Modern Druidry

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The Sacred Grove
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Voices from the Circle, The Heritageof Western Paganism
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It has chapters entitled, " The Pagan World" by Prudence Jones and Caitlin Matthews. " Circles of Earth, Circles of Heaven" by Prudence Jones, "Why Druid's Now?" By Phillip Carr-Gomm, " The Initiation" by Vivianne Crowley, " The Medicine Circle of Turtle Island" by Greg Stafford, " Pictish and Keltic Shamanism" by Kaledon Naddair ( Founder of The College of Druidism) " She of Many Names" by Neilson and Cavanagh, and others by R.J Stewart, Gwen Blythe and John and Caitlin Matthews
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Celtic Druids Year, The
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History & Origins of Druidism
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