Julius Caesar Penguin Classics
The Conquest of Gaul
ISBN: 0-14-044433-5
It may be written from a highly prejudiced view but it is an eye-witness report
Lincoln, Bruce
Death, War, and Sacrifice : Studies in Ideology and Practice
Univ of Chicago Pr 1991 Pages:
Price: $19.95
ISBN: 0226482006
Peter Connolly
Greece and Rome at War
Macdonald Pages:
ISBN: 0-7481-0109-8
Contains an excellent section on the Celts.
Pleiner Radomir & Scott, BG
The Celtic Sword
Clarendon Pr April 1993 Pages: 196
Price: 105
ISBN: 0198134118
Tim Newark
Celtic Warriors
Blandford Press Pages:
ISBN: 0-7137-16908
Covers 400 BC to AD 1600. Small book with excellent illustrations.
W.F. and J.N.G. Ritchie
Celtic Warriors
Shire Pages:
ISBN: 0-852637144
Wilcox, Peter and McBride, Angus
Roman Enemies 2: Gallic and British Celts
Stackpole Books 1985 Pages: 48
Price: $10.36
ISBN: 0-85045-606-1