Celtic Studies

Arnold, Bettina & Gibson, DB (eds)
Celtic Chiefdom, Celtic State : The Evolution of Complex Social Systems in Prehistoric Europe
CUP 1995 Pages:
Price: $52.95
ISBN: 0521464692
Fourteen articles on various aspects of Celtic social organization, both prehistoric and historic
Matthews, John
A Celtic Reader : Selections from Celtic Legend, Scholarship and Story
Thorsons 1992 Pages: 320
Price: $14.40
ISBN: 1-85538-228-8
Tales of adventure, magic, mystery, and wonder from pre-Christian Ireland and Arthurian Britain--features excerpts from The Mabinogion, Taliesin's poetry, and selections from Iolo Morgannwg, Thomas Samuel Jones, Ross Nichols, "A. E.," and many more.
Anne Ross
The Pagan Celts
Batsford Pages:
ISBN: 0 7134 5527 6
This illuminating book describes everyday Celtic life.
Chadwick, Nora
The Celts
Penguin Books, 1971, 301 pages, US$11 1971 Pages: 301
Price: US$11
ISBN: 0-14-013607-X
Although there is no written record of their prehistoric culture, the Celtic people left behind much archaeological and anthropological evidence of a way of life that was highly evolved. Here a Celtic scholar takes us beyond Stonehenge in a new edition of a classic work about one of history's most intriguing and influential cultures. 3 maps.
Cunliffe, Barry
The Ancient Celts
OUP 1997 Pages: 324
Price: US$45
ISBN: 0-19-815010-5
Fierce warriors and skilled craftsmen, the Celts were famous throughout the ancient Mediterranean world, feared by both Greeks and Romans. Written by one of the world's leading authorities on European history, The Ancient Celts is a stunningly illustrated account of one of the leading civilizations of ancient Europe. 200 photos, 24 in color.
Cunliffe, Barry
The Celtic World
St. Martin's Press 1993 Pages: 224
ISBN: 0-312-09700-X
Numerous illustrations, photographs, and maps mark a large-format exploration of the history of the Celts, a civilization that once ranged from central Europe to northern Scotland, that studies the multifaceted character of a misunderstood people.
Green, Miranda
The World of the Druids
Thames & Hudson 1997 Pages: 192
Price: US$30
ISBN: 0-500-05083-X
In this authoritative account, Miranda Green unravels the truth about the Druids. Examining the archaeological evidence, Classical commentaries and early Welsh and Irish myths, she shows that the Druids were fully integrated into Celtic societyfulfilling varied and necessary roles, both secular and religious. The Roman writers are seen to reflect the double standards of an invading society: condemning as barbaric the public sacrifice of enemies by the Druids while accepting as civilized their own practice of slaughter for sport in the arena. Yet the Classical sources can be used to help reveal the real Druids. We learn of their multiple roles as judges, teachers, healers, magicians, philosophers, religious leaders and fomenters of rebellion.
Green, Miranda (ed)
The Celtic World
Routledge 1995 Pages: 839
Price: US$29.95
ISBN: 0-415-14627-5
Hazel Mary Martell
The Celts
Hamlyn Pages:
ISBN: 0-600-58414-3
See Through History series
James, Simon
Exploring the World of the Celts
Thames & Hudson 1993 Pages: 192
Price: $20.97
ISBN: 0-500-05067-8
A lavishly illustrated survey, featuring summaries of myths and legends, diagrams of tombs and forts, and a tourist guide, explores the rise of the Celts, their way of life, their wars and weapons, their religion, and their craftsmanship.
Kruta, V., Frey O.H., Raferty, B., and Szabó, M.
The Celts
Thames & Hudson 1993 Pages: 711
Price: US$110
ISBN: 0-500-01524-4
Powell, T.G.E.
The Celts
Thames & Hudson 1980 Pages: 232
Price: US$15.95
ISBN: 0-500-27275-1
Robin Place
The Celts
Macdonald Peoples of the Past series 0-356-05470-5. Pages:
Rutherford, Ward
Celtic Mythology
Thorsons 1987 Pages: 160
Price: US$14
ISBN: 0-85030-551-9
Toulson, Shirley
The Celtic Year
Element 1993 Pages:
ISBN: 1-85230-361-1
Seasonal festivals, Celtic Christian perspective
Wilde, Wm
Irish Popular Superstitions
Main Street Pr 1995 Pages: 127
Price: $5.56
ISBN: 0806906499
A READER: Excellent Source of Irish Information Ever wonder why, when someone sneazes, you'll hear, "Bless you?" Ever wonder, where the "May Pole" came from? This book can help. Being of Irish blood myself, I was interested in learning of my past. This text helped introduce some of the popular superstitions of my homeland. If you are of Irish blood, or just wanna be, give this book a toss in your shopping cart. You won't be dissappointed.