Farm
British Museum Publications Pages:

Sharkey, John
Celtic Mysteries : The Ancient Religion (Art and Imagination)
Thames & Hudson June 1987 Pages:
Price: 12.76
ISBN: 0500810095
A richly illustrated volume that traces the social life and arts of the Celtics from about 500 B.C. through their spread into Britain and Ireland

Wilcox, Peter and McBride, Angus
Roman Enemies 2: Gallic and British Celts
Stackpole Books 1985 Pages: 48
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0-85045-606-1