Spiritual and Esoteric

Anderson, WM & Hicks, Clive
Green Man : The Archetype of Our Oneness With the Earth
Harpercollins 1991 Pages: 176
Price: $14.40
ISBN: 0062500759
Blamires, Steve
Glamoury : Magic of the Celtic Green World
Llewellyn 1995 Pages: 352
Price: $13.56
ISBN: 1-56718-069-8
Midwest Book Review : Glamoury is a holistic magic system promoted to break down barriers between humans and the natural world. Based on the ancient Celtic spiritual tradition, this offers techniques which blend Celtic history and research with exercises designed to expand psychic abilities.
Brenneman, Walter & Mary
Crossing the Circle at the Holy Wells ofIreland
Univ Pr of Virginia 1995 Pages: 141
Price: $19.57
ISBN: 0813915481
Even before the time of the Celts, Ireland was believed to be a land of power that "welled up" from the earth in the form of bubbling springs and healing waters. The myths and rituals surrounding these holy wells have been modified through the centuries as pre-Celtic and Celtic rituals blended with Christian traditions to form the combination of rites performed at these sites today. Drawing on fifteen years of fieldwork and archival research, conversations with local informants, and scrutiny of dozens of maps ancient and modern, the Brennemans have written the first study of these wells that offers an in-depth interpretation of their symbolism and their mythological and ritual origins. More than two dozen photographs and a map of the wells cited in the text portray the authors' journey throughout Ireland to recover the archaic patterns that link past and present, pagan and Christian. Some of the wells photographed in the early years of their research have become inactive, and some Celtic practices have disappeared, leaving these photographs, in some instances, the only remaining record. Enhancing the photographs and research are numerous tales about trees at the wells that when cut will not burn, stones associated with the wells that when removed always return, and trout living in the wells that when caught cannot be cooked. Drawing largely on the work of historian of religions Mircea Eliade in interpreting these phenomena, the Brennemans have developed an original concept, the "loric," that is used to identify a particular form of power tied to and arising from a specific locality. They then contrast the loric with the "sacred," a universalizing and world-creating power. Complementing this theoretical treatment are insights into the influence of St. Patrick and the Christian symbolism at the wells.
Buckland, Raymond
SCOTTISH WITCHCRAFT - The History and Magick of the Picts
Llewellyn 1991 Pages: 256
Price: $7.96
ISBN: 0-87542-057-5
Carmichael, Alexander
CARMINA GADELICA: Charms of the Gaels : Hymns and Incantations Collected In The Highlands and Islands of Scotland In The Last Century
Lindisfarne 1992 Pages: 512
Price: $15.96
ISBN: 0940262509
Carr-Gom, Philip and Stephanie
The Druid Animal Oracle
Fireside 1994 Pages: 177
Price: US$24.95
ISBN: 0-671-50300-6
Clarke, David & Roberts, Andy
Twilight of the Celtic Gods; An Exploration Of Britain's Hidden Pagan Traditions
Blanford 1996 Pages:
Price: $19.57
ISBN: 0713725222
Conwan, Tom
Fire in the Head
Harper 1993 Pages: 240
Price: $12.80
ISBN: 0-06-250174-7
A READER: This is a thought-provoking book which stands apart from all others dealing with Celtic shamanism. Cowan offers detailed analyses on many different aspects of the Celtic brand of mysticism; he clears up the "clowdiness" that is often present when dealing with this complex system of symbology and myth. A wealth of subjects are covered, from the traces of shamanistic practice we find in the lives of Celtic heroes to the deeper significance of the Arthuran legends. The most interesting part of the book for me was the section on the Sacred Wound, a vital but mysterious part of shamanic initiation. This witty, energetic exploration of the Celtic mystical experience is definitely a must have for all interested in this genre.
Conway, D.J.
Animal Magick: The Art of Recognising & Working with Familiars
Llewellyn 1995 Pages:
ISBN: 1-56718-168-6
Totems & familiars
Conway, D.J.
Celtic Magic
Llewellyn Pages:
ISBN: 0-87542-136-9
Conway, D.J.
Flying Without a Broom
Llewellyn 1995 Pages:
ISBN: 1-56718-164-3
Astral projection
Conway, D.J.
Lord of Light & Shadow: The Many Faces of the God
Llewellyn 1997 Pages:
ISBN: 1-56718-177-5
Conway, DJ
By Oak, Ash & Thorn; Modern Celtic Shamanism
Llewellyn Pages:
ISBN: 1-56718-166-X
This is a good book on shamanism, with focus on Celtic
Crowley, Vivianne
Principles of Paganism ( Thorson's Principles of...series)
Thorsons 1996 Pages:
ISBN: 0-85538-507-4
Western paganism
Crowley, Vivianne
Wicca: The Old Religion in the New Millennium
Thorsons 1996 Pages:
ISBN: 1-72253-271-7
Modern Wicca
Dames, Michael
Mythic Ireland
Thames & Hudson 1996 Pages:
Price: $13.56
ISBN: 0500278725
Davidson, Hilda Ellis
Roles of the Northern Goddess
Routledge 1998 Pages: 224
Price: $18.39
ISBN: 0415136113
Davidson, Hilda Ellis
The Lost Beliefs of Northern Europe
Routledge 1993 Pages:
Price: $22.99
ISBN: 0415049377
Davidson, Hilda Ellis
The Lost Beliefs of Northern Europe
Routledge 1993 Pages:
Price: $22.99
ISBN: 0415049377
Davidson, HR Ellis
Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe : Early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions
Syracuse Univ Pr 1989 Pages:
Price: $13.56
ISBN: 0815624417
Evans-Wentz, WY
Fairy - Faith in Celtic Countries
Citadel 1990 Pages: 524
Price: $12.76
ISBN: 0806511605
Frazer, James
The Golden Bough 2 Volumes in 1 : The Roots of Religion and Folklore
Grammercy 1993 Pages: 407
Price: $12.99
ISBN: 0517336332
The only unabridged, illustrated edition of the classic exploration of the world of myth, folklore, and primitive customs is an inspiration to poets, students, and readers in general.
Gimbutas, Marija
Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe, 6500-3500 B.C. : Myths, and Cult Images
U Calif Pr 1990 Pages: 304
Price: $15.96
ISBN: 0520046552
A READER: Amazing art and sculptures from neolithic Europe. Worthy of Henry Moore. I would love to know where I could get replicas of the sorrowful god / goddess sculptures. Fascinating discoveries about the origins of the ancient greek religion. A must for anyone interested in European mythology
Gimbutas, Marija & Campbell, Joseph
The Language of the Goddess
Harper 1995 Pages: 416
Price: $18.40
ISBN: 0-06-251243-9
"A dramatic story of paradise lost and rediscovered."--New York Times
Glass-Koentop, Pattalee
Year of Moons, Season of Trees: Mysteries & Rites of Celtic Tree Magic
Llewellyn Pages:
ISBN: 0-87542-269-1
Goes thru the year with the Celtic tree months, a ritual for each lunar month, and good correspondences for Ogham, as well as material on the solar trees and their correspondence to the seasons
Graves, Robert
The Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology
Smithmark 1997 Pages: 500
Price: $24.95
ISBN: 0765193841
A READER: If you are interested in mythology in general, and don't know where to start, look no further. This book details stuff a lot of mythology information from the Greeks, Persians to the Indians. This book relates all the mythologies, bringing about why a particular tale came about, what happened in that tale, and what was its consequence in the tale and to the people in the real world.....A MUST BUY even if you are remotely interested in Mythology
Graves, Robert
The White Goddess : A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth
Noonday 1997 Pages: 512
Price: $12.00
ISBN: 0374504938
Poetry Editor's Recommended Book, 11/15/97: Robert Graves, the late British poet and novelist, was also known for his studies of the mythological and psychological sources of poetry. With The White Goddess: A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth, Graves was able to combine many of his passions into one work. While the book is so poetically written that many of the passages amount to prose poems, it is also frequently plot driven enough to feel like a novel, and it is rich with scholarly insight into the deep wells of poetry. Especially fascinating is the chapter in which Graves explores the ancient and ongoing practice of poets' invoking the muse. Graves details the practice in both the Eastern and Western literary traditions, and shows specific similarities and differences among Greek, British, and Irish tales and myths about the muse. Graves has much to offer students of history and myth, but poetry lovers will also be fascinated with The White Goddess.
Gray, Miranda, Davis, Courtney and Stewart, RJ
Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses
Blanford 1992 Pages: 160
ISBN: 0-7137-2113-8
Green, Marian
A Witch Alone
Thorsons 1995 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85538-112-5
(Still the best book on magic that I've ever read!)
Green, Marian
Everyday Magic
Thorsons 1995 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85538-438-8
Natural magick
Green, Marian
The Elements of Natural Magick (Elements of...series)
Element 1989 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85230-067-1
Natural magick
Green, Marian
The Elements of Ritual Magick (Elements of...series)
Element 1990 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85230-113-9
(Subsequently re-released under the title Practical Techniques of Modern
Green, Marian
The Gentle Arts of Natural Magic:
Thoth 1997 Pages:
ISBN: 1-87045-0264
Natural magick
Green, Marian
The Path Through the Labyrinth
Thoth 1994 Pages:
ISBN: 1-87045-015-9
Western mystery tradition
Harvey, Graham, & Hardman, Charlotte
Paganism Today
Thorsons 1995 Pages:
ISBN: 0-72253-233-4
(Includes contributions from the editors, plus V. Crowley, R. Hutton, P.)
Johnson, Kenneth & Elsbeth , Marguerite
Grail Castle, The
Llewellyn Pages:
ISBN: 1-56718-369-7
Jones, Prudence, & Matthews, Caitlín (Eds.)
Voices from the Circle: The Heritage of Western Paganism
Aquarian 1990 Pages:
ISBN: 0-85030-785-6
(Includes contributions from the editors, plus P. Carr-Gomm, V. Crowley,
Karkov, CE, et al. (Eds)
The Insular Tradition
SUNY Press 1997 Pages: 307
Price: $19.16
ISBN: 0791434567
Kharitidi, Olga
Entering the Circle
Thorsons 1996 Pages:
ISBN: 0-72253-459-0
Siberian shamanism, biography
King, Robert
The Celtic Druids' Year : Seasonal Cycles of the Ancient Celts
Blandford Pr March 1996 Pages: 240
Price: 13.56
ISBN: 0713724633
From Booklist , 12/01/94: This well-packaged new book on the Celts puts substantive academic research into popular terms. King's focus is on the wheel of the Celtic year with its cycle of four celebrations: the fire feast of Lughnasa; the still-celebrated festival of the dead, Sarnhain (Halloween); the feast of the herds at Imbolc; and the wild abandon of Beltane, with its maypoles. Corollary to those festivals are the equinoxes and solstices, observed by the Celts in less ritualized fashion but important to them as markers in the agricultural year. Besides the annual cycle, King describes the religious underpinnings of the festivals, the functions of the druid priests and bards, relationships to other mythologies, and the influence of historical assimilation and migration on what we know of Celtic myth. A good resource, well written and well researched. Copyright© 1994, American Library Association. All rights reserved --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
Knight, Gareth
Occult Exercises & Practices
Sun Chalice 1997 Pages:
ISBN: 0-96508-396-9
High magick
Kraig, Donald Michael
Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts
Llewellyn 1988 Pages:
ISBN: 0-87542-324-8
High magick
Linn, Denise
Sacred Space : Clearing and Enhancing the Energy of Your Home
Ballantine Books 1996 Pages: 308
Price: $9.60
ISBN: 034539769X
Combining information from her own Native American heritage with material she has personally collected from native traditions around the world, Linn presents practical, easy-to-use exercises for balancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual energies in the home.
MacCrossan, Tadhg
Sacred Cauldron, The
Llewellyn Pages:
ISBN: 0-87542-103-2
Matthews, Caítlín
Celtic Devotional
Godsfield Pages:
ISBN: 1-899434-06-2
Matthews, Caítlín
Singing the Soul Back Home: Shamanism in Daily Life
Element 1995 Pages: 246
Price: $11.96
ISBN: 1-85230-616-5
Matthews, Caítlín
The Element of the Celtic Tradition
Element 1989 Pages: 133
Price: US$8.95
ISBN: 1-85230-075-2
Matthews, Caitlín
The Elements of the Goddess (Elements of...series)
Element 1993 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85230-085-X
(One of the very best works I've seen by the author.)
Matthews, John
Celtic Shamans Pack, The
Element Pages:
Matthews, John
Taliesin: Shamanism & the Bardic Mysteries
Aquarian/Thorsons Pages:
ISBN: 1-85538-109-5
Matthews, John
The Element of the Grail Tradition
Element 1990 Pages: 132
Price: US$8.95
ISBN: 1-85230-077-9
Matthews, John and Caitlín
The Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom
Barnes & Noble 1994 Pages: 456
Price: US$39.95
ISBN: 0-7607-0146-6
Matthews, John and Caitlín
The Western Way: A Practical Guide to the Western Mystery Traditions
Arkana 1994 Pages: 457
Price: US$12.95
ISBN: 0-14-019462-2
Matthews, John (ed)
Choirs of the God: Revisioning Masculinity
ISBN: 1-85274-110-4
Matthews, John (ed)
The World Atlas of Divination
Eddison Sadd 1992 Pages: 224
Price: US$24.95
ISBN: 0-8212-1950-2
McCoy, Edain
Celtic Myth & Magick
Llewellyn Publications 1995 Pages: 430
Price: US$19.95
ISBN: 1-56718-661-0
McCoy, Edain
Making Magick: What it is and How it works
Llewellyn 1997 Pages:
ISBN: 1-56718-670-X
Magick, Witchcraft
McCoy, Edain
Witta : An Irish Pagan Tradition
Llewellyn 1993 Pages: 272
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0875427324
Occult and Metaphysics Editor's Recommended Book, 11/01/96: Rather than focusing purely on Celtic mythology, Witta examines the cultural aspects of Irish paganism and serves as a textbook for the practice of the old religion of Ireland. It's clearly written, well detailed and researched with a fair bibliography plus history, spells, rituals, sabbats and more. The author supplies a list of resources for hard to find herbs, ritual tools and other important implements. A READER: I hope there are no books worse than this one. If you have to buy any book on Irish Paganism, DON'T BUY THIS ONE! Witta did not exist until Edain McCoy wrote this book in 1993.
Megaw, Ruth and Vincent
Celtic Art : From Its Beginnings to the Book of Kells
Thames and Hudson 1990 Pages:
Price: $23.96
ISBN: 0500275858
The fruit of more than 10 years of research and travel throughout Europe and the British Isles, here is the first single volume to provide a full survey of Celtic arts and crafts from 700 B.C. to A.D. 700. 452 illustrations, 24 in color.
Merrifield, Ralph
Archaeology of Ritual and Magic
New Amsterdam 1989 Pages: 224
Price: $12.76
ISBN: 0941533263
Booknews, Inc. , 06/01/89: The author demonstrates that all through the fundamental changes of religious belief, from primitive animism to scientific rationalism, the same kinds of simple ritual have survived into our own times because they give comfort and a sense of security.
Metzner, Ralph & Gimbutas, Marija
The Well of Remembrance : Rediscovering the Earth Wisdom Myths of Northern Europe
Shambhala 1994 Pages: 334
Price: $12.80
ISBN: 1570620288
The deeply buried shamanic roots of the Western world-view may contain wisdom essential to overcoming world ecological and spiritual crises. This book is about reconnecting with those roots through the rediscovery of the religion that existed in Europe before its suppression by the Roman Empire and Christianity.
Miller, Timothy Ray
How to Want What You Have : Discovering the Magic and Grandeur of Ordinary Existence
Avon 1996 Pages:
Price: $9.60
ISBN: 0380726823
Philosophy and Religion Editor's Recommended Book, 02/01/97: This is not a collection of encouraging essays on simplicity, nor is it perky advice on how to get by with less. Timothy Miller, a clinical psychologist, sets out to uncover in recent scientific studies the roots of the insatiable appetite of humans. After establishing our instinctual need for More, he pursues its destructive consequences and then he outlines a methodology for transcending the cycle. His infinitely pragmatic advice centers on his elaboration of Compassion, Attention, and Gratitude. Here is perennial wisdom transformed into practical science.
Mindell, Arnold
The Shaman's Body : A New Shamanism for Transforming Health, Relationships, and Community
Harper 1993 Pages: 256
Price: $10.40
ISBN: 0062506552
Mindell's is one of the most sober-minded and informed recent books on the subject. He warns us, for instance, that shamanism is not an individualistic search for peak experience but a form of psychic community service. His is an unsentimental, unsensational view of shamanism that emphasizes its challenges rather than its ego-gratifying power. Using the vocabulary of Carlos Castenada's Don Juan books, Mindell discusses shamanism in many aspects of Western life--for instance, in therapy, medicine, and partnering. His strong, mature voice merits wide hearing.
Monroe, Douglas
The 21 Lessons of Merlin
Llewellyn 1993 Pages: 418
Price: US$12.95
ISBN: 0-87542-496-1
Murray, Liz and Colin
The Celtic Tree Oracle
St. Martins 1988 Pages: 120
ISBN: 0-312-02032-5
O'Donohue, John
Anam Cara : A Book of Celtic Wisdom
Harpercollins September 1997 Pages: 256
Price: 18.80
ISBN: 0060182792
Occult and Metaphysics Editor's Recommended Book, 11/01/97: Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom offers an exploration of the secret universe we all carry inside us, the connections we forge with the worlds of our friends and loved ones, and the products of our worlds reflected in the things we create outside of ourselves. Anam Cara, Gaelic for "soul friend," is an ancient journey down a nearly forgotten path of wisdom into what it means to be human. Drawing on this age-old perspective, John O'Donohue helps us to see ourselves as the Celts did: we're more than just flesh, blood, and bone; we comprise individual worlds. The comprehension of the sublimearchitecture of the worlds we are born with will engender a new appreciation for the outside world and the way we contribute to its evolution
Pennick, Nigel
The Sacred World of the Celts : An Illustrated Guide to Celtic Mythology
Inner Traditions Intl Ltd November 1997 Pages: 144
Price: 19.60
ISBN: 0892816546
A comprehensive and richly illustrated examination of Celtic traditions and their continuity and relevance to the present day. 130 color photos.
Pogacnik, Marko
Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings: Working With the Intelligence of Nature
ISBN: 1899171665
Poinsot, MC (ed)
Omnigraphics 1990 Pages:
Price: $55.00
ISBN: 1558888330
Richardson, Alan
The Magickal Life of Dion Fortune
Aquarian 1991 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85538-051-X
(Originally published under the title of Priestess, 1987)
Richardson, Alan, & Hughes, Geoff
Ancient Magicks for a New Age
Llewellyn 1989 Pages:
ISBN: 0-87542-671-9
Magickal threads
RJ Stewart
Power Within The Land, The
Element Pages:
ISBN: 1-85230-331-X
RJ Stewart & Robin Williamson
Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids
Blanford 1996 Pages:
Price: $19.57
ISBN: 071372563X
Roberts, Elizabeth and Amidon, Elias
EARTH PRAYERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD - 365 Prayers, Poems, and Invocations for Honoring the Earth
Harper San Francisco Pages: 451
Price: US$17
ISBN: 0-06-250746-X
A fat little book with a beautiful cover. It also has a calendar of earth prayers in the back with notations as to where which prayers are in the book that are most appropriate. There is also an index of first lines and an extensive acknowledgements section at the back.
Ross, Anne
Pagan Celtic Britain
Academy Chicago Pr 1996 Pages:
Price: $17.95
ISBN: 0094723303
Philosophy and Religion Editor's Recommended Book, 01/16/97: For a people that at one time dominated much of Europe, very little is known of the Celts and their religion, yet many flimsy theories and fanciful relationships have grown up over the years based on the scant evidence available. In a scholarly and systematic study, Anne Ross draws on all of the available evidence -- archaeological sites in Europe and the British Isles, ancient Greek and Roman writers and early British vernacular literature -- to separate the grain of what we know from the chaff of accreted misinformation and loose interpretation.
Rutherford, Ward
Celtic Lore: The History of the Druids and Their Timeless Traditions
Thorsons 1993 Pages: 240
Price: $12.00
ISBN: 1-85538-134-6
An exploration of the history of the Druids, their origin among the Indo-European shamans, and the metamorphosis of their culture through the centuries.
Sharkey, John
Celtic Mysteries : The Ancient Religion (Art and Imagination)
Thames & Hudson June 1987 Pages:
Price: 12.76
ISBN: 0500810095
A richly illustrated volume that traces the social life and arts of the Celtics from about 500 B.C. through their spread into Britain and Ireland
Spence, Lewis
Magic Arts in Celtic Britain, The
Newcastle 1996 Pages: 198
Price: $11.96
ISBN: 0-87877-233-2
Ch. I. The Magic Art Among the Celts Ch. II. The Magic Art Among the Celts (continued) Ch. III. The Problem of Druidism Ch. IV. The Problem of Druidism (continued) Ch. V. Celtic Spells and Charms Ch. VI. Magical Books of the Celts Ch. VII. The Celtic Spirit World Ch. VIII. Necromancy, Prophecy and Divination Ch. IX. The Celtic Belief in Reincarnation Ch. X. Celtic Mysticism Ch. XI. Celtic Mysticism (continued) Ch. XII. The Cultus of Arthur Ch. XIII. The Mystery of the Grail Ch. XIV. The Second Sight List of Works Consulted References
The Pagan Book of Living and Dying : Practical Rituals, Prayers, Blessings, andMeditations on Crossing over
Harper 1997 Pages: 288
Price: $13.60
ISBN: 0062515160
Stewart, RJ
Merlin: The Prophetic Vision and The Mystic Life
Arkana 1986 Pages: 465
Price: US$13.95
ISBN: 0-14-019372-3
Stone, Merlin
When God Was a Woman
Harcourt Brace 1978 Pages: 265
Price: $9.60
ISBN: 015696158X
Here, archaeologically documented is the story of the religion of the Goddess. Known by many names, she reigned supreme in the Near and Middle East. How did the change in women's roles come about? By documenting the wholesale rewriting of myth and religious dogmans, Stone details an ancient conspiracy that laid the foundation for one of culture's greatest shams--the legend of Adam and fallen Eve.
Thames and Hudson (Editor)
The Celts (Sacred Symbols)
Thames and Hudson Nov 1995 Pages:
Price: 7.00
ISBN: 0500060142
The last significant tribal culture in Europe, the Celts are today associated with a particularly rich body of symbolism and mystery. Rituals, omens, and signs were central to their religious beliefs, and were expressed by a variety of beautiful designs and symbols found in Celtic stonework, metalwork, and manuscripts. Includes 78 illustrations, 40 in color.
Thorsson, Edred
The Book of Ogham
Llewellyn 1994 Pages: 214
Price: US$12.95
ISBN: 0-87542-783-9
Tyson, Donald
New Millennium Magick
Llewellyn 1996 Pages:
ISBN: 1-56718-745-5
(Originally published under the title The New Magus, 1988)
Whitaker, Kay Cordell
The Reluctant Shaman
HarperCollins 1991 Pages:
ISBN: 0-06250-943-8
Shamanism, biography
Wieland, Friedemann
Journey of the Hero, The
Prism Press 1991 Pages:
Price: $10.95
ISBN: 1-85327-048-2