The Tree Ogham
written and illustrated by Glennie Kindred.
60 pages

Reviewed by Madeleine Johnson

Available from: Glennie Kindred, Apple Tree Cottage, Dale End, Brassington, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 4HA, Tel 01629 540242

This is another of Glennie Kindred's superb handwritten and hand-stitched books written as a companion to 'The Sacred Tree'. This time Glennie explores the 20 trees of the Ogham - as recorded in the 14th Century Book of Ballymote - offering a practical way of linking with the trees themselves. She guides the reader through the process of making Ogham sticks, understanding the energy and spiritual guidance of each tree and shows ways to communicate with them as an aid to spiritual development and healing. As every druid will know, trees are so in need of our support and interaction. This book offers, in the writer's gentle and loving language, ways in which we can communicate and learn from our tree relatives and work with their energies. In her own words "I make no claims that my interpretations are authentic to the Celtic tribes, only that they are relevant to today, and to those who are interested in spiritual and personal development, healing and trees." Her guidance is indeed relevant for today, and her illustrations, as always, an inspiration. The book is available direct from the author/publisher at the address above for £4.50 plus 50p post and packing. And do ask for her catalogue which contains her two other books - 'The Sacred Tree' and 'The Earth's Cycle of Celebration' - plus some of her illustrations available as cards or black and white A4 prints.