Divination and Shamanism

Carr-Gom, Philip and Stephanie
The Druid Animal Oracle
Fireside 1994 Pages: 177
Price: US$24.95
ISBN: 0-671-50300-6

Conwan, Tom
Fire in the Head
Harper 1993 Pages: 240
Price: $12.80
ISBN: 0-06-250174-7
A READER: This is a thought-provoking book which stands apart from all others dealing with Celtic shamanism. Cowan offers detailed analyses on many different aspects of the Celtic brand of mysticism; he clears up the "clowdiness" that is often present when dealing with this complex system of symbology and myth. A wealth of subjects are covered, from the traces of shamanistic practice we find in the lives of Celtic heroes to the deeper significance of the Arthuran legends. The most interesting part of the book for me was the section on the Sacred Wound, a vital but mysterious part of shamanic initiation. This witty, energetic exploration of the Celtic mystical experience is definitely a must have for all interested in this genre.

Conway, DJ
By Oak, Ash & Thorn; Modern Celtic Shamanism
Llewellyn Pages:
ISBN: 1-56718-166-X
This is a good book on shamanism, with focus on Celtic

Matthews, Caítlín
Celtic Book of the Dead: A Guide for Your Voyage to the Celtic Otherworld (Cards/Spread-Cloth)
St Martins P 1992 Pages:
Price: $19.57
ISBN: 0312072414
In the tradition of The Book of Runes and the Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Dead, this divination system contains 42 beautifully illustrated cards and a book that explains the meaning of the cards and how to use them for education and enlightenment. Matthews has made many original contributions to the fields of Celtic and Arthurian research. Boxed and shrink-wrapped.

Matthews, Caítlín
Singing the Soul Back Home: Shamanism in Daily Life
Element 1995 Pages: 246
Price: $11.96
ISBN: 1-85230-616-5

Matthews, John
Celtic Shamans Pack, The
Element Pages:

Matthews, John
Taliesin: Shamanism & the Bardic Mysteries
Aquarian/Thorsons Pages:
ISBN: 1-85538-109-5

Matthews, John
The Celtic Shaman : A Handbook (Earth Quest)
Element Nov 1991 Pages:
Price: 11.96
ISBN: 1852302453
clanbear@earthlink.net from Colorado, USA , 02/22/98, rating=9: The indispensible guide on Celtic shamanism For those called to or interested in a Celtic path, Harner's "The Way of the Shaman": is useful in a broad sense, but basically useless in the specific, as it ignores almost totally the Indo-European traditions. This books fills that information gap, and does much more as well. More scholarly than some of the other books on the subject, but still very practical, it provides a good mix of information and exploration. The only major problem is in the early exercises; Matthews emphasizes their importance, but the instructions to do them are very vague, making this book a little more difficult for the beginner to enter into; nonetheless. it is still where to begin..

Matthews, John
The Celtic Shaman's Pack : Exploring the Inner Worlds/Book and Cards
Element June 1996 Pages:
Price: 23.96
ISBN: 1852304812
Designed to help the user find answers to deep questions, The Celtic Shaman's Pack is an innovative, visionary tool for the modern shaman and a valuable resource for self-discovery and empowerment. The pack includes an introductory book and a deck of forty original cards, stunningly illustrated with Celtic images that depict the mystical realm of the shaman.

Matthews, John (ed)
The World Atlas of Divination
Eddison Sadd 1992 Pages: 224
Price: US$24.95
ISBN: 0-8212-1950-2

Mindell, Arnold
The Shaman's Body : A New Shamanism for Transforming Health, Relationships, and Community
Harper 1993 Pages: 256
Price: $10.40
ISBN: 0062506552
Mindell's is one of the most sober-minded and informed recent books on the subject. He warns us, for instance, that shamanism is not an individualistic search for peak experience but a form of psychic community service. His is an unsentimental, unsensational view of shamanism that emphasizes its challenges rather than its ego-gratifying power. Using the vocabulary of Carlos Castenada's Don Juan books, Mindell discusses shamanism in many aspects of Western life--for instance, in therapy, medicine, and partnering. His strong, mature voice merits wide hearing.

Murray, Liz and Colin
The Celtic Tree Oracle
St. Martins 1988 Pages: 120
ISBN: 0-312-02032-5

Rutherford, Ward
Shamanism, the foundations of magic
ISBN: 0850304539

Whitaker, Kay Cordell
The Reluctant Shaman
HarperCollins 1991 Pages:
ISBN: 0-06250-943-8
Shamanism, biography